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H.H. Pope Shenouda III, 117th Pope of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark 4AB ABBA Coptic word meaning 'father', or within a monastic community it is given to the spiritual father/elder. It is also a title given to the Pope and to bishops, and also to some of ABLUTION A ceremonial cleansing of the sacred vessels (chalice, dome, spoon, and paten), after the holy communion takes A washing of the priest's hands before the liturgy of the faithful, and after ABSOLUTION The pronouncement of remission of sin to the penitent. The Holy Spirit grants him, in the name contrites for his sins, confesses it in the presence of a priest, and promises to respond to the divine The priest pronounces absolution separately to each confessor, and collectively during the 6 liturgies. grace by not reverting to his former evil ways. of Jesus Christ, the remission of his sins if he truly holy communion. receiving the place. our fathers the saints.AC ABSTINENCE We must distinguish between private abstinence and ACTS, Lessons of (Apraxis) Meaning "The book of Acts," written by St. This book tells us about the church at the Usually a chapter of it is to be read during the Eucharist (Mass) and other liturgies, such as baptismal and matrimonial ceremonies, blessing of the water etc ... ACCIDIE Despondency, depression, listlessness, a distaste for life ADAM One of the two types of melodies led in chanting the It receives its name from the first word of the first verse of ADVENT (Christmas Fasting) The church season immediately preceding Christmas, lasts 43 days. It is a period of fasting as a spiritual preparation for 7 the feast. See "Watus." the Theotokon for Monday, "Adam again being sad..." "Hymn (Tasbeha)." without any specific reason. apostolic era. Luke. See "Fasting." communal church fastings.AG Throughout the last 30 days (month of Kiahk) certain hymns are chanted in a manner popularly known as "seven AGABI Meaning "love." In the early church together after participating in the AISLE church. It is narrower than the nave and is usually separated from it by a row of columns or arches. The purpose of aisles The aisle roof is lower than that of the nave. In Syria, North Africa, and Europe it formed a lean-to, but in Egypt it ALMS BOX A box in the nave or narthex where believers can put in Before giving alms we must offer our own lives as ALPHA AND OMEGA The first and last letters of Greek alphabet, used in the He is the Alpha and the Omega, that is the Beginning and the End (Rev. 21:6). 8 church in a way to symbolize the eternity of Jesus Christ. sacrifices to the Lord. their alms. was usually flat. is to enlarge the interior of a church beyond the nave. An aisle is a passage on either sides of a nave in a basilican Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass). the believers used to set a table to feast See "Seven and four." and four."AL ALTAR. A cubical table placed in the midst of the Around the altar there is four pillars that end The altar symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ's ALTAR BOARD A rectangular piece of wood with a cross at The Altar Board is anointed with Myron When necessary, the Eucharist may take place at any place ALTAR-CANDLESTICKS ALTAR CLOTHING Refer to the Lord Jesus Christ's grave 1- A red cover - most probably - that covers the whole altar, having a cross on each of its corners. 2- 3- 9 3- The Prospharine. A white cover, smaller than the former. These coverings include: clothes. (coverings) See"Altar Lights," "Candelabrum." as long as there is an Altar Board. (Chrism). and Omega." its midst, on which is written the words "Alpha grave. up with a dome called "ciborium" or "canopy." (the Lord's Body and Blood). sanctuary on which the Holy Sacrifice is offeredAL ALTAR, CONSECRATION OF THE The elaborate service, rich in prayers and petitions, is a reflection of the reverence felt towards the holy table, the place where, at every celebration of the divine Liturgy, the actual transformation of the bread and wine into the Body ALTAR-CURTAINS The altar-curtains are richly embroidered with texts and ALTAR FANS (Flabellum) The deacons use fans during the Eucharist Besides there is two circular metallic fans, at the midst of which is drawn the figure of a cherub. It is ALTAR LIGHTS Lights to illumine the church, its sanctuary, and the altar, which must