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latex template for dissertations and theses and template for thesis acknowledgement and also latex templates for thesis writing | download free pdf
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Published Date:02-07-2017
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TEMPLATES FOR DISSERTATIONS Last update: 21/09/16Templates for dissertations Content Text Templates for Dissertations Text Templates for Dissertations page 2 To assist in the writing of dissertations there are templates for Thesis, Ab- stract and Errata. Format and font size page 3 These are simple templates with few rules and no macros or other auto- Cover and title page page 4 mated functions. Elements incorporated in the thesis template page 3 The templates are designed to make it easier for the candidates and ensure - Colofon page page 5 that appropriate content items are included. - Academic environment page 5 It is not assumed that the candidate has access to, or skills in advanced word processing or special software such as Adobe InDesign. - Acknowledgements page 5 - Introduction page 6 - Abstract page 6 - List of publications page 6 - Contents page 7 - The thesis page 7 - Source of data page 7 Conversion to PDF page 8 Reference management page 8 Other templates: Abstract page 9 Other templates: Errata page10 2Templates for dissertations Format and font size Elements incorporated in the thesis template: Most dissertations are printed in book format 17 x 24 cm, but written on Colofon page page size A4. Title Subtitle To compensate for this the font size of body text is set to 13pt and line spac- Author’s name ing is set at 1.5. This is to ensure that the text is legible when the docu- Printing date ment later is shrunk from A4 to book format. Copyright information The book format is about 81% of A4. A font of 13pt will be around 10.5 pt in Scientific environment (If relevant) print. If you use a 12pt font in A4 it is only 9.7 pt, which is on the small side. – faculty/faculties / department(s) / centre(s) /research group(s) / research school If, for scientific or other reasons, you choose to print the thesis in A4,13pt will Acknowledgements (If relevant) be a little big. Then a font size of 11pt of will be more correct. Introduction All fonts used are fonts described in UiB’s graphic profile. Foreword / Introduction / Preface Abstract (English) (If relevant) Publication list (If relevant) (for article based dissertations) The bottom of the page must contain the information that the publisher has given permission to quote the article. Example: “Reprints were made with permission from publisher”. Or: “The published papers are reprinted with permission from publisher. All rights reserved.” Table of contents Dissertation Bibliography Bibliography / References / Sources 3Templates for dissertations Cover and title page The cover and title page are placed in templates devel- If the degree is given by two equal institutions as a oped by the UiB. joint degree and cotutelle, the logos of both institu- The standard format is 170 x 240mm. tions shall be present on the cover. Format 210 x 297mm (A4) can also be used. Contact the printing company if necessary. Language change online Linguistic innovations in Russian induced by computer- mediated communication Aleksandrs Berdicevskis Dissertation for the degree philosophiae doctor (PhD) at the University of Bergen 2013 Dissertation date: 29.01.2013 4Templates for dissertations Colofon page Academic environment Acknowledgements Here you enter copyright information. (Used if relvant) (Used if relvant) The page has a standard layout that you can modify as This is where you write the name of the subject/profes- Used if appropriate. It is not to be used If the content is needed. sional milieu involved in the study, faculty(faculties)/ covered by Academic environment or Introduction. institute(s)/centre(s)/research groups/school of research. Contractual joint venture partners should also be men- tioned here. 5Templates for dissertations Introduction Abstract List of publications (alt: Preface, Foreword etc.) (Used if relevant) (Used if relevant) Normally there will always be a need for a preface, but the If you wish, you may include the Abtsract for the dis- Applies to dissertations based on articles. The bottom of the page content may differ. Sometimes it corresponds to “Ac- sertation. must include permission to reproduce articles obtained from the knowledgements”, other times it is an introduction to the publisher. scientific work. E.g: “Reprints were made with permission from publisher.“ or: “The published papers are reprinted with permission from publisher. All rights reserved.” 6Templates for dissertations Contents The thesis Source of data Here you may insert the table of contents. Here you write the dissertation.. (Alternative: Reference List, Sources, etc.) Can be placed before the “Introduction” if appropriate. 7Templates for dissertations Conversion to PDF Reference management Dissertations should preferably be delivered to the printer as print-ready PDF files. That Reference management tools like EndNote and Reference Manager are freely available is that the fonts are embedded in the file and images have sufficient resolution (prefer- via a Campus agreement. ably 300dpi for color and 600dpi for lines). The University Library (UB) provide user- and technical support for these programs. A print-ready PDF created via best. Adobe Acrobat Distiller. It requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed (not just Acrobat Reader). You create a PDF by printing your document via a virtual Adobe printer - often called “Adobe PDF” printer in the list. To get the best possible quality you should change the default settings: - Go to Properties (under the tab “Adobe PDF Settings”) - choose the setting “High Quality Print” - Remove the checkmark in front of “Rely on system fonts only” Make sure paperformat is set to A4. You can also create a PDF via “Ghostscript” or similar programs. This is often free of charge software, so the quality of the PDF generated may be so-so It is important that you know what you are doing when useing these programs. Be sure to apply settings that provide embedded fonts and allow for images of high quality NB - PDFs uploaded to the AiT websolution are stopped if there is anything technically wrong with the file. - If photos or graphics have low resolution the system send a message. - To avoid errors in connection with automatic convertion Word files will be converted manually to PDF by AiT. 8Templates for dissertations Other templates: Abstract The PHD regulations require the creation of an “Abstract” for doctoral dissertation. § 6.6 Abstract of dissertation, press release “An abstract of the dissertation shall be prepared in English (1-3 pages), so that research environments in Norway and abroad may familiarize themselves with the results. The abstract shall accom- pany the dissertation.” From ”The Regulations for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD) at the University of Bergen”. The Abstract can be made independent of the thesis and be used as a hand-out on defense. 9Templates for dissertations Other templates: Errata Errata can be prepared for submission and shall be included as inserts in the copies of the thesis is made available at the defense. 10DIVISION OF RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION P.O. box 7800, N-5020 Bergen / +47 55 58 49 80 postfa.uib.no / uib.no/fa

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