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Published Date:03-07-2017
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2016–2017 The SAT ™ Subject Tests MATH HISTORY SCIENCE LITERATURE LANGUAGES Student Guide ™ Information about all 20 SAT Subject Tests Test-taking advice and tips Sample questions for all tests Find more free and affordable practice at 00404-003-1617-SAT-SATSubjectTests-StudentGuides-Covers_Final.indd 3 5/24/16 10:33 AM(GPA), and intended college major. A full list of the Introduction questions on the SAT Questionnaire is available in the Student Registration Guide. If you have used a paper form to register for the If you have questions or concerns about Student Search SAT Subject Tests™, you can use this booklet to get Service or want more information about the program, familiar with the tests. Remember, if you have access please call (866) 825-8051. to the Internet you can find everything in this booklet, including free answer explanations for the booklet’s Here are some points to keep in mind about Student practice questions, at Search Service: n Most students who take SAT Subject Tests participate in this free service; however, you may take the tests Contents even if you don’t take part in Student Search Service. 1 Introduction n Colleges participating in Student Search Service never 5 Literature receive student scores or phone numbers. Colleges 8 United States History can ask for names of students within certain score 11 World History ranges, but your exact score is not reported. 14 Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 n Being contacted by a college doesn’t mean you have 20 Biology E/M been admitted. You must submit an application in 25 Chemistry order to be considered for admission. The colleges 29 Physics and organizations that participate want to find 34 Chinese with Listening students who fit in with their environment, classes, 39 French and French with Listening programs, scholarships, and special activities. Student 45 German and German with Listening Search Service is simply a way for colleges to reach 50 Modern Hebrew prospective students like you and inform students of 53 Italian their opportunities. n 55 Japanese with Listening Student Search Service will share your contact 58 Korean with Listening information only with colleges and qualified nonprofit educational or scholarship programs that are 62 Latin recruiting students like you. Your name will never 64 Spanish and Spanish with Listening be sold to a commercial marketing firm or retailer of 68 Acceptable and Unacceptable Calculators merchandise or services (such as test prep). ® Why Should Y ou T ake SAT Subject T ests? Student Search Service Program ® Our Student Search Service is a voluntary program that The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour-long exams that connects students with information about educational give you the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and and financial aid opportunities from more than 1,500 showcase achievement in specific subjects. They provide colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and a fair and reliable measure of your achievement in high educational organizations. school — information that can help enhance your college application portfolio. Here’s how it works: SAT Subject Tests measure how well you know a 1. Students may choose to participate in Student Search particular subject area and your ability to apply that Service when registering for a College Board exam. knowledge. SAT Subject Tests aren’t connected to specific 2. As part of taking a College Board exam, students are textbooks or teaching methods. The content of each test asked to fill out a Student Data Questionnaire (SDQ). evolves to reflect the latest trends in what is taught in 3. Participating, eligible organizations can then search typical high school courses in the corresponding subject. for groups of students who may be a good fit for their communities and programs, but only among those How Do Colleges Use SAT Subject Test Scores? students who opt to participate in Student Search Service. Colleges use SAT Subject Test scores to gain insight into 4. The search criteria can include any attribute from the your academic background and achievement in specific SDQ, except the following: disability, self-reported subject areas. They use this information, in combination parental income, Social Security number, phone with other factors (high school grades, letters of numbers, and actual test scores. recommendation, extracurricular activities, essays, etc.), 5. The most searched items are expected high school to make admission or placement decisions. graduation date, cumulative grade point average © 2016 The College Board. College Board, Advanced Placement Program, SAT, Student Search Service, and the acorn logo are registered trademarks of the College Board. SAT Subject Tests, Score Choice, The Official SAT Study Guide, The Official SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Levels 1 & 2 Study Guide, The Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. and World History Study Guide, and The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests are trademarks owned by the College Board. All other products and services may be trademarks of their respective owners. Visit the College Board on the Web: The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 1Even schools that don’t require the tests often review online. Look for free answer explanations for this them during the application process because the scores booklet’s practice questions at can give a fuller picture of your academic achievement. (under each subject). There, you can find the practice Many colleges also use Subject Tests for course placement pages for each Subject Test, and download answer and advising; some schools allow you to place out of explanations for the corresponding practice questions. introductory courses by taking certain Subject Tests. n Consider reviewing practice exams available in the following books, available for purchase in bookstores Which SAT Subject T ests Should Y ou T ake? or online at SAT Subject Tests are the only college admission tests › The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests ™, where you can choose the subjects in which you are Second Edition This is the only study guide with tested. You select the Subject Test(s) and can take up to actual, full-length, previously administered tests three tests in one sitting. With the exception of listening for all 20 Subject Tests, with detailed answer tests, you can even decide to change the subject or explanations so you know exactly what to expect number of tests you want to take on the day of the test. on test day. It comes with two audio CDs for all six The SAT Subject Tests that you take should be based Language with Listening tests. on the subject areas you enjoy in school as well as › The Official SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics your academic strengths. The tests are a great way to Levels 1 & 2 Study Guide™ This booklet includes indicate interest in specific majors or programs of study four full-length, previously administered (e.g., engineering, premed, cultural studies). mathematics tests, detailed answer explanations, and the most up-to-date tips and approaches to Certain colleges or programs of study require or help you be better prepared on test day. recommend specific tests, such as mathematics or science, so it’s important to make sure you understand › The Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. and World the policies prior to choosing which Subject Tests to History Study Guide™ This guide includes four take. If you have questions or concerns about admission full-length, previously administered tests, detailed policies, contact admission officers at individual schools. answer explanations, and the most up-to-date tips and approaches to help you prepare for the Subject Tests in United States History and World History. When Should Y ou T ake