be lit during the liturgy and Inside the sanctuary two candle lamps must remain constantly lit: one in the eastern niche, and the other hanging down from the dome above the placed on candlesticks, one to the north and the other to the south of the altar. Two wooden or metallic altar-candlesticks are put on 10 either sides of the altar, and not upon it. altar. During liturgical prayers two large candles are other prayers, even if services are held in daylight. used in festival processions. referring to the Cherubim. The altar-curtain hangs before the door of the sanctuary. figures in needlework, or in golden and silvery tissues. and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ takes place.AM They refer to the two angels who were in the grave of our Lord. AMBO An elevated pulpit where the bishop or priest are used to stand on and preach the people. The Greek word The ambo (Arabic, anbil) stands at the northeastern side of the nave. It is built of white or colored marble, stone, or wood, supported on pillars, and is reached by a staircase. It is sometimes carved with crosses and flowers, finely AMEN We conclude our prayers by this word, meaning "let it be so." AMPULLA A small container about 3-4 inches high of pale yellow or orange clay, produced in the neighborhood of the church of a spring near the saint's tomb, were widespread in Egypt and ANATHEMA A solemn ban or curse pronounced upon a person or thing ; 11 a sentence of excommunication. throughout many regions of the Christian world. St. Menas, near Alexandria. Ampullae, filled with water from See Pulpit. sculptured and filled with rich designs. means "to ascend as in." "omobolvely" AN ANGEL • ANKH An ancient Egyptian sign of life, in hieroglyphics, transmitted to the Christian Egyptians as the cross or a sign ANTIPHON A verse from the Scripture, or an appropriate hymn sung A form of liturgical chant performed by two groups of chanters, referred to as the northern and southern chorus with regard to their position where they stand in the church, next to the iconostasis. Each sings four verses alternatively. This form is commonly used in the annual and Kiyahkian APATHEIA APOCALAPSIS CEREMONY The nightly vigil of Bright Saturday is called "Apocalapsis." Special rituals are held then, where the Lord 12 carries us through His death to His glory. This book tells us about heaven and the Lord's last advent. It means the Book of Revelation, written by St. John. of the passions rather than their destruction. The state of being unmoved by passion; this involves control psalmody. before or after the Psalms. of eternal life. God. See "Heavenly Hosts." (Greek: messenger). A spiritual being who servesAP APOPHTHEGM key phrase in the desert tradition. The 'word' is not an explanation or a consoling suggestion; it is a word given in order to create life and bring the one who receives it to God is not discussed or argued over, but simply received and integrated into life. These apophthegms were always given to individuals to fit their own needs and circumstances and this APOSTLES' CREED APOSTLES' FEAST We celebrate this feast on the 5th of Abib (12th of July), The Apostles' fasting extends from Monday that follows APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION The spiritual authority conferred by the laying on of hands ARCHANGEL There are seven Archangels, namely: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Souriel, Sadakiel, They are the great, pure, and luminescent 13 beings who intercede on behalf of humanity. Sarathiel and Ananiel. of bishops down from the apostles. in ordination of the church clergy through a lineal succession This feast inspires us to live as the apostles did live. Pentecost till the day before the feast of the Apostles. the day when SS. Peter and Paul were martyred. The earliest statement of the Christian faith. should be remembered when using a collection such as this. and salvation. It is a word that is truly life-giving if it The memorable saying of an 'old man'. 'Give me a word' is aAR ARCHDEACON ARCHIMANDRITE Every monastery has its leader, called the archimandrite. ARK, THRONE A wooden box that is put on the altar for preserving the Chalice during the On its sides is drawn some icons of the Last Supper, that of the Lord Jesus ARTOPHORION The artophorion, literally "the box of the holy Communion," is a vessel made usually of silver, or thick glass in poor churches, it is circular in shape and has a lid measuring about 3 inches in diameter. Its height is about 1.5 It is called "Ciborium," or the Box of the ASCENSION DAY end of the resurrection appearances: Holy Thursday or the 40th day after Easter. 