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Published Date:13-07-2017
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TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLE The Era of the Intelligent EnterpriseFOREWORD We are extremely pleased to share the Accenture Technology Vision 2017, our annual prediction of the technology trends that will shape the future of companies in the next three years. How will the future unfold? What we know unequivocally is the digital revolution is here. It’s cascading across every industry, causing wide-scale enterprise disruption and wholly redefined customer expectations. Adaptability and a company’s ability to quickly rotate to the new has been critical – both for companies striving to become digital leaders, and for employees who are moving beyond the digital culture shock. We are now entering an exciting, unprecedented time in technology – with the pace of change and innovation continuing to accelerate. We are poised to drive the biggest change since the dawn of the information age. Technology will continue to transform the way we work and live, raising many questions about both opportunities and challenges. Accenture believes that these innovations are a force for positive change, because the power lies squarely with people to bring great benefits to business and society. While there are risks, as there are with any technology, we are in control. We can shape technology so that it adapts to us, elevating our ability to create a future that fits our needs. With the theme ‘Technology for People: The Era of the Intelligent Enterprise,’ the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 builds on the ‘People First’ theme we introduced last year. Our Vision details the powerful business potential that companies can realize by using technology as a catalyst. This is all about how technology can augment and enhance our human skills to listen more closely to customers and employees, connect to them on their own terms and partner with them to achieve personal goals. Taking a People First approach to business and technology requires deeper intelligence at all levels of the enterprise – from strategy through operations. Every decision about technology implementation, ecosystem relationships, workforce enablement, behavior design, and industry expansion must be made with people in mind – both on an individual and societal basis. Our report highlights the companies forging ahead in each of these areas and providing inspiration to us all. We urge leaders in every industry and around the globe to read the trends in the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 and consider the core message: Technology is for the people in the era of the intelligent enterprise. As leaders, we have the power, influence and responsibility, to bring the future to life in a human fashion, using technology FOR people. Pierre Nanterme, Paul Daugherty, Chairman and CEO Chief Technology and Innovation Officer TECHVISION2017 2 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLECONTENTS TECHNOLOG Y VISION 2017 AMPLIFY YO U 4 TREND 1 AI IS THE NEW UI 19 Experience Above All TREND 2 ECOSYSTEM POWER PLAYS 34 Beyond Platforms TREND 3 WORKFORCE MARKETPLACE 45 Invent Your Future TREND 4 DESIGN FOR HUMANS 58 Inspire New Behaviors TREND 5 THE UNCHARTED 73 Invent New Industries, Set New Standards CONCLUSION 86 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 87 REFERENCES 90 TECHVISION2017 3 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION From the Internet to the advent of smartphones, the last three decades have seen people change the way they work and live to adapt to each new technology capability coming to market. Today, changes are still all around us, and are The digital revolution we’re part of today coming faster than ever. The key point is that isn’t a cold, dystopian future of robots we are in control. It’s no longer people who are controlling the world. Rather, it’s an age of adapting to technology – rather, the technology human empowerment. It’s about us designing technology that conforms itself to people, is adapting to us. In fact, every time an putting us firmly in control of our own fate. experience is personalized, or technology No longer are we waiting and wondering anticipates people’s needs and wants, how the latest advances will change things; we are being placed in the driver’s seat to we’re shaping the world to fit our needs, realize them. As technology becomes more large and small. sophisticated, it’s not the technology itself that’s driving change – it’s us. We’re putting technology to work to disrupt ourselves. M Mo or re t e th ha an e n ev ve er b r be ef fo or re e, , w we a e as h s hu um ma an ns c s co on nt tr ro ol o l our ur o ow wn de n des st ti in ny y. B . ut the reasons why may surprise you. TECHVISION2017 4 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION At work, we collaborate with artificial intelligence It’s not just businesses that are being (AI) and machines to do our jobs better: Rhizabot, transformed; technology is empowering for example, simplifies business analysis by people. Look at the way the evolution of listening to a question in natural language and video has changed both our view of the world then translating it into queries that can be run and how we interact with it. Early television 1 across multiple datasets. We use sophisticated broadcasts were carefully scripted to present communication and collaboration technologies a highly curated picture, forcing us to not to work with colleagues on the other side of the only share a common worldview, but also globe, whether they’re human or not, many of to watch on the creators’ terms. In less than whom we’ll never meet. We see organizations a century, we’ve transitioned to an online partnering with competitors to create entirely world with billions of viewpoints, coming new ventures using platform technologies, from governments and businesses, and, more like Philips and Qualcomm Life working together importantly, from people. We now have a truly to expand a