How to dress for success in the Workplace

how to dress for success at work and how to dress successfully for a job interview
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Published Date:02-07-2017
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“Professional Etiquette” How to: Dress For Success Career and Professional Readiness Center What are the types of Professional Dress? Overview: • Making an Impression • Building your Professional Wardrobe • Specifics of Dress • “Business Professional” • “Business Ready” • “Business Casual” • “Casual Casual” • Do’s and Don'ts • QUIZ Making an Impression • 55 % of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look. • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. • “75% of recruiters believe that how a person dresses for work affects one's job, salary, and possible promotions” ( “Your first impression is always a lasting impression” Building your Professional Wardrobe • Invest your money in a great suit – Lasts longer, timeless • Shop smart. – Think in advance, look for sales – Seek the assistance of a sales associate – Buy pieces that are versatile Building your Professional Wardrobe • Before shopping, look at your current wardrobe – Find pieces that you can wear to work, then shop for “fillers” • Example: If you have a nice pair of pants that need a nice belt, only buy a matching belt – Spend less money by using more of what you currently have Your Professional Wardrobe for… WOMEN MEN Building your Professional Wardrobe • Buy the essentials – A black pencil skirt, a white blouse, wide leg trousers (in gray, black or tan), black pumps and an elegant hand bag. The Specifics for Women • Suits – Pants or skirt with a matching jacket – Best material is pure wool or a wool blend. Color: navy, charcoal gray and black are all acceptable. Patterns, if any, should be muted. Choose a conservative style that is versatile. • Shirts – Best material is cotton or cotton blend. Long sleeve shirts are more professional than short sleeve. The Specifics for Women • Blouses – Tops can be button ups, turtle necks, shells, or fashion blouses. – Keep colors neutral, don’t wear loud colors or patterns. – Whatever you wear make sure it keeps you covered The Specifics for Women • Skirts – Should be a modest length, no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. The skirt should still cover your thighs when sitting. Make sure the skirt is appropriate for walking, climbing stairs and sitting. Lengths can be long. Slits are appropriate if not too long. Skirts for professional wear should be fitting but not clingy and not flowing. Flowing skirts are more “Casual Casual” to “Business Casual”. The Specifics for Women • Jewelry • post earrings, a modest necklace, and few rings are acceptable. No dangling earrings, loud and noisy necklaces, or rings on every finger. Keep the ring count down to one per hand. Broaches are acceptable to add a little color to a jacket or sweater. The Specifics for Women • Shoes – must be clean and polished. Wear comfortable ones. Heels should be no higher than two inches. Closed toe pumps are preferred, however open toed shoes are acceptable for a more casual look. • Socks/ Hosiery – the only requirement of socks is that they match the color of your shoes and slacks, and that they cover your ankles and/or reach mid calf. Hosiery must be worn with skirts. Hosiery must be plain, neutral colored. Exposing skin due to short socks or no hosiery is not professional. The Specifics for Women • Grooming – Keep hair out of your face and brushed. Nails should be painted a natural color, don’t match your nails to your outfit. Makeup should look natural, and clean. Too much color can be distracting. – keep nails, and teeth well maintained. The Specifics for Women • Accessories – should be kept to a minimum. – handbags should match your outfit, as well as scarves and/or belts. • Body Modifications – Tattoos should be covered, whether with clothing, shoes or make up. Piercings- the only piercings allowed are one hole on each ear. Any other type of piercing should be covered or removed. Think wisely before you get something done- even if you get your nose pierced you will still have a scar your employer might see. The types of Dress… • “Business Professional” • “Business Ready” • “Business Casual” • “Casual Casual” WOMEN What to Wear: “Business Professional” • Think like what you would wear for an interview – Slacks or a modest skirt, a matching jacket, a button up shirt or equivalent blouse, closed toe plain heels – Sweaters are allowed if you have a nice button up shirt underneath WOMEN What to Wear: “Business Professional” • The goal for business professional is to look the best you can • You may be meeting new clients or representing your firm at an event • The way you dress represents you and your company Rule of thumb: If you have to question an item, don’t wear it. WOMEN What to Wear: “Business Ready” • “Business Ready” is defined by being one simple change away from business professional – Taking over as the new “Business Casual” • By keeping a neutral colored jacket and a pair of polished shoes in your office you can be “Business Professional” in minutes WOMEN What to Wear: “Business Ready” • Modest skirt or pants and an appropriate blouse – By adding a jacket and closed toe black pumps you have a complete outfit

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