Tips for writing a Master's Thesis

Tips for master thesis presentation and how does scientific research affect economic growth and tips for master's thesis defense | free pdf download
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Published Date:01-07-2017
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Tips and tricks 4: Master thesis KU Leuven Karel Joos Study Advice Service November 17th 2014 introduction • General approach o Not : Regulations in faculty o Reduction in 1 hour? o Focus on : how to organise thesis work o Focus on 1 year master o This session : sometimes to general Overview of session • Goal • Long term planning • choice of topic • brainstorm • library research • temporary table of content () • (labo) research • analysis of results • writing • rewriting • finishing touch • Role of promotor Goal of master thesis • proof you can o summarize large amount of information, o conduct scientific research, o write in academic style o independent working (limited coaching of promotor) • not : o world shocking new scientific discoveries o super intelligent insights Long term planning • Okt-Nov : o choice of topic o brainstorm o library research o temporary table of content : word document that is growing • Dec : o writing first draft chapter 1 : literature • Jan - Feb : o (labo) research o (statistical) analysis of results • March - April: o writing : o rewriting literature part • Mai : o rewriting o finishing touch Choice of topic • Facultary organisation • How to decide? • Information about other facultary rules o How many pages o Criteria o Regulations about style : • academic reporting • quotes and references • tables • formal aspects (front page, …) • … o Deadlines Brainstorm • About : o Where to look for information? • Relevant aspects (broader scope) • Library (search engines) • Other thesis, phd research • …. o How to conduct your research? o Hypotheses o … Library research • Takes time • Copy and mark o Avoid reading everything twice o Elements of reference list • author(s) • name of book, journal • year of publication • publisher • ? quoting from website ? Library research • Composing references : o Reference manager o End note o Mendeley o Zotero • Library : search engines o o Limo, Eric, Web of Science, … Temporary table of content • Heart of the matter • Difficulty : o Large amount of information • ?trying to have the whole content of your thesis in mind? o Unstructured o Uncertain (results?) • The very problem for most students in individual coaching Temporary table of content • preface • table of content • introduction • Chptr 1 : overview of literature • Chptr 2 : research plan o hypotheses, methodology, … • Chptr 3 : research o implementation, results,… • Chptr 4 : conclusions and suggestions for further research o Comparison : hypotheses - results • list of tabels, figures • bibliography – reference list • annexes Temporary table of content • From chaos to structure???? • Initial data : ? Temporary table of content • How to structure unstructered info: o there’s no structure that perfectly fits the data o structure = tool to communicate with the reader • Decide yourself what structure should be o Example 1 : “house” : structure according to : • different rooms • different looks from the outside • different phases in which it was built (first basement,…) • different sorts of material used o Example 2 : thesis Temporary table of content • Word document o With key words on different levels o Easy to change structure o Write down everything you think of • Concepts, formulas, remarks, quotes, theories, articles,… • Suggestions • Things to do?? • = One overview (working paper) o Later on : start from this document to write the same in full sentences Temporary table of content • Exercice : o Try to structure the ‘streets of Leuven’ Temporary table of content • Structure = communication with reader o Who is reader (to focus on) • Not professor • Interested, intelligent human being with not to much knowledge about your topic o Difficulty : “this is too obvious to write” • Always an exception on structure o House-rooms : what with a ‘terrace’ or car port, is it a room or not? • This will be the “remarks” Research • Labo, interview, experiments, • Takes lots of time • Prepare in advance o Appointments for an interview : 3 weeks before? (Statistical) analysis • Confrontation with quality of data o Risk to postpone confrontation • Also a ‘negative’ result is a result. Writing • Final tabel of content o Will be read by almost anyone o Text itself will not always be read from a to z • Text o Starting from temporary table of content o 1 page per day

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