joint connected health oe ff ring. live culture where technologies like Periscope and Facebook Live mean anyone can broadcast Areas of practice that once seemed impossible what they want, and tune in when they 3 to digitize are fundamentally changing because want – on their terms. of the impacts of AI, Internet of Things capabilities and big data analytics, which The digital age isn’t just giving us new tools. have many potentially positive implications for As we look toward a future where quantum society. The company known for creating the computing’s near-unlimited processing and Roomba, iRobot, is now working with marine algorithmic power will solve difficult problems conservationists to launch an ocean-patrolling in entirely new ways across multiple industries, intelligent robot to hunt and manage invasive to robots and AI that will work side by side with 2 species, protecting native fish populations. people in every discipline, we are reshaping And evolved industries like precision agriculture our entire world and ourselves within it. are ramping up to help meet the food demands And with this tremendous and ongoing change, of our increasing population. companies have an opportunity to establish their place in the next evolution of society. TECHVISION2017 5 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY IS STILL THE ANSWER, BUT TO A NEW QUESTION Technology holds the key to shaping the world around us. It’s also giving companies that do it right an opportunity to weave themselves into the new digital society. What’s the next step forward? Use the power of technology to improve our world. One company that exemplifies this is And CVS Health is even moving into CVS Health. The healthcare company has preventative care: the company is partnering transformed from the corner store that fills with IBM’s Watson for data analysis to predict 5 prescriptions to a provider of ao ff rdable basic when a patient will need urgent care. healthcare services, deeply embedded in Technology has empowered people their customers’ lives. CVS Health is taking throughout history, from the printing press a comprehensive approach to healthcare to to smartphones. But this time, we’re using enable this shift, deploying technology to it die ff rently. We aren’t just incorporating put the individual’s health at the center of technology into our lives; as it becomes their focus. With the company’s smartwatch- exponentially more sophisticated, we are compatible mobile app, customers can embedding humanity into the technology itself. set personalized reminders for taking their medication, snap pictures of their Think about the technology we use today prescriptions to expedite refills, and scan compared to that of just a few years ago: their insurance card so that store clerks are 4 it’s increasingly interactive, as touch displays, prepared with up-to-date information. mixed reality, and natural language processing make it feel more like us. Advanced technology At the CVS Health-operated Minute Clinics, is now capable of learning, with contextual customers can receive treatment for minor analysis, image recognition, and deep learning illnesses, flu shots, cholesterol screenings, algorithms that make it seem to think more like and more than a dozen other medical us. And, perhaps best of all, technology can services – all of which can be booked and now adapt – by constantly aligning itself paid for online. For people who can’t make to our wants and needs. it to a physical location, CVS Health is also partnering with various telemedicine services like Teladoc, so patients can receive care via phone or video chat. TECHVISION2017 6 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION This more human technology is paying off As technology aligns to what we want, and for businesses, both in the workforce and even interacts with us in ways that are naturally in customer relationships. London-based human, it’s making the world a more human IntelligentX Brewing Company has developed place. Rather than machines defining our an AI system to continuously collect and world, they’re putting us squarely in the incorporate customer feedback, which the driver’s seat. It’s delivering unprecedented system itself uses to brew new versions of potential that is enabling us to shape our lives, 6 the company’s beers. “Our AI can have a our industries and our society to fit our needs. conversation with all of our customers, and What could be more human than that? that gives us the feedback that allows our beer to evolve,” says Rob McInerney, co-founder of IntelligentX. “You can talk to the algorithm whenever or wherever you’re drinking the beer.” “People’s tastes are changing faster than ever before…and AI is the perfect way to respond,” says the beermaker’s co-founder Hew Leith. This is how businesses will grow their role in people’s lives, and establish a place in the future of society: by being more than just a provider of products and services. With technology that truly responds to people based on their wants and needs, companies can become their partner. This more h hum uma an n t te ec chn hno ol lo og gy i y s paying off for businesses, both in the workforce and in customer relationships. TECHVISION2017 7 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION THE PATH TO PARTNERSHIP Going Big and Small Companies are increasingly enabling people From the eyes of patients, connected via technology, to build on opportunities that healthcare isn’t an improvement because are both grand and granular. The power of the of the technology itself. The draw is the hyper-personalization that technology now empowerment it gives individuals over their makes possible drives goals both at the level own health, in an industry long associated with of entire industries, and the level of individuals. impersonal interactions and untenable wait The digital leaders of the world are already times. Companies like Philips and CVS Health starting their journey to make the big plays; are leading because their technology strategy Philips is looking to transform healthcare to a