SAT Subject T ests? Check the recommended preparation guidelines for Approaches to Taking the SAT Subject Tests each Subject Test at (click on each subject to view) to make sure you’ve completed the Know What to Expect recommended course work. In general, you’ll want to Use the information in this booklet and online to help take SAT Subject Tests right after you’ve completed the avoid surprises on test day. For additional details, see recommended classes, even in your first or second years of high school, because the material will still be fresh n Review the equipment you need for each test. A in your mind. For language tests, however, you should calculator is required for the Mathematics Level 1 and consider testing after you’ve studied the language for at Level 2 Subject Tests, and you are required to bring a least two years. CD player for Language with Listening Subject Tests. Check online to see when the Subject Tests in which n Learn the test directions. If you become familiar with you are interested are offered. (Note: Beginning in 2016, the directions now, you’ll leave yourself more time to Italian is only offered in June.) You should also think answer the questions when you take the test. Note about college application deadlines. Go to that some Subject Tests, such as Chemistry, may have to look up policies for specific colleges. special instructions. Still not sure when you should schedule your SAT Subject n Review the sample questions. The more familiar you Tests? Talk to your school counselor or teacher to figure are with the question formats, the more comfortable out the timing that works best for you. you’ll feel when you see similar questions on the actual test. How Can You Get Ready for the Tests? n Understand how the tests are scored. You get one n point for each right answer and lose a fraction of a Take challenging classes, study hard, and learn classroom material. point for each wrong answer. You neither gain nor lose points for omitting an answer. Hard questions count n Visit to access free online the same amount as easier questions. You may not be practice tools. If you’re preparing to take a Language able to complete all the questions in the time given, with Listening Test, ask your college counselor to but it is not necessary to get every question correct to order a free SAT Subject Tests Practice CD from the receive the highest score for the test. Refer to page 4 College Board. to learn more about how the tests are scored. n Review the sample questions, test-taking approaches, and recommended study methods in this booklet and 2 The SAT Subject Tests Student GuideOn T est Day Use These T est-T aking Strategies Make sure that you read and understand our Test Day n Read carefully. Consider all the choices in each Requirements and Policies. These are available: question. Avoid careless mistakes that will cause you to lose points. n Online at n n Answer the easy questions first. Work on less time- In the Terms and Conditions you agree to during consuming questions before moving on to the more online registration n difficult ones. Questions on each test are generally In The SAT and SAT Subject Tests Student Registration ordered from easiest to hardest. Booklet n Eliminate answer choices that you know are wrong. Be sure to bring the following with you on test day, Cross them out in your test booklet so that you can regardless of what Subject Test you plan on taking: clearly see which choices are left. n Your Admission Ticket with photo, which is required n Make educated guesses or skip the question. If you for entry to the test center have eliminated the choices that you know are wrong, n An acceptable photo ID (Be sure to check online or guessing is your best strategy. However, if you cannot in the Student Registration Booklet about what ID you eliminate any of the answer choices, it is best to can use.) skip the question. You will lose points for incorrect n Two No. 2 pencils and a soft eraser answers. n Keep your answer sheet neat. The answer sheet is Subject Tests Requiring Special Equipment scored by a machine, which can’t tell the difference Mathematics Level 1 or Level 2 between an answer and a doodle. If the machine n Make sure to bring an acceptable calculator to the reads marks that could be two answers for one test center. See page 68 for more information about question, it will consider the question unanswered. acceptable and unacceptable calculators and what to n Use your test booklet as scrap paper. Use it to make do if your calculator malfunctions. A list of permitted notes or write down ideas. What you write in the graphing calculators is given in the back of this booklet will not affect your score. booklet. n Circle the questions you’ve skipped. This will help n Make sure your calculator is in good working order. you keep track of which questions you’ve skipped. Insert new batteries the day before the test. You may n Check your answer sheet regularly. Make sure bring additional batteries and a backup calculator to you are in the right place. Check the number of the the test center. question and the number on the answer sheet every n You may not share a calculator with another test-taker. few questions. This is especially important when you skip a question. Language Tests with Listening n Work at an even, steady pace, and keep moving. n Bring an acceptable CD player to the test center. Each question on the test takes a certain amount of Your CD player MUST be: time to read and answer. Through practice, you can › Equipped with earphones develop a sense of timing to help you complete the › Portable (handheld) test. Your goal is to spend time on the questions that › Battery operated (no power cords are allowed) you are most likely to answer correctly. n Your CD player should display this icon. n Keep track of time. You are given one hour to complete n You are not allowed to use a CD player with each test. Occasionally check your progress so that you recording or duplicating capabilities. Boom boxes know where you are and how much time is left. are also not allowed. n Remember to always use a No. 2 pencil. All answer n If you need to purchase or borrow an acceptable CD sheet circles must be filled in darkly and completely player, please make arrangements in advance, as with a No. 2 pencil. If you need to erase an answer, these items are not always readily available. erase it as completely as possible. n n Do not try to erase all of your answers. If you erase Make sure your CD player is in good working order. Insert new batteries the day before the test. all of the answers to one of the tests you take on a If possible, bring extra batteries and a backup player given date, all of your tests you take that day will be canceled. Remember that you can choose which to the test center. Test center staff WILL NOT have equipment for your use. scores to send to colleges (see Score Choice™ on the next page).n You may not share a CD player with another test- taker. n If the volume on your CD player disturbs other test-takers, the test center supervisor may ask you to move to another seat. The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 3n If your CD player malfunctions: About the College Board › Raise your hand and tell the test supervisor. The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit › Switch to backup equipment, if you have it, and organization that connects students to college success continue to test. and opportunity. Founded in 1900, the College Board › You may cancel your score on the listening test if you was created to expand access to higher education. do not have backup equipment. Scores for other SAT Today, the membership association is made up of over Subject Tests you take that day will not be canceled. 