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Published Date:02-07-2017
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Reading for pleasure: Reading for life Booktrust, Book House, 45 East Hill, London SW18 2QZ Registered charity 313343 J10_1286_110%_Cover.indd 1 21/05/2010 18:54 Contents 01 Introduction 03 About Booktrust 04 Bookgifting 06 The bookgifting model 10 Early Years Introduction 16 Primary-aged children Booktrust is an independent charity 24 Young People dedicated to encouraging people of all 28 Adults ages and cultures to engage with books 32 Summary and the written word. It is supported by Arts Council England, central and local government, children’s publishers and other sponsors. Independent reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child. Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2002) found that enjoying reading is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status. Reading Booktrust, Book House, for pleasure is also proven to combat social 45 East Hill, London SW18 2QZ exclusion, helps to raise literacy and educational standards and supports health and emotional wellbeing. All of this demonstrates the crucial importance of reading for pleasure in every child’s life. J10_1286_110%_Cover.indd 2 21/05/2010 18:54 Introduction 01 Booktrust therefore works in partnership This document presents an overview of with Local Authorities and Local NHS, how Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up to collectively achieve our vision of giving and also The Letterbox Club, provide people of every age and culture the Local Authorities with a cultural and educational, intellectual, health and creative entitlement for every child. emotional, social, cultural and creative benet fi s that arise from a love of As part of Booktrust’s wider offer, reading and the written word. the bookgifting programmes offer the opportunity for us to work together in As a consortium member of the National supporting positive outcomes for the Year of Reading 2008, Booktrust heartily whole community. endorses the development of a Reading Strategy in every Local Authority and the National Literacy Trust’s Reading for Life campaign. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 1 21/05/2010 19:1902 Inspiring a love of reading Reading for pleasure Reading for life J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 2 21/05/2010 19:1903 About Booktrust Since its inception almost 80 years ago, Booktrust’s vision has been to inspire a love of reading for all. Thanks to funding from the Arts Council Booktrust recognises and builds upon: England, central and local government and the critical importance of fathers, a range of sponsors, Booktrust is now the mothers and other carers as first teachers largest independent charity in the UK the profound and lasting effect that the dedicated to promoting books, stories attitudes and early skills developed in and the written word. the home can have on a child’s future as a lifelong reader and learner Booktrust’s Values: access to culture and creativity Creativity as a personal entitlement Expertise the importance of independent Impact reading for pleasure and its positive Independence impact on emotional health Responsiveness and wellbeing. Amongst Booktrust’s projects are three universal bookgifting programmes – Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up – which provide free books to children at five key points in their development. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 3 21/05/2010 19:1904 Bookgifting In 1992, Booktrust worked in partnership with libraries and health visitors in Birmingham to create Bookstart. It started with 300 babies and grew into the first national bookgifting programme in the world. Following the phenomenal success of Bookstart, other countries have followed our lead and Booktrust has encouraged bookgifting across the globe. North America/Carribean South America Global bookgifting programmes Europe...................Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland. North America/ Caribbean..............British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, USA. South America.......Columbia, Falkland Islands. Asia.........................Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand. Oceania..................Australia, New Zealand. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 4 21/05/2010 19:1905 Europe Asia Oceania06 The bookgifting model In delivering Bookstart, Booktrust and our partners pioneered a unique and powerful public/private partnership, which has impacted positively upon millions of children. The bookgifting model Francesca Dow Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up Chair of the Children’s Group, Publishers Association Bookstart offers the gift of free books to all children at three key ages before they As publishers we are very aware of the research start school. This phenomenal achievement that shows how important it is for all children, is thanks to the powerful commitment of if they are to become life-long readers, to have our sponsors and Local Authorities. The books at home – whether they are bought as programme is enabled by funding from gifts or borrowed from the library. We support central government and the generous Bookstart, which encourages parents to share sponsorship of more than 25 children’s books with their baby from their earliest years publishers. It is coordinated, resourced