focuses on the needs of the individual patient, connected, comprehensive experience that’s on their terms. Through apps and connected both intertwined and accessible throughout devices that integrate into people’s lives, people’s lives. They’ll succeed by focusing these companies allow doctors and nurses technology on individuals and their specific to live alongside each patient, build a closer, needs, responding to people on a human level, more personal relationship, and provide and helping guide them toward personal goals. comprehensive – not just reactive – care. The path to leadership is in a am mp pl li if fy yi in ng p g pe eo op pl le e, o , n a global and individual scale. TECHVISION2017 8 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION By empowering people with more human Changing the relationship with people in a technology, businesses will transform the digital age means changing their relationship relationship with them from provider to partner. with technology. If companies are to be Through this process, they’ll also transform partners, and technology is how companies internally. By helping people reach their goals, will empower people, then the goal is to these new partnerships will help companies design technology to be on their side. cement a place in the next evolution of society. But making this happen also means changing The path to leadership is in amplifying people, the way companies think about their business on a global and individual scale. models, and their relationship with both customers and employees. As a business, becoming a true partner to people – both customers and employees – starts with technology. But there will be big challenges along the way, starting with trust: barely half of the public say they trust Putting the power businesses to do what’s right, with even fewer considering business leaders a source of in the hands of 7 credible information. For people to value these c cu us st to ome mer rs a s an nd d new partnerships, companies must work to gain and keep trust at every interaction – and e em mp pl lo oy ye ee es i s s the putting the power in the hands of customers and employees is the best way to do it. best way to do it. TECHVISION2017 9 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION THE FIRST STEP TO EMPOWERING PEOPLE PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS WITH THEM Adapting technology to people The first pillar of partnership is designing Learning technology that works for people, not because of them. That means putting an end to technology tools with power that is only unleashed when customers and employees adapt to them. No longer: technology’s great Interactive Adaptive new strength is in its growing humanity. Tools that interact with people, learn from those exchanges, and adapt for future interactions make the experience of using them all the more human. That’s the first step to empowering people – providing technology that works with them. TECHVISION2017 10 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION Aligning goals to Relationship people’s goals To put these new adaptive technologies to use, businesses must adopt people’s goals as their own. This is a sea change Guidance for companies that have long sought to maximize each opportunity for profit: from Goals the analog business’s perspective, the ideal relationship is one where every interaction with a customer results in an immediate sale. But these relationships are only as strong as the customer’s need for products and services. A partnership, by contrast, is much more powerful – and enduring. To become a true partner, companies will need to shift their thinking, and replace the immediate sales goals of the past with the goals that customers and employees have for themselves. Doing so will change the game: the more goals a company helps people achieve, the more confident they will be in the partnership, and the relationship will grow stronger with each interaction. When it’s established that a company truly wants to help people reach their goals, they’ll come to the company first for as many of the goals that can be addressed. And when people succeed, so does the company. The People First approach to business and technology Tech Making all of this work means dedication to a People First approach. Whether it’s People customers or employees, their goals and Company needs must come first. Companies will meet this demand with their technology, which becomes inherently more focused on helping people as it becomes more human. More than ever, technology is an agent of change – and now it can empower people in an interactive, collaborative way, on each individual’s own terms. When companies truly enable people, they’re contributing to growth at both the individual level and the societal scale. Leaders have always strived to solve big problems. But the digital age brings opportunities to attack larger challenges than ever, by combining the strength of enterprise with the passion and power of individuals. Technology that works for and with people means it’s possible to have it both ways: companies can empower the individual and the group at the same time. TECHVISION2017 11 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION CHANGING GOALS MEANS CHANGING ROLES TE TECHVISION2 CHVISION2017 017 12 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION As technology becomes a trusted colleague, the line between business and personal endeavors fades. Companies will become partners with customers and employees, and with the rising ecosystems of businesses beyond their own walls. With these reimagined relationships, success is tied not only to the success of products and services, but also to the success of partners. Relationships are no longer about keeping customers or employees happy as the company guides them toward a goal; they will be about walking with people on a path that they define, and designing technology to help them navigate it as they choose. Leaders will empower people – customers and employees – by transforming technology from tools they must learn