6,000 of the world’s leading educational institutions n If you encounter problems with your CD, such as and is dedicated to promoting excellence and equity occasional skipping, try to work through the problem in education. Each year, the College Board helps more and keep testing if possible. If necessary, raise your than seven million students prepare for a successful hand and ask the supervisor for a replacement CD. If transition to college through programs and services a replacement is not available, a makeup test will be in college readiness and college success — including ® ® arranged. the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program . The organization also serves the education community Test Scores through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators, and schools. Scores are available for free online at several weeks after each For further information, visit test is given. You can also get your scores, for a fee, by calling Customer Service (see below). Each test is scored Protecting Y our Privacy slightly differently depending on how many answer choices there are. See specific subject sections in this Student Search Service booklet for more information. The total score for each Student Search Service communications are sent by test is on a 200–800 scale in 10-point intervals. outside colleges, scholarship programs, and educational opportunity organizations. All entities who receive Each correct answer receives one point. Each incorrect student information from Student Search Service are answer is subtracted as follows: required to maintain strict confidentiality. We actively › 1/4 point subtracted for each 5-choice question monitor these entities to ensure adherence to our › 1/3 point subtracted for each 4-choice question guidelines. The frequency and mode of communication › 1/2 point subtracted for each 3-choice question is determined by the entity that receives the student’s › 0 points subtracted for questions you don’t answer name. Every communication from individual entities is required to contain specific instructions on how Canceling Scores to unsubscribe from that particular institution. To On test day, if you want to cancel your scores, you must unsubscribe from the entire Student Search Service cancel scores for ALL SAT Subject Tests you take that program, call 800-626-9795 or write to: The College day unless your equipment malfunctions. Visit Board, 11955 Democracy Drive, Reston, VA 20190-5662, for more information. Attention: Student Search Service. TM Score Choice Telemarketing and Internet Scams Score Choice gives you the option to choose the From time to time, we receive reports of phone scams in individual SAT Subject Test scores you send to colleges. which callers posing as employees of the College Board Score Choice gives you an opportunity to show colleges contact students and families attempting to sell test- the scores you feel best represent your abilities. Score preparation products, or otherwise requesting sensitive Choice is optional, so if you don’t actively choose to use personally identifying information, such as credit card it, all of your scores will be sent automatically with your and social security numbers. Some of these callers score report. Since most colleges only consider your best engage in illegal spoofing to make it seem as if the call scores, you should still feel comfortable reporting scores is coming from the actual company. These calls do not from all of your tests. come from the College Board. The College Board does not make unsolicited phone calls to students or families SAT Customer Service requesting this type of information. This type of activity, You can reach us from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time known as telemarketing fraud, is a crime. Should you (8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer). receive an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to work for the College Board, including where your Phone: 866-756-7346 Caller ID indicates that the telephone number originates International: +1-212-713-7789 from a College Board location, do not provide the caller Email: with any personal information. Mail: College Board SAT Program P.O. Box 025505 Should you have a question about the origin of a phone Miami, FL 33102 call you have received in which the caller claims to be from the College Board, contact us at 866-756-7346. 4 The SAT Subject Tests Student GuideApproximate Literature FORMAT/CONTENT % of Test About 60 multiple-choice questions Questions cover topics emphasized in most high school Six to eight reading selections followed by courses. Because of course differences, most students sets of four to 12 questions will find that there are some questions on topics with which they are not familiar. You may not be able to Source of Questions complete all the questions in the time given, but it is not English literature 40%–50% necessary to get every question correct to get a high American literature 40%–50% score or even the highest score on the test. Other literature written in English 0%–10% Chronology Skills Covered Renaissance and 17th century 30%  Interpret themes and meanings of a text 18th and 19th centuries 30%  Understand both denotations and connotations of 20th and 21st centuries 40% words in context Genre  Recognize the structure of a text, including genre, development, and organization Poetry 40%–50% Prose 40%–50%  Respond to a writer’s use of language, including diction, imagery, and figurative language, and to its Drama and other 0%–10% effects on the reader The distribution of passages may vary in different versions of the test. The chart above indicates typical or average content.  Analyze aspects of narration, including narrative voice, tone, and point of view  Analyze poetry in terms of speaker, audience, Sample Questions occasion, and purpose Questions on the Literature Subject Test are presented  as sets of questions about reading selections. The Understand characterization in narrative and dramatic selections directions that follow are identical to those in the test. All questions on the test are multiple-choice questions in Recommended Preparation which you must choose the BEST response from the five choices offered. For these sample materials and for the There is no suggested reading list to prepare for the actual test, the date printed at the end of each passage Literature Subject Test. We recommend: or poem is the original publication date or, in some cases,  Close, critical reading of English and American the estimated date of composition. literature from a variety of historical periods and genres Directions  Reading of complete novels and plays, not just excerpts This test consists of selections from literary works and questions  Understanding of basic literary terminology, such as on their content, form, and style. After reading each passage or speaker, tone, image, irony, alliteration, stanza poem, choose the best answer to each question and fill in the corresponding circle on the answer sheet.  Three or four years of literary study at the college- Note: Pay particular attention to the requirements of questions preparatory level that contain the words NOT, LEAST, or EXCEPT.  Independent, critical reading of poetry, prose, and drama Questions 1-4. Read the following passage carefully before you choose your answers. By the time the man with the camera had cut across our neighbor’s yard, the twins were out of the trees swingin low and Granny was onto the steps, the screen Line door bammin soft and scratchy against her palms. (5) “We thought we’d get a shot or two of the house and everything and then . . .” “Good mornin,” Granny cut him off. And smiled that smile. “Good mornin,” he said, head all down the way (10) Bingo does when you yell at him about the bones on the kitchen floor. “Nice place you got here, aunty. We thought we’d take a . . .” The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 54. e ep Th isode reveals a conflict between “Did you?” said Granny with her eyebrows. Cathy pulled up her socks and giggled. (A) propriety and impertinence (15) “Nice things here,” said the man buzzin his camera (B) virtue and corruption over the yard. The pecan barrels, the sled, me and (C) kindness and cruelty Cathy, the flowers, the painted stones along the (D) passiveness and aggression driveway, the trees, the twins, the toolshed. (E) refinement and grossness “I don’t know about the thing, the it, and the stu,ff ” (20) said Granny still talkin with her eyebrows. “Just Questions 5-9. Read the following excerpt from a poem carefully people here is what I tend to consider.” before you choose your answers. Camera man stopped buzzin. Cathy giggled into her collar. 