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how to defend a research proposal and how to defend an academic proposal and how to make proposal defense presentation how to protect your proposal
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Honors College DEFENDING YOUR HONORS PROJECT University of North Carolina WilmingtonWHAT’S AN ORAL DEFENSE? Overview of… - Subject - Methods - Evidence - Significance An opportunity to show what you knowWHAT’S A DEFENSE LOOK LIKE? A take from Studio C 1. Professor introduces student 2. Student presents 3. Q & A session with audience 4. Q & A session with committee 5. Committee deliberates 6. You pass 7. CelebrationPREPARING Schedule a 2 hour time block (room, committee)  Most defenses don’t need all of this time.  Schedule early – calendars fill Decide: Public or Private? Decide: Read, PowerPoint, Other? Dress Professionally Bring Snacks  If you can, bring snacks (coffee, cookies) for your guests.  You don’t want a Hangry audience Show your appreciation. Rachel Titiriga DO I PREPARE? DEFENSE PLANNING TIMELINE: As Soon as Possible Attend others’ Honors Thesis Defenses Thesis Draft to Advisor  Expect multiple rounds of edits and revisions Once deemed ready, start planning your defense Determine Time and Place for the event  Check faculty schedules early  Use Doodle Poll  Reserve a room on campus Ask director about expectations  how long defense should last?  how thorough you should be?HOW DO I PREPARE? DEFENSE PLANNING TIMELINE: 2 weeks before the defense Send thesis to committee members Outline defense presentation Start making visual aidsHOW DO I PREPARE? DEFENSE PLANNING TIMELINE: 1 week before the defense Practice your presentation Practice by yourself Practice with friends/family Practice with a speaking tutor Practice your timing Anticipate Questions Thesis strengths and weaknesses? Who will ask the hard questions? Connections to other expertise on campus? Connections to Local/National News?WAIT I’M NOT DONE WRITING MY PAPER Assess Progress with Director  If you’re not ready, taking a third semester is the best option. Write  Incessantly Daily  Edit & Revise Writing Center  Help editing Revisions  Expect to revise your thesis (multiple times)  Post defense edits/revisions – committee feedback  Doesn’t have to be perfect for the defense  Allow enough time to revise and submit on time How you think your committee will How they’ll likely react react to your defenseWHY YOUR COMMITTEE IS LIKELY TO REACT POSITIVELY Advisor should not let you defend if not ready Professors had defenses during their education (Hon, MS, PhD) Literature articles discussing undergrad and grad theses, as well dissertation defenses. Ex. “Dissertation Defense: We’re Doing Something Right” by Leonard CassutoFROM CASSUTO’S ARTICLE: “Graduate students walk a hard line, so it's appropriate that they not enter a dissertation defense with a fear of failure. The Harvard English professor Lawrence Buell proclaimed a widely held sentiment when he wrote to me in an e-mail that ‘nobody's handlers will let them walk into this event and fail.’ Indeed, I know of no adviser worthy of the name who would permit a student to schedule a dissertation defense when there's such a risk. Stories of failed defenses do circulate, however. They typically conclude with students having to rewrite portions of their dissertations and resubmit them. The tellers all agree that these occurrences are rare: They are mistakes, not standard operating procedure.”WHAT IF I SAY THE WRONG THING? WHAT TO DO DURING THE Q & A Take time ponder the question Answer to the best of your ability Don’t overanswer. Address the question and stop. Say “I don’t know”. It's imperative if you don’t All scholars have knowledge limits Where are your limits? Follow up with: “… but here is how I would find out …”THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR DEFENSE “Treat yo self” Parks & Recreation Get Plenty of Sleep Have fun. Relax. You’ll be great.MORE HELPFUL LINKS Preparing for the Oral Defense of the Dissertation Marianne Di Pierro: dissertation.pdf How to survive a thesis defense Joe Wolfe The Perfect Defense: The Oral Defense of a Dissertation Valerie Balester RESOURCES Life After Death by PowerPoint Don McMillan 3:59 min Death by PowerPoint Alexei Kapterev How to avoid death By PowerPoint David JP Phillips 20:32 min The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint Edward Tufte Challenge: Critique this presentation. What worked, what did not. Why?DO YOU WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HONORS PROJECT ADVISORY COUNCIL? 1) See us for questions 2) Keep your timeline in mind:  We prefer students who have finished their project BEFORE the semester in which they graduate, though it’s not required.  You must have attended at least 2 Honors defenses  You must be able to handle your project, classes and commitments as well as this one 3) PSST….It’s a paid position th 4) Applications due by 5pm on Reading Day (Spring 2015: April 30 )CONTACT INFORMATION AND SCHOLARS CAFÉ Jamie Watson Erin Gallagher (980)245-0660 Don’t forget: you can also join us for Scholars’ Café right after this for an opportunity to get more focused help, support and guidance in a less formal setting HEY, FILL OUT THIS SURVEY… We know people are always asking you left and right to fill out surveys, but this one will really help Please go to the link below and fill out our survey. We want to use your feedback and suggestions to better our future workshops for people working on their Honors project.

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