to use, to a powerful partner that will work with them rather than just for them. When people reach their goals, so does your company – because they’re now the same. The reimagined relationship isn’t business. It’s personal. TE TECHVISION2 CHVISION2017 017 13 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION 2017 VISION TRENDS TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLE Every business is digital. But today, our biggest innovations will not be in the technology tools themselves, but in how we design them with people in mind. In this year’s Technology Vision, we’ve identified five trends that underscore the importance of focusing on ‘Technology for People’ to achieve digital success. Tomorrow’s leaders are taking these trends on board and executing strategies to secure their clear digital advantage. TECHVISION2017 14 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION TREND 1 AI IS THE NEW UI Experience Above All Artificial intelligence (AI) is about to become a company’s digital spokesperson. Moving beyond a back-end tool for the enterprise, AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. From autonomous driving vehicles that use computer vision, to live translations made possible by artificial neural networks, AI is making every interface both simple and smart – and setting a high bar for how future interactions will work. It will act as the face of a company’s digital brand and a key die ff rentiator – and become a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy. TREND 2 ECOSYSTEM POWER PLAYS Beyond Platforms Companies are increasingly integrating their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms. But rather than treat them like partnerships of old, forward-thinking leaders leverage these relationships to build their role in new digital ecosystems – instrumental to unlocking their next waves of strategic growth. As they do, they’re designing future value chains that will transform their businesses, products, and even the market itself. TREND 3 WORKFORCE MARKETPLACE Invent Your Future The future of work has already arrived, and digital leaders are fundamentally reinventing their workforces. Driven by a surge of on-demand labor platforms and online work management solutions, legacy models and hierarchies are being dissolved and replaced with open talent marketplaces. This resulting on-demand enterprise will be key to the rapid innovation and organizational changes that companies need to transform themselves into truly digital businesses. TREND 4 DESIGN FOR HUMANS Inspire New Behaviors What if technology adapted to people? The new frontier of digital experiences is technology designed specifically for individual human behavior. Business leaders recognize that as technology shrinks the gap between ee ff ctive human and machine cooperation, accounting for unique human behavior expands not only the quality of experience, but also the ee ff ctiveness of technology solutions. This shift is transforming traditional personalized relationships into something much more valuable: partnerships. TREND 5 THE UNCHARTED Invent New Industries, Set New Standards Businesses are not just creating new products and services; they’re shaping new digital industries. From technology standards, to ethical norms, to government mandates, in an ecosystem-driven digital economy, one thing is clear: a wide scope of rules still needs to be defined. To fulfill their digital ambitions, companies must take on a leadership role to help shape the new rules of the game. Those who take the lead will find a place at or near the center of their new ecosystem, while those who don’t risk being left behind. TECHVISION2017 15 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION COMPLETING THE PICTURE The current three-year set of technology trends relating to Accenture’s Technology Vision includes these reports from 2016 and 2015: evolutions in technologies, and continue to Accenture’s Technology Vision comprises a master those that have been maturing. These three-year set of technology trends. While each technologies are quickly becoming the base year we highlight the latest trends, it’s important for how enterprises build their next generation to recognize that each trend represents just of business, as well as the catalysts for many part of the picture. As companies continue their journey toward becoming digital businesses, of the trends that we discuss this year. they will need to keep up with the latest TECHVISION2017 16 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION 2016 INTELLIGENT LIQUID PLATFORM PREDICTABLE DIGITAL AUTOMATION WORKFORCE ECONOMY DISRUPTION TRUST The essential new Building the Technology-driven Looking to digital Strengthening co-worker for the workforce for business model ecosystems for customer digital age. today’s digital innovation from the next waves relationships demands. the outside in. of change. through ethics Leaders will embrace automation not just and security. Companies are Industry leaders Fast-emerging digital to take advantage of investing in the tools are unleashing ecosystems – think To gain trust in the the breakneck pace of and technologies they technology’s power precision agriculture, digital economy, digital change, but also need to keep pace by developing not the industrial Internet businesses must to create a new digital with constant change only new technology or smart cities – create possess strong security world where they hold in the digital era. But to platforms, but also the foundation for and ethics at each competitive advantage. achieve their ambitious the platform-based the next big wave of stage of the customer Machines and artificial goals, leaders are business models and enterprise disruption. journey. And new intelligence will be the refocusing on an often strategies they enable. Digital ecosystems products and services newest recruits to the overlooked factor: But the technology like these, and the must be ethical- workforce, bringing the workforce. They are changes are only businesses that power and secure-by-design. new skills to