1 One summer evening (led by her) I found “Mornin, ladies,” a new man said. He had come up A little boat tied to a willow tree (25) behind us when we weren’t lookin. “And gents,” Within a rocky cave, its usual home. discoverin the twins givin him a nasty look. “We’re Straight I unloosed her chain, and stepping in Line filmin for the county,” he said with a smile. “Mind if Pushed from the shore. It was an act of stealth (5) we shoot a bit around here?” And troubled pleasure, nor without the voice “I do indeed,” said Granny with no smile. Of mountain-echoes did my boat move on; (30) Smilin man was smiling up a storm. So was Cathy. Leaving behind her still, on either side, But he didn’t seem to have another word to say, so he Small circles glittering idly in the moon, and the camera man backed on out the yard, but you Until they melted all into one track (10) could hear the camera buzzin still. Of sparkling light. But now, like one who rows, “Suppose you just shut that machine o,ff ” said Proud of his skill, to reach a chosen point (35) Granny real low through her teeth and took a step With an unswerving line, I fixed my view down off the porch and then another. Upon the summit of a craggy ridge, “Now, aunty,” Camera said pointin the thing e h Th orizon’s utmost boundary; for above (15) straight at her. Was nothing but the stars and the grey sky. “Your mama and I are not related.” 2 She was an elfin pinnace; lustily I dipped my oars into the silent lake, (1971) And, as I rose upon the stroke, my boat 1. Aer G ft ranny’s “Good mornin” (line 7), the camera man Went heaving through the water like a swan; (20) probably behaves as he does because he When, from behind that craggy steep till then e h Th orizon’s bound, a huge peak, black and huge, (A) is made to realize that he is intruding As if with voluntary power instinct (B) suspects that he is in physical danger Upreared its head. I struck and struck again, (C) hopes to win Granny’s affection by appearing at ease And growing still in stature the grim shape (25) (D) is relieved that an adult is present Towered up between me and the stars, and still, (E) realizes that he is disturbing the tidiness of the yard For so it seemed, with purpose of its own 2. e t Th one of “Now, aunty” (line 37) is most accurately described And measured motion like a living thing, as Strode after me. With trembling oars I turned, (30) And through the silent water stole my way (A) expectant Back to the covert of the willow tree; (B) patronizing er Th e in her mooring-place I left my bark, — (C) accusatory And through the meadows homeward went, in grave (D) obedient And serious mood; but after I had seen (E) respectful That spectacle, for many days, my brain (35) Worked with a dim and undetermined sense 3. Granny’s final comment can best be understood as a Of unknown modes of being; o’er my thoughts (A) reluctant confession er Th e hung a darkness, call it solitude (B) tentative assertion Or blank desertion. No familiar shapes (C) witty joke Remained, no pleasant images of trees, (40) (D) surprising revelation Of sea or sky, no colours of green fields; (E) strong rebuke But huge and mighty forms, that do not live Like living men, moved slowly through the mind By day, and were a trouble to my dreams. 1 nature (1850) 2 a boat 6 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide5. e ex Th cerpt is best described as 10. e dra Th matic situation in the poem is that of (A) an enthusiastic celebration of youthful optimism (A) a youth speaking to a lover (B) an ironic self-portrait colored by satiric observations (B) a priest speaking to a sinner (C) an imaginative evocation without didactic intention (C) a reformer addressing an impoverished person (D) a symbolic representation of intellectual creativity (D) God addressing any human soul (E) a narrative episode with philosophical implications (E) an individual addressing his or her own soul 6. In lines 1-7, which of the following devices is used to present 11. In the context of the poem, “Painting thy outward walls so nature, the boat, and the mountain echoes? costly gay” (line 4) refers to (A) Personicfiation (A) camouflage (B) Apostrophe (B) writing poetry (C) Rhyme (C) attending to physical appearances (D) Paradox (D) pretending to be happy (E) Simile (E) preparations for a celebration 7. In lines 6-7, “the voice/Of mountain-echoes” serves to reinforce 12. e p Th oet signals a major shift at line 9 by changing from the speaker’s sense of (A) entirely negative to entirely positive imagery (A) freedom (B) imagery of permanence to imagery of change (B) omnipotence (C) direct address to impersonal statement (C) furtiveness (D) material to spiritual imagery (D) enthusiasm (E) questions to commands (E) despondency 13. Which of the following best describes the theme of the 8. At the conclusion of the excerpt, the “huge peak” (line 22) seems concluding couplet (lines 13-14)? to represent which of the following for the speaker? (A) A confession of sin before an almighty judge (A) An emblem of the beauty of the natural world (B) An affirmation of the immortality of the soul (B) A figure of undefined and unsettling signic fi ance (C) A declaration of rebellion against the powers of fate (C) An allegorical representation of sin itself (D) An accusation that death is a faithless servant (D) A curious natural phenomenon (E) A surrender to the inexplicable nature of life (E) A trivial figment of the speaker’s imagination ANSWERS 9. Which of the following best describes the change in the outlook The difficulty of sample Literature questions is reported by of the speaker during the course of this excerpt? the set only. (The complexity of a literary text often influences (A) Naïveté to cynicism the difficulty of the questions asked about it.) Questions (B) Bravery to cowardice 1–4 overall are an easy set, questions 5–9 overall are a set of average difficulty, and questions 10–13 overall are a hard set. (C) Hope to despair (D) Daring to uncertainty 1. A 4. A 7. C 10. E 13. B (E) Eagerness to sloth 2. B 5. E 8. B 11. C Questions 10-13. Read the following poem carefully before you 3. E 6. A 9. D 12. E choose your answers. Answer explanations for these practice questions are available Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth, online. Visit to Fenc’d by these rebel pow’rs that thee array, view and download the complete document. Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth, Line Painting thy outward walls so costly gay? (5) Why so large cost, having so short a lease, Dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend? Shall worms, inheritors of this excess, Eat up thy charge? Is this thy body’s end? en Th , soul, live thou upon thy servant’s loss, (10) And let that pine to aggravate thy store; Buy terms divine in selling hours of dross; Within be fed, without be rich no more: So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men, And Death once dead, there’s no more dying then. (1609) The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 7Sample Questions United States History All questions in the U.S. History Subject Test are multiple-choice questions in which you are asked to Questions cover topics emphasized in most high school choose the BEST response from the five choices offered. courses. Because of course differences, most students The directions that follow are identical to those on the will find that there are some questions on topics with test. which they are not familiar. This is nothing to worry about. You may not be able to complete all the questions Directions in the time given, but it is not necessary to get every question correct to get a high score or even the highest Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is score on the test. followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that is BEST in each case and then fill in the corresponding Skills Covered in the Context of United States History circle on the answer sheet.  