14 It commemorates the ascension of Christ to heaven and the the sick and prisoners. Communion," enclosing the Holy Communion, to be given to holy inches. Christ and of some saints. liturgy. holy synod. Nowadays an archimandrite is a member in the He is responsible of the monks, to care for them. St. Stephen was the first deacon, and first martyr. He is on the top of deacons, and their leader.AX AXCEYOUS We say "Axceyous" repeatedly after the Sacrament of Baptism, during the ordination of bishops, priests or deacons We become worthy of heavenly blessings in the merit of the Blood of our Lord Jesus, through the work of the Holy 15 Spirit. and on praising the saints. (WORTHY)BA BALDACHIN An Italian term for the canopy or dome erected above the BANNERS BAPTISM A ceremonial rite instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and regeneration by water and the Holy Spirit. In baptism one is admitted into the fellowship of the church, becomes one of her known of the Christian church and becomes a Baptism is regarded as the first and principal sacrament, without which none of the other sacraments can be administered. Its primary importance is manifested in the words of Jesus Christ: "unless one is born of water and the 16 Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God" John 3:5. child of God. well known members, and is or the saints, which are carried in church processions. Banners embroidered with crosses and pictures of the Lord altar. It may be made of stone, metal, or wood.BA BAPTISMAL FONT It is oftenly found in a special room, at the north-west of During baptismal rites the priest recites certain prayers to The baptized person (or his godfather) renounces Satan, i.e. rejects him, declaring his faith in God, Church and resurrection of the dead. The baptized person is immersed in water three times, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Receptacle for baptismal water, normally made of stone, more rarely of metal. From early times, baptism is by immersion. It was a large basin below BAPTISTERY Egyptian baptisteries are usually square shaped or rectangular. As it is an integral part of the church, it is BASIN AND EWER A basin and ewer are usually placed on a low wooden stand at the northern side of the altar. They are used to wash the priest's hands during BATHING CEREMONY 17 which we thank God for His gift. This prayer is held on the eighth day of the child's birth, by divine Liturgy.the See "Baptismal Font." completely subordinated to the shape of the building. The place where the baptismal font is located. the neophyte stood within the water. ground-level in which signifying that he is buried with the Lord for three days. sanctify the water and the baptized person. the Church's nave.BE BEDOUIN BELFRY (CHURCH-TOWER) On top of it is a cross, symbolizing the It signifies that the church is the world's BELIEVERS LITURGY Following the first part of the liturgy, i.e that of the catechumens, church's gates were closed (in the early ages). Only believers were allowed to stay behind to participate together in hymning, praying and receiving Holy BELL Church Bell rings with a joyous tone at the start of Eucharist (Mass), during Holy Communion, on feasts It rings with a sad tone in the Holy Week, BENEDICTION The blessing given to the congregation in God's name 18 a clergyman at the end of a service.pronounced by and in funeral services. and on receiving a bishop. Communion. light. church. It is the tower that holds a church's bell. An Arab of the desert; a nomad, a wanderer.BI BETHLEHEM So do we call the room where the holy bread (Oblation) is This name reminds us of the village where our Lord Jesus Christ was born (Matt. 2:1). BETROTHAL A mutual contract for a future marriage, blessed by the BISHOP (Episkopos) (Greek for "overseer"). The duties peculiar to the office of a bishop are to preside over his diocese as the spiritual father, ordain priests and deacons, administer Chrism, consecrate church buildings, participate in ordaining bishops and in Bishops are successors to the apostles, and, from the historical point of view, the episkopate BISHOP'S THRONE (Synthrone) In