help looking at technology the beginning. them, are already Businesses that get this people do new jobs, as not just a disrupter, straddling markets right will enjoy such and reinventing but also an enabler and blurring industry high levels of trust that what’s possible. to transform their boundaries. their customers will people, projects, and look to them as guides entire organizations for the digital future. into a highly adaptable and change-ready enterprise. TECHVISION2017 17 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLEINTRODUCTION 2015 INTERNET OUTCOME PLATFORM INTELLIGENT WORKFORCE OF ME ECONOMY (R)EVOLUTION ENTERPRISE REIMAGINED Our world, Hardware Defining Huge data, Collaboration personalized. producing ecosystems, smarter systems – between humans hard results. redefining better business. and machines. Forward-thinking industries. businesses are creating Intelligent hardware The next level of The push to go digital is highly personalized is bridging the gap operational excellence amplifying the need for Digital industry experiences that between the digital will emerge from the humans and machines platforms and engage and exhilarate enterprise and the latest gains in software to do more together. ecosystems are consumers without physical world. intelligence. Business Advances in natural fueling the next wave breaching their trust. As leading companies and technology leaders interfaces, wearable of breakthrough The companies master the Internet must now view software devices, and smart innovation and that succeed in this of Things, they intelligence not as a pilot machines will present disruptive growth. new ’Internet of Me’ are uncovering or a one-o pr ff oject, new opportunities for Rapid advances in will become the opportunities to but as an across-the- companies to empower cloud facilities and next generation of embed hardware and board functionality – their workers through mobility not only household names. sensors in their digital one that will drive new technology. are eliminating the toolboxes. These levels of evolution and technology and cost ‘digital disrupters’ know discovery, propelling barriers associated that getting ahead is innovation throughout with such platforms, no longer about selling the enterprise. but also are opening things – it’s about up this new playing selling results. field to companies across industries and geographies. TECHVISION2017 18 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLETREND 1 AI Experience UI Above All Artificial intelligence (AI) is about to become a digital spokesperson for companies. Moving beyond a back-end tool for the enterprise, AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. TECHVISION2017 19 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLETREND 1 AI IS THE NEW UI From autonomous driving vehicles that use any interface both simple and smart – computer vision, to live translations made driving wider, faster adoption of technology, possible by artificial neural networks, AI is and providing better outcomes for people. making every interface both simple and According to our global Accenture Technology smart – and setting a high bar for how future Vision 2017 Survey of more than 5,400 IT interactions will work. It will act as the face of a and business executives, 79% agree that AI company’s digital brand and a key die ff rentiator will help accelerate technology adoption – and become a core competency demanding throughout their organizations. In short, of C-level investment and strategy. AI is poised to enable companies to improve the experience and outcome for every Imagine having a conversation with a friend critical customer interaction. and asking them a question, only to have them stare at you silently for three seconds AI already plays a variety of roles throughout before answering. Would the conversation feel the user experience (UX). At the simplest natural? Or would you feel awkward, like you’d level, it curates content for people, like the done something wrong? Most importantly, mobile app Spotify suggesting new music would you do it again? based on previous listening choices. In a more significant role, AI applies machine learning Today, more than three million people to guide actions toward the best outcome. happily chat with Amazon Echo’s conversation- Farmers are improving yields by implementing 1 based assistant, Alexa. But when the Echo AI-enabled crop management systems: was under development less than five years Blue River Technology’s tools combine ago, voice recognition technology sue ff red computer vision and machine learning with an average delay in response time of almost their robotic systems to apply plant-by-plant three seconds. Amazon’s team set a goal of fertilizer wherever needed. Using advanced two seconds for Echo, and was eventually able algorithms means ‘LettuceBot’ not only takes to bring it down to below 1.5 seconds before care of pesky weeds among the lettuce crop, launch – a critical factor in the success of a but also addresses growing conditions that are device that has no screen or other interface to less than optimal – like identifying sprouts that fall back on. Either people can talk to Alexa as are too close to each other, and removing 2 3 they would a person, or the device is a failure. the one least likely to thrive. Alexa’s success shines as just one example And at the height of sophistication, of AI playing an ever more capable role across AI orchestrates. It collaborates across user interfaces (UI). As AI matures, many of experiences and channels, often behind the problems that hindered adoption in the the scenes, to accomplish tasks. AI not only past are disappearing. It’s now consistently curates and acts based on its experiences, being used to add frictionless intelligence but also learns from interactions to help to people’s interactions with technology, suggest and complete new tasks. creating opportunities to make TECHVISION2017 20 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2017 TECHNOLOGY FOR PEOPLE

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