Understand historical terms, concepts, and generalizations 1. Which of the following best describes the pattern of  Recall historical information and chronology immigration into Britain’s North American colonies during the  Understand significant aspects of U.S. history years 1620 to 1770?  Analyze and interpret primary sources (A) Largely English in the seventeenth century, non-English  Relate ideas to charts, maps, and graphs in the eighteenth century  Evaluate sources for a given purpose (B) Chiefly of English origin during the whole period (C) Largely non-English in the seventeenth century, English Recommended Preparation in the eighteenth century  One-year comprehensive course in United States (D) Predominantly from southern and eastern Europe, history at the college-preparatory level especially after 1700  Social studies courses and outside reading (E) Predominantly from Asia, Africa, and Spanish America, especially after 1650 Approximate FORMAT/CONTENT % of Test 2. George Grenville viewed the Stamp Act primarily as a means to 90 multiple-choice questions (A) make the customs service more efficient Material Covered (B) punish rebellious colonists Political history 31%–35% (C) test the colonists’ will to resist England Economic history 13%–17% (D) create more patronage positions for the king’s courtiers Social history 20%–24% (E) raise revenue for the crown Intellectual and cultural history 13%–17% 3. Which of the following statements is generally true of the Foreign policy 13%–17% framers of the Constitution? Periods Covered (A) They believed in the supremacy of the executive branch of Pre-Columbian history to 1789 20% the federal government. 1790–1898 40% (B) They had great faith in the goodness and rationality of 1899 to the present 40% people. Social science concepts, methods, and generalizations are (C) They were opposed to the development of political incorporated in this material. parties. (D) They incorporated into the Constitution the most democratic ideals of the Declaration of Independence. (E) They believed the new American republic would be stable because of the unanimity of public opinion in the country on major policy issues. 8 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide e m Th ost probable authors of statements I, II, and III, 4. “What is man born for but to be a reformer, a remaker of what respectively, are man has made; a renouncer of lies; a restorer of truth and good, imitating that great Nature which embosoms us all, and which (A) Malcolm X, Nat Turner, and Martin Luther King, Jr. sleeps no moment on an old past, but every hour repairs herself, (B) Booker T. Washington, Malcolm X, and W.E.B. Du Bois yielding every morning a new day, and with every pulsation a (C) Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington, and new life?” W.E.B. Du Bois (D) Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Booker T. es Th e sentiments are most characteristic of Washington (A) fundamentalism (E) W.E.B. Du Bois, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (B) Social Darwinism 8. Which of the following was symbolic of the rise of American (C) pragmatism influence in the fine arts aer t ft he Second World War? (D) neoorthodoxy (E) transcendentalism (A) Mary Cassatt’s work in Impressionism (B) Thomas Eakin’s work in Realism 5. From 1870 to 1930, the trend in industry was for hours to be (C) Grant Wood’s work in Regionalism generally reduced, while both money wages and real wages rose. (D) Jackson Pollock’s work in Abstract Expressionism What factor was primarily responsible for this trend? (E) John S. Copley’s work of realistic portraiture (A) A reduction in prot m fi argins 9. Major population shifts between 1915 and 1980 included all of (B) Minimum-wage laws the following EXCEPT a movement from (C) Restriction of the labor supply (D) Increased output per hour of work (A) the rural South to Northern cities (E) Right-to-work legislation (B) New England to the Midwest (C) the North to the Sun Belt 6. All of the following are true of the movement to prohibit (D) the inner cities to the suburbs alcoholic beverages in the United States EXCEPT: (E) the Caribbean region to the American mainland (A) It arose quite suddenly amid the hysteria surrounding the 10. Which of the following presidents is correctly paired with an First World War. event that took place during his administration? (B) It won the support of many progressive reformers. (C) It was often favored by people who disliked immigrants (A) Lyndon B. Johnson . . . the establishment of diplomatic and their cultural practices. relations between the United States and the People’s (D) It was a movement in which women played leading roles. Republic of China (E) It gained strength from new scientic e fi vidence that (B) John F. Kennedy . . . resolution of the Suez Crisis alcohol was harmful to health. (C) Richard M. Nixon . . . the reduction of United States forces in Vietnam 7. I. “I believe it is the duty of the Negro — as the greater part (D) Gerald R. Ford . . . the signing of the Camp David of the race is already doing — to deport himself modestly Accords in regard to political claims, depending upon the slow (E) Jimmy Carter . . . resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis but sure influences that proceed from the possession of property, intelligence, and high character for the full 11. e Em Th ancipation Proclamation declared slaves in which of the recognition of his political rights.” following areas “forever free”? II. “e t Th ruth is that ‘integration’ is an image, it’s a foxy (A) All areas of the United States Northern liberal’s smoke-screen that confuses the true (B) All areas of the Confederacy wants of the American black man.” (C) Areas in border states loyal to the Union III. “e t Th alented tenth of the Negro race must be made leaders (D) Confederate areas still in rebellion of thought and missionaries of culture among their people. (E) Areas in states controlled by Union forces . . . The Negro race, like all other races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men.” The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 9 s e t t ' i a 0 t 4 S m ° i d 4 L e 5 n t r i m e n i h U a l f o C t r o N 12. “e p Th oint I wish plainly to bring before you on this occasion is the individuality of each human soul; our Protestant idea, the right of individual conscience and judgment; our republican idea, individual citizenship. . . . If we consider a woman as a citizen, as a member of a great nation, she must have the same rights as all other members, according to the fundamental principles of our government.” e s Th tatement above was made by (A) Thomas Jefferson (B) Elizabeth Blackwell (C) Henry David Thoreau (D) Margaret Sanger (E) Elizabeth Cady Stanton National Archives Canada 15. e 1940s p Th oster above referred to the (A) contribution of women to the defense industry (B) growing popularity of women movie stars (C) large number of women in the armed forces Pacific Crux of (D) large number of immigrants who supported Dispute Ocean United the war effort (E) affection of Americans for their wartime president States ANSWERS Mexican Te r ritor y The estimated difficulty level, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 the easiest and 5 the most difficult, is in parentheses. 