How to Create a Humorous Story

how to create a funny story and how to create a storyline |download ppt
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Published Date:29-03-2017
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How to Create Humorous StoryWhat a Story Need? Teller Content Listener and picture• What qualities should a Narrator have? • Explanatory • Provide Heavy messaging • Limited interactivity • Strong order • Author drivenWhat a Normal Story Have? • DATA • STORY • VISUAL • TALE • ART • GRAPHFocus and Attention on… Set up Conflict Suspense ResolutionThink About Story, Not Chart•But in Actual, what should a story have?• Use Interesting Abstraction that must have Humor Introduce the characters of the story Use Essentialism Strategy• Create Aesthetics, play with colours and creativity.Create Deep Suspense Maintain cognitive flow Framing the data and allow TransitionStory should have a Great Message Show ResolutionMake a Interactive visualization between Narrator and Listener • “Create and Tell a story that establish a great connection with audience” .That will help to Close the gap of Teller and Listener