the early ages the throne was put in the middle of the "tribune" inside the sanctuary. Nowadays the bishop's throne is put in the BLESSING OF THE WATER A special prayer on water at the Epiphany, Holy Thursday 19 and the Apostles feast. A special mandatum tank is used. chancel. is an extentianoa of the apostolate. making the Chrism (Myron). Holy Trinity. baked, out of these loaves the lamb is picked out (chosen).BO BOWING An expression of reverence to God in the doxology (gloria), before the sanctuary, besides in public and private The bodily posture appropriate for prayer, signifying In keeling down before God we debase ourselves asking Abraham bowed to the Hittites (Gen 23:7) as a sign of his gratitude to them. Jacob too bowed to Esau (Gen. 33:3) to "BOWING" RITUAL (3 kneelings) Special prayers are recited while the whole church are kneeling on the day of the Pentecost, in memory of the BRONZE SERPENT In the presence of the bishop a golden serpent 20 See "Pastoral staff." is held behind the altar, referring to the Cross. descent of the Holy Spirit. absorb his brother's anger and intentions to take revenge. His mercy and the forgiveness of our sins. humility and reverence. worship.CA CALENDAR (COPTIC) It is the Pharaonic calender. The Copts started it on the year 284 A.D. On the memorial day where Diocletian sat on the throne of the Roman Empire. A great number of Copts were martyred in the period of his reign, that's why it was 01 - Tut.02 - 03 - Hatur.04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - or CANDLE We lit candles at church, referring to the heavens that is enlightened with the Lord Jesus We lit the candles on reading the Holy Bible Christian, he has to serve others on the 21 expense of himself. The candle lights to others, likewise ought the because God's word is the world's light. Christ. Nissieh. 13 - The small month Misrah. Abib. Baounah.Bashans. Baramudah.Baramhat Amshir.Tubah. Kiahk. Babah. The names of the Coptic months are: considered the starting point of the Coptic calendar.CA CANDELABRUM It is placed inside the sanctuary or outside it, next to the CANON A Greek word meaning a straight rod or bar. In Christian 1. 2. The church canons, such as liturgical rules, especially that part of the Liturgy of Eucharist which includes the consecration, and rules concerning the life and discipline of The Holy Bible gives us a way for salvation, whereas it gives the Church the right to put canons to discipline Church canons are issued either by ecumenical or local Every church canon has to be issued in biblical spirit and CANONICAL According to the canon laws of the church; authoritative CANONICAL HOURS (AGBIA) hours. 22 The book of daily prayers according to certain and official. church concept. councils. worship and behavior in a biblical spirit. the Church. of the Bible. Canon of Scripture - the list of genuine and inspired books language it was adopted to denote the following: See Altar Candlesticks. Iconostasis.CA • It includes all the prayers, Psalms, Gospel readings, and • hours by day and night, appointed in accordance with Canonical hours were appointed in conformity with Psalm 119: 164 "Seven times a day do I praise You because of Your righteous judgments," and in fulfillment of Christ's commandment that prayers be offered at all times and with 1- Prime (Matins - morning prayer): we remember the Lord 2- Tierce (9 A.M.): we remember when the Holy Spirit has 6- Compline (bedtime): we remember our departure from CAPE The cape (Arabic, burnus) is a liturgical outer vestment in It is section attached at the back, studded with precious stones. CATECHUMEN The catechumens are those who have believed in the Lord 23 Jesus Christ and are getting ready to Baptism. worn by priests and bishops, the latter having a shield-shaped embroidered with crosses or other religious inscriptions. the form of a loose sleeveless cloak made of linen or silk and , concerning monks and nuns.8- The "Veil" Prayer 7- Midnight: we remember the Lord's last advent. this world. 5- Vesper: we remember the Lord's burial. 4- Nones (3 P.M.): we remember the Lord's death. 3- Sixth (12 A.M.): we remember the Lord's Crucifixion. came upon the believers. Jesus Christ's Resurrection. unflagging energy (Luke 18:1). analogous points in the life and Passion of Jesus Christ. petitions to be said at the various

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