1. A (2) 5. D (4) 9. B (3) 13. B (2) 13. e co Th ntroversy with Great Britain over the northern boundary 2. E (2) 6. A (4) 10. C (3) 14. D (3) of the shaded section in the map above was 3. C (3) 7. B (5) 11. D (3) 15. A (2) settled during the presidency of 4. E (5) 8. D (3) 12. E (3) (A) John Quincy Adams (B) James K. Polk Answer explanations for these practice questions are available (C) Franklin Pierce online. Visit to (D) James Buchanan view and download the complete document. (E) Andrew Johnson 14. A major change brought about by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, 1933–1939, was the (A) creation of machinery for maintaining full employment (B) transformation of a business-dominated society into a labor-dominated one (C) redistribution of population from urban centers to rural areas (D) development of new attitudes about the role and function of government (E) destruction of machine politics at the state and city levels 10 The SAT Subject Tests Student GuideSample Questions World History All questions in the World History Subject Test are multiple-choice questions in which you are asked to choose the BEST response from Questions cover topics emphasized in most high school the five choices oer ff ed. The directions that follow are identical to courses. Because of course differences, most students those that are on the test. will find that there are some questions on topics with which they are not familiar. You may not be able to complete all the questions in the time given, but it is not Directions necessary to get every question correct to get a high Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is score or even the highest score on the test. followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that is BEST in each case and then fill in the corresponding Skills Covered in the Context of World History circle on the answer sheet.  Show knowledge of facts and terms  Understand cause-and-effect relationships 1. Which of the following was an important virtue in  Use knowledge of events and geography to Confucianism? demonstrate understanding of major historical developments (A) Warlike prowess  Understand concepts essential to historical analysis (B) Filial piety  Interpret artistic materials and assess quotations from (C) Public charity published materials (D) Poverty (E) Manual labor Recommended Preparation 2. Early Christians developed the monastic ideal as a means of  One-year comprehensive course in world hist at the ory counteracting college-preparatory level  Independent reading of materials on historical topics (A) government interference (B) heresy Approximate FORMAT/CONTENT % of Test (C) competition from Eastern religions (D) worldliness Approximately 90 to 95 multiple-choice (E) persecution questions Material Covered 3. e S Th ilk Routes were important in ancient times because they Global or comparative 25% (A) facilitated the exchange of goods and ideas between Europe 25% China and the Roman Empire Africa 10% (B) allowed gold and silver mined in China to be traded for Southwest Asia 10% European furs and wool cloth South and Southeast Asia 10% (C) provided trade links between the people of Siberia and East Asia 10% the people living on islands in the Bering Sea Americas 10% (D) provided a conduit for trade in silk, porcelain, and costly gems between China and Japan Periods Covered (E) allowed carts and carriages to travel on paved roads Prehistory and civilizations to 500 c .e . 25% across northern Asia as far west as the Caspian Sea 500 to 1500 c .e . 20% 1500 to 1900 c .e . 25% Post-1900 c .e . 20% Cross-chronological 10% The World History Subject Test uses the chronological designations b .c .e . (before common era) and c .e . (common era). These labels correspond to b .c . (before Christ) and a .d . (anno Domini), which are used in some world history textbooks. The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 116. e a Th ncient Chinese symbol of the universe shown above represented (A) the theory that everything consists of opposite but complementary elements (B) the Zen concept of unity in artistic expression (C) Buddha’s vision of the perfect shape (D) a dualism in which everything is in conflict, and nothing can be resolved (E) the moral principles of Confucius © Werner Forman / Art Resource, NY ART133217 7 8 1 4. e b Th ronze plaque shown above was 3 2 9 created in 6 4 (A) Italy 5 (B) Central Asia (C) Arabia (D) West Africa (E) China 7. In the map above, the numbered dots correspond to cities. In 5. Which of the following was characteristic of the physical the eighth century, which cities were near the east-west limits of environments of early river-valley civilizations in the Near East? the Islamic world? (A) Cool summer temperatures encouraged the production of (A) 1 and 7 grain crops. (B) 1 and 9 (B) Tropical forests along the riverbanks provided the (C) 2 and 6 population with most of its food. (D) 2 and 8 (C) The rivers maintained a steady flow year-round, fed by (E) 5 and 7 melting mountain glaciers. 8. e Th encomienda system of colonial Spanish America most (D) The rivers flowed through deep mountain valleys, which closely resembled the European practice of sheltered early civilizations. (E) Rainfall was low, requiring irrigation of crops with river (A) absolutism water. (B) primogeniture (C) patronage (D) manorialism (E) nepotism 9. In early modern Europe, governments sought to increase national wealth and maintain a favorable balance of trade through government intervention by advocating (A) Liberalism (B) Capitalism (C) Socialism (D) Utilitarianism (E) Mercantilism 12 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide10. “Where it is an absolute question of the welfare of our country, 12. Differences between which two religions contributed to violent we must admit of no considerations of justice or injustice, or conflicts in India during and aer t ft he struggle for independence mercy or cruelty, or praise or ignominy, but putting all else aside in 1947? must adopt whatever course will save its existence and preserve (A) Hinduism and Buddhism its liberty.” (B) Islam and Christianity e s Th tatement above expresses the viewpoint of which of the (C) Hinduism and Islam following? (D) Islam and Buddhism (E) Hinduism and Jainism (A) Niccolò Machiavelli (B) Sir Thomas More 13. Most of the noncitizens currently residing in Western European (C) Desiderius Erasmus countries originally came to Western Europe to (D) Dante Alighieri (A) consolidate the European Economic Community (E) John Calvin agreements (B) find employment 11. Social Darwinists such as Herbert Spencer argued that (C) do graduate work in the universities (A) competition allows individuals to develop their talents (D) participate in the democratic political process and meet their needs (E) avoid forced military conscription in their native land (B) competition and cooperation are equally important in building a productive and compassionate society ANSWERS (C) human societies progress through competition, since the The estimated difficulty level, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 the strong survive and the weak perish easiest and 5 the most difficult, is in parentheses. (D) human societies progress through cooperation, a natural instinct that should be encouraged 1. B (4) 4. D (4) 8. D (3) 12. C (1) (E) God predetermines that some members of society are 2. D (5) 5. E (4) 9. E (3) 13. B (4) fated to succeed and some members are fated to fail 3. A (3) 6. A (2) 10. A (4) 7. B (4) 11. C (2) Answer explanations for these practice questions are available online. Visit to view and download the complete document. GET READY FOR THE SAT SUBJECT ™ in History TESTS THE O FFICIAL S TU D Y G UID E Exclusive test-taking Actual full-length Detailed answer approaches and tips tests in U.S. and explanations for from the test maker World History every question Order today at: © 2016 The College Board. 