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Published Date:02-07-2017
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www.library.qut.edu.au QUT Library Effective Learning Strategies Effective Learning Strategies 1The Learning Process People tend to learn something totally new by first getting the general idea in their minds and then filling in the details. Here are some learning and memory techniques that will help with the process. Effective Learning Strategies 2Learning Strategies Divide Outline Vary Incubate Engage Revise Effective Learning Strategies 3Outline An outline of a topic gives people a framework on which they can add details to get a picture of what they are learning Scenes in movies and TV often show a long If you ask someone to draw shot before they zoom a house, they will usually into the close ups. draw the walls and roof before they fill in details like doors and windows Textbooks, articles and essays usually start with an introductory overview Effective Learning Strategies 4Outline When reading, writing, explaining and in exams, order your information from the general to the detailed When researching a new topic: Dictionaries, Specialised Encyclopedias Text Books Journal Articles Books (if needed) When reading academic writing: Read first Look at all Look at all Read the first sentence of Read the the headings, the pictures and last each whole text subheadings and captions paragraphs paragraph When structuring assignments and answers to exam questions: Introduction Body Conclusion gives thesis paragraphs repeats the and overview give details overview Effective Learning Strategies 5Divide Make study tasks more manageable by dividing them up into a series of smaller tasks How do you eat something the size of an elephant? One bite at a time. Don’t try to read every- thing at one Divide your study time. Break time into chunks up your of about 50 Break up your reading into minutes and take assignment into articles or a break every smaller tasks and chapters or Focus on one hour. focus on each paragraph at a even parts task one at a time time when writing of these your assignments Effective Learning Strategies 6Vary People are more alert to changes in their environment and tend to lose concentration when things remain the same. We often only become aware a cricket is chirping when it stops The human brain is more able to pick up variations between things than be able to judge if something is right without comparing. Many people can’t judge if two shades of pink are the same Lines that are crooked become until they try them on together apparent only when seen in comparison with other lines Effective Learning Strategies 7Vary We can concentrate better if we vary our study tasks regularly. Change study tasks every hour or so. Alternate tasks that require intense concentration with more routine tasks. Intersperse study with physical and leisure activities. Reading Having Thinking Coffee Relaxing Finding Organising Resources Writing Notes Files Writing Exercising Effective Learning Strategies 8Incubate We learn more if we give our brains time to process If you have a reading that is Leave your assignment difficult to follow, reread it draft overnight. You will The solution to a problem the next day. It will be see corrections you did often appears if you clearer then. not notice before leave it and focus on It is the same with maths something else. problems. Effective Learning Strategies 9Revise The more we revise the more we remember Review your lecture notes on the same day or the day following the lecture. Summarise your lecture notes for each week. Reread these throughout semester. Make notes on your readings. Reread the notes a week later and Use the little bits of time on the bus, again before exams. between lectures or waiting for someone, to quickly review one set of notes. Effective Learning Strategies 10Engage Learning involves attention and concentration Study Actively Don’t just read – do something with the information U Underline Highlight Rewrite Map Effective Learning Strategies 11Learning Strategies These strategies work together. For example: Divide  Incubation occurs when you vary your Outline Vary tasks Revising is easier if  you divide it up into Incubate Engage manageable chunks Revise  Engagement is easier in short bursts. Divide tasks and vary between concentrated and routine tasks Effective Learning Strategies 12Reference List (in order of appearance) PAGES 1-7 mobilevirgin, 'Zebras', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mobilevirgin/316570798/, ed, 2006, zebras. 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Leo Reynolds, 'pile of books ', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/4077733692/, ed, 2009, pile of books kenjonbro, 'Cricket (Leptophyes Punctatissima)', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kenjonbro/2787428116/, ed, 2008, closeup of a cricket Jackknife Barlow, 'Headshot (Age 18)', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stringbot/2717641594/, ed, 2008, Man in clashing shirt and tie woupa02, 'The Crooked House ', http://www.flickr.com/photos/10727183N07/2459389505/, 2008, little house built crookedly Effective Learning Strategies 13Reference List (in order of appearance) PAGES 8-12 Kaitlyn, 'Day 178 - 7-26-09', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaitastrophic/3760236898/, ed, 2009, A student reads a book lying in bed. Elsie Escobar, 'supported legs up on the wall pose', In: http://www.flickr.com/photos/everydayelsie/406504707/, ed, 2007, person in inverted yoga pose. 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