00374-015 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 13Approximate Approximate Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 FORMAT/CONTENT % Level 1 Test % Level 2 Test 50 multiple-choice questions each Questions cover topics emphasized in most high school Topics Covered Level 1 Level 2 courses. Because of course differences, most students (topics in italics are tested on will find that there are some questions on topics with Level 2 Test only) which they are not familiar. Students are not expected to Number and Operations 10%–14% 10%–14% have studied every topic on either test. You may not be Operations, ratio and proportion, able to complete all the questions in the time given, but complex numbers, counting, it is not necessary to get every question correct to get a elementary number theory, matrices, high score or even the highest score on the test. sequences, series, vectors Algebra and Functions 38%–42% 48%–52% Recommended Preparation Expressions, equations, inequalities, representation and modeling, Mathematics Level 1 properties of functions (linear,  Three years of college-preparatory mathematics, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse including two years of algebra and one year of trigonometric, periodic, piecewise, geometry. recursive, parametric) Geometry and Measurement 38%–42% 28%–32% Mathematics Level 2  More than three years of college-preparatory Plane Euclidean/Measurement 18%–22% - mathematics, including two years of algebra, one year Coordinate 8%–12% 10%–14% of geometry, and elementary functions (precalculus) Lines, parabolas, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, symmetry, transformations, and/or trigonometry. polar coordinates  If you have had preparation in trigonometry and Three-dimensional 4%–6% 4%–6% elementary functions and have attained grades of B Solids, surface area and volume or better in these courses, select Level 2. If you are (cylinders, cones, pyramids, spheres, sufficiently prepared to take Level 2 but take Level 1 prisms), coordinates in three dimensions in hopes of receiving a higher score, you may not do as Trigonometry 6%–8% 12%–16% well as you expect. Right triangles, identities, radian measure, law of cosines, law of sines, Scores equations, double angle formulas Because the content measured by the two tests differs Data Analysis, Statistics 8%–12% 8%–12% considerably, you cannot use your score on one test to and Probability predict your score on the other or to compare scores. Mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range, standard deviation, graphs and plots, least- Calculators squares regression (linear, quadratic, Be sure to bring a calculator to use on these tests: If you exponential), probability take these tests without a calculator, you will be at a The content of Level 1 overlaps somewhat with that on Level 2, but disadvantage. In fact, some questions cannot be solved the emphasis on Level 2 is on more advanced content. Plane Euclidean without a scientific or a graphing calculator. Check geometry is not tested directly on Level 2. page 68 for Acceptable and Unacceptable Calculators and a list of graphing models that are permitted. Using the Calculator You do not need to use a calculator to solve every  Verify that your calculator is in good working question, and it is important to know when and how to condition before you take the test. use one. First decide how you will solve a problem; then  If possible, bring batteries and a backup calculator to determine whether the calculator is needed. the test center. No substitute calculators or batteries  You’ll need a calculator for 40 to 50 percent of the will be available. Students may not share calculators. questions on Level 1 and for 55 to 65 percent of the  If your calculator malfunctions during the Level 1 or questions on Level 2. For the rest of the questions, Level 2 test and you do not have a backup calculator, there is no advantage, perhaps even a disadvantage, you can cancel scores on just the mathematics test. You to using a calculator. must tell your test supervisor when the malfunction  Do not round any intermediate calculations. When occurs in order to cancel scores on these tests only. you get a result from the calculator for the first step of a solution, keep the result in the calculator and use it for the second step. If you round the result from the first step, your answer may not be one of the choices. 14 The SAT Subject Tests Student GuideGeometric Figures Calculating Quartiles Figures that accompany problems are intended to 1. Arrange the data in order from least to greatest. The provide information useful in solving the problems. They median of the data is the second quartile, Q2. are drawn as accurately as possible EXCEPT when it 2. Now consider the lower half of the data. The median is stated in a particular problem that the figure is not of these data is the first (lower) quartile , Q1. drawn to scale. Even when figures are not drawn to 3. Next, consider the upper half of the data. The median scale, the relative positions of points and angles may be of these data is the third (upper) quartile, Q3. assumed to be in the order shown. Also, line segments 4. Finally, the interquartile range (IQR) is equal to that extend through points and appear to lie on the Q3 − Q1. same line may be assumed to be on the same line. Note: If the number of data points is odd, exclude Q2, The text “Note: Figure not drawn to scale” is included the median of the entire data set, before separating it on the figure when degree measures may not be into halves to calculate Q1 or Q3. accurately shown and specific lengths may not be drawn Example: Consider the list 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 7, and 9. The proportionally. 43 . mean is The mode is 5. Q1 is 3. Q2, the median, is 5. 9 Geometric Probability Q3 is 6. The IQR is 3. In any problem involving geometric probability, the assumption is that the feasible region is a part of the Sample Questions sample space. Example: All questions in the Mathematics Level 1 and Mathematics Level 2 Subject Tests are multiple-choice questions in which you are asked to choose the BEST response from the five choices offered. The directions for the tests are below: Directions For each of the following problems, decide which is the BEST of the choices given. If the exact numerical value is not one of the choices, select the choice that best approximates this value. Then fill in the corresponding circle on the answer sheet. Notes: (1) A scientific or graphing calculator will be necessary The figure above is a rectangular game board. What is for answering some (but not all) of the questions in this test. For the probability of randomly throwing a dart at the board each question you will have to decide whether or not you should such that it lands within the shaded square, assuming use a calculator. that the dart always lands within the boundary of the (2) Level 1: The only angle measure used on this test is 9 degree measure. Make sure your calculator is in the degree game board? (Answer: ) 40 mode. The assumption is that the point inside the shaded Level 2: For some questions in this test you may have to square can be located anywhere in the region with the decide whether your calculator should be in the radian mode or same probability. the degree mode. (3) Figures that accompany problems in this test are Measures of Center intended to provide information useful in solving the problems.  The mean of a list of n numbers is equal to the sum of They are drawn as accurately as possible EXCEPT when it is the numbers divided by n. stated in a specific problem that its figure is not drawn to scale.  The median of a list of numbers is the number in the All figures lie in a plane unless otherwise indicated. middle when the numbers are ordered from least to (4) Unless otherwise specified, the domain of any function greatest or from greatest to least. When there is an is assumed to be the set of all real numbers for which is a even number of values, the median is equal to the real number. The range of is assumed to be the set of all real mean of the two middle numbers. numbers , where is in the domain of .  A mode of a list of numbers is a number that occurs (5) Reference information that may be useful in answering most often in the list. For example, 7 is the mode of 2, the questions in this test can be found before Question 1. 7, 5, 8, 7, and 12. The list 2, 4, 2, 8, 2, 4, 7, 4, 9, and 11 has two modes, 2 and 4. The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 15Reference Information. The following information is for 4. If a and b are real numbers, , and your reference in answering some of the questions in , what is the value of b ? this test. (A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 9 Volume of a right circular cone with radius r and (D) (E) 45 + i 54 + i height : 5. What are all values of x for which ? Volume of a sphere with radius : (A) (B) Volume of a pyramid with base area B and height : (C) (D) (E) Surface Area of a sphere with radius : Mathematics Level 1 1. A band wants to distribute its music on compact discs (CDs). The equipment to produce the CDs costs 250, and blank CDs cost 5.90 for a package of 10. Which of the following represents the total cost, in dollars, to produce n CDs, where n is a multiple of 10? (A) (B) (C) (D) 6. e g Th raphs above show United States Census Bureau (E) population figures for the year 2000 for various age groups, together with projections for the year 2050. Of the following age groups, for which is the projected percent increase in population from 2000 to 2050 greatest? (A) (B) 40−49 (C) 30−39 50−59 (D) 60−69 (E) 70−79 7. If , which of the following must be true? 2. In the figure above, and are parallel. What is x in (A) (B) (C) terms of y and z ? (D) (E) (A) 8. If which of the following (B) (C) statements are true about the graphs of and in the (D) xy-plane? (E) I. e g Th raphs are exactly the same. 3. A number n is increased by 8. If the cube root of that result equals II. e g Th raphs are the same except when . −0.5, what is the value of n ? III. e g Th raphs have an infinite number of points in common. (A) −15.625 (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (B) −8.794 (D) I and III (E) II and III (C) −8.125 −7.875 (D) 9. If line is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment with (E) 421.875 endpoints and , what is the slope of line ? (A) 2 (B) 1 (C) 0 (D) −1 (E) −2 16 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide10. Twenty students have each sampled one or more of three kinds 15. If , for how many real of candy bars that a school store sells. If 3 students have sampled numbers does ? all three kinds, and 5 have sampled exactly two kinds, how (A) None (B) One (C) Two many of these students have sampled only one kind? (D) Three (E) Four (A) 8 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 17 (E) 18 16. When purchased, an automobile is valued at 15,000. Its value depreciates at the rate shown in the table above. Based on a least-squares linear regression, what is the value, to the nearest Note: Figure not drawn to scale. hundred dollars, of the automobile when 11. In the figure above, has a right angle at C. If the length ABC (A) 5,400 (B) 5,500 (C) 5,600 of side AC is 10 and the measure of ∠BAC is 22°, what is the (D) 6,400 (E) 7,000 length of side BC ? (A) 3.7 (B) 4.0 (C) 5.8 Mathematics Level 2 (D) 6.8 (E) 9.3 12. e f Th unction h given by represents 17. What is the distance in space between the points with the height of a ball, in feet, t seconds aer i ft t is thrown. To the coordinates and ? nearest foot, what is the maximum height the ball reaches? (A) 4.36 (B) 5.92 (C) 7.91 (A) 5 (B) 23 (C) 35 (D) 9.11 (E) 22.25 (D) 38 (E) 46 18. If , what value does 13. e f Th ront, side, and bottom faces of a rectangular solid have approach as x gets infinitely larger? areas of 24 square centimeters, 8 square centimeters, and 3 square centimeters, respectively. What is the volume of the solid, (A) (B) (C) −1 −6 in cubic centimeters? (D) (E) (A) 24 (B) 96 (C) 192 (D) 288 (E) 576 19. In January 1990 the world’s population was 5.3 billion. Assuming a growth rate of 2 percent per year, the world’s population, in billions, for t years aer 1990 c ft an be modeled by the equation . According to the model, the population growth from January 1995 to January 1996 was (A) 106,000,000 (B) 114,700,000 (C) 117,000,000 14. Rectangle ABCD is inscribed in the circle shown above. If the (D) 445,600,000 length of side AB is 5 and the length of side BC is 12, what is (E) 562,700,000 the area of the shaded region? 20. What is the measure of one of the larger angles of a (A) 40.8 (B) 53.1 (C) 72.7 parallelogram in the xy-plane that has vertices with (D) 78.5 (E) 81.7 coordinates , , , and ? (A) 93.4° (B) 96.8° (C) 104.0° (D) 108.3° (E) 119.0° The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 1721. For some real number t, the first three terms of an arithmetic sequence are 25 tt , −1, and 62 t+ . What is the numerical 28. e lin Th ear regression model above is based on an analysis of value of the fourth term? nutritional data from 14 varieties of cereal bars to relate the ( ) percent of calories from fat F to the percent of calories from (A) 4 (B) 8 (C) 10 ( ) carbohydrates C . Based on this model, which of the following (D) 16 (E) 19 statements must be true? 22. e di Th ameter and height of a right circular cylinder are equal. If I. er Th e is a positive correlation between C and F. the volume of the cylinder is 2, what is the height of the cylinder? II. When 20 percent of calories are from fat, the predicted (A) 1.37 (B) 1.08 (C) 0.86 percent of calories from carbohydrates is approximately 73. (D) 0.80 (E) 0.68 III. e s Th lope indicates that as F increases by 1, C decreases by 23. If , then 1.02. (A) −0.57 (B) −0.43 (C) 0 (A) II only (B) I and II only (D) 0.43 (E) 0.57 (C) I and III only (D) II and III only (E) I, II, and III 24. In a group of 10 people, 60 percent have brown eyes. Two people are to be selected at random from the group. What is the 29. A line has parametric equations and , where probability that neither person selected will have brown eyes? t is the parameter. The slope of the line is (A) 0.13 (B) 0.16 (C) 0.25 (A) (B) 1 (C) (D) 0.36 (E) 0.64 (D) (E) 7 25. If is a factor of , then 30. What is the range of the function defined by −6 −3 (A) (B) (C) 2 (D) 3 (E) 6 ? 26. If what is ? , (A) All real numbers (A) 3.4 (B) 2.4 (C) 1.6 (B) All real numbers except (D) 1.5 (E) 1.3 (C) All real numbers except 0 (D) All real numbers except 2 (E) All real numbers between 2 and 3 31. e n Th umber of hours of daylight, d, in Hartsville can be 27. Which of the following equations best models the data in the modeled by table above? , where t is the number of (A) (B) days aer M ft arch 21. The day with the greatest number of hours (C) (D) of daylight has how many more daylight hours than May 1? (E) (March and May have 31 days each. April and June have 30 days each.) 0.8 hr (A) (B) 1.5 hr (C) 2.3 hr (D) 3.0 hr (E) 4.7 hr 18 The SAT Subject Tests Student GuideDay 1 Day 2 Day 3 ANSWERS The estimated difficulty level, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 Model X 20 18 3 the easiest and 5 the most difficult, is in parentheses. Model Y 16 5 8 Mathematics Level 1 Model Z 19 11 10 1. B (2) 5. C (3) 9. D (4) 13. A (4) 2. A (2) 6. D (4) 10. B (3) 14. C (4) 32. e t Th able above shows the number of digital cameras that were 3. C (2) 7. D (3) 11. B (3) 15. E (3) sold during a three-day sale. The prices of models X, Y, and Z were 99, 199, and 299, respectively. Which of the following 4. A (3) 8. E (3) 12. D (4) 16. C (5) matrix representations gives the total income, in dollars, Mathematics Level 2 received from the sale of the cameras for each of the three days? 17. D (2) 21. E (4) 25. A (2) 29. B (3) 18. E (2) 22. A (3) 26. E (4) 30. D (3) (A) 19. C (4) 23. E (3) 27. D (4) 31. A (4) 20. C (4) 24. A (4) 28. D (4) 32. C (3) Answer explanations for these practice questions are (B) available online. Visit to view and download the complete document. (C) (D) (E) GET READY FOR THE SAT SUBJECT ™ in Math TESTS THE O FFICIAL S TU D Y G UID E Exclusive test-taking Actual full-length Detailed answer approaches and tips tests in Mathematics explanations for from the test maker Levels 1 and 2 every question Order today at: © 2016 The College Board. 00374-015 The SAT Subject Tests Student Guide 19

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