and Booktime, which gives books as children and delivered locally via enthusiastic local start reception at age five. public services professionals, including Health Visitors, Librarians and Early We also support Booked Up, which Years Professionals. ensures that all eleven-year-olds are given the opportunity to choose a brand new The success of Bookstart inspired Booktime book to keep as their own. (for reception-aged children) and Booked Up (for Year 7 children). The programmes provide This is an exciting and positive start a continuum of intervention to support families to their secondary school years, especially with young children and young people, for those children who do not have books introducing and reinforcing the joy and value at home. Reading independently for pleasure of sharing books. The book gifts reach children adds immeasurably to a child’s self awareness, at times of key transition. They are gifted with general knowledge and education and is positive messages and form important steps in every bit as important as reading in every child’s reading journey. This is further the classroom. supplemented by Booktrust’s other prizes and programmes. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 6 21/05/2010 19:1907 An exceptional value-added partnership The national bookgifting programmes have the Local Authorities and Local NHS are under potential to positively impact upon the lives of pressure to deliver high quality services with every child and should form a core offer within limited resources. Booktrust’s unique public/ the Reading Strategy of every authority. private partnership programmes receive £13million of government funding and thanks to our sponsorship support, Booktrust provides bookgifting programmes worth £69million free of charge to Local Authorities in England every year. The total annual value of £69million for Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up refers to the programmes’ book packs, the dual language offers, additional needs packs, support materials and resources, central administration costs, warehouse and delivery services, as well as research costs. Booktrust also achieves high levels of media coverage, building awareness of the programmes, and of reading more generally, amongst established and new audiences alike. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 7 21/05/2010 19:1908 Inclusiveness and accessibility Reading has the power to transform lives. Books open us to new worlds and experiences that are enriching and exciting, building our imaginations, helping us to relate to others and to the world around us. Booktrust believes it’s important that Booktrust ensures that the illustrations and everyone has access to the benefits of reading photography it commissions are representative and that all individuals are able to find books and that children, in particular, can identify to which they can relate. In promoting the with images and find role models in the availability of a breadth of books that are books we use. meaningful and relevant to a range of audiences, Booktrust works hard to Some families, such as those in Gypsy, improve inclusiveness and accessibility. Roma and Traveller communities, may be less likely to come into regular contact with the public services that provide book packs. As part of the Bookstart programme, We therefore work with a wide range of Booktrust produces two additional resource specialist teachers and support teams as well packs: Booktouch for children 0 to four years as other charitable organisations to increase old who are blind or partially sighted and access and broaden participation across Bookshine for deaf children. the programmes. The books on the Booked Up list include Booktrust also works with neonatal engaging titles for pupils who have units, children’s hospices, hospital schools additional needs. and Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services units to ensure that as many children as possible have access to the bookgifting programmes. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 8 21/05/2010 19:1909 We ensure that materials are accessible for COMMUNITY those fathers and mothers with less confidence LANGUAGE VERSIONS and experience with books as well as those OF THE BOOKSTART who already enjoy reading together with AND BOOKTIME their children. By working closely with family learning coordinators, with community GUIDANCE outreach workers and with organisations like INFORMATION Home-Start, we can access and give direct ARE AVAILABLE IN encouragement and support to those families 29 COMMUNITY that need it most. In addition, the bookgifting LANGUAGES. programmes are often used to promote further opportunities for family learning and adult learning. WE WORK HARD Volunteers are deployed in a number of TO ENCOURAGE Local Authorities; they offer valuable support PUBLISHERS TO in delivering the programmes and increased INCLUDE CHILDREN community cohesion via a worthwhile WITH DISABILITIES and rewarding activity encouraging IN THEIR TITLES. children to love books. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 9 21/05/2010 19:1910 1 Chapter J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 10 21/05/2010 19:1911 Early Years A child’s relationship with stories can begin even before they are born. At 24 weeks’ gestation a baby can hear, and benefits from the sound of books being shared. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 11 21/05/2010 19:1912 Bookstart Reading stories, looking at the pictures and singing rhymes all help in strengthening the loving bond between parent and child and begin to develop the language and listening skills that give children a head start at school. Stories, songs and rhymes should be available Bookstart baby pack for all children to enjoy. A child who shares Sharing a book with a child is an books every day and lives in a language-rich exchange of love. home, is developing language and literacy skills, as well as benefiting socially and emotionally. Bookstart+ for toddlers All children should have access to stories, When fathers, mothers and carers share songs and rhymes. books they open up their child’s world. The Bookstart packs are provided at three My Bookstart Treasure Chest key points in the child’s early development Book-sharing is not only about learning skills (at approximately eight months, 18 to 30 or aptitudes – it is learning about the very months and three to four years old). The packs nature of being human… include books, which are carefully selected by a panel of experts, as well as a wealth of advice for parents and carers and an invitation to join the library. From 18 months, children also We are currently piloting a new book gift pack receive crayons and a drawing book to to support and encourage mothers and fathers encourage early mark making. to develop good habits by reading to their baby in the womb. Bookstart promotes fathers, mothers and carers as the child’s most important and enduring teachers and encourages them to become role models by valuing reading in the home. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 12 21/05/2010 19:1913 Bookstart Reading stories, looking at the pictures and singing rhymes all help in strengthening the loving bond between parent and child and begin to develop the language and listening skills that give children a head start at school. More information on National Bookstart Day can be found on page 14 J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 13 21/05/2010 19:1914 The Bookstart packs are supported by a wealth of additional activities in libraries, Children’s Centres and other settings, all designed to continue parents’ engagement in sharing books with children. National Bookstart Day The Early Years Awards 2009 received National Bookstart Day brings families, 190 entries across the three categories with professionals and Bookstart together in a high-profile judging panel including an annual celebration of the Bookstart Edith Bowman. programme. In 2009, more than 5000 special events took place across the country in a variety The Rhyme Challenge of venues. Events are supported by printed The Rhyme Challenge launched in 2010 and downloadable resources from Booktrust, across Children’s Centres, Early Years following a different theme each year. Settings and Primary schools. Children and their mothers, fathers, carers and grandparents National Bookstart Day 2010’s theme is will be invited to learn rhymes and will be ‘At the Seaside’. Our forthcoming themes are: awarded special certificates at The Rhyme June 2010 – At the Seaside Challenge celebration events. The rhymes June 2011 – All Aboard and resources featured in The Rhyme June 2012 (the 20th anniversary Challenge will be updated every year, of Bookstart) – Stories Around the with the aim of keeping rhymes alive World. This will celebrate Bookstart’s and building good home/school own expansion around the world and help relationships. us to celebrate the Olympiad festivities. Booktrust Early Years Awards Created to celebrate, publicise and reward the exciting range of books being published today for children under five, Booktrust runs its annual Early Years Awards. These recognise excellence in three categories: the best book for babies under one year old, the best picture book for preschool and the best emerging illustrator of a book for preschool children. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 14 21/05/2010 19:1915 The Bookstart packs are supported by a wealth of additional activities in libraries, Children’s Centres and other settings, all designed to continue parents’ engagement in sharing Over two million children a year receive Each Bookstart pack reaches an average 95% a free Bookstart pack. of eligible children. books with children. Bookstart Book Crawl 95% OF LOCAL The Bookstart Book Crawl promotes libraries AUTHORITIES TAKE and reader development, providing resources PART IN THE BOOK free of charge to all Local Authorities. CRAWL LIBRARY We are investigating possibilities for further INCENTIVE. OF THESE, increasing participation in Bookstart Book 90% HOLD IT ALL YEAR Crawl through existing and new partnerships ROUND, WHILE 10% with Children’s Centres, Nurseries, Clinics, USE A TARGETED shops and supermarkets. APPROACH Children collect stickers at each library visit towards a collection of limited edition certificates. Beautifully illustrated, these certificates serve as a wonderful reminder of children’s earliest years as library users. AROUND 105,206 Children completing ten Bookstart Book BOOKSTART BOOK Crawls will have visited the library CRAWL CERTIFICATES 40 times and are awarded a special WERE AWARDED LAST Gold certificate. YEAR, EQUATING TO 420,824 LIBRARY VISITS CHILDREN COMPLETING 10 ‘CRAWLS’ RECEIVE A GOLD CERTIFICATE. THIS EQUATES TO 40 LIBRARY VISITS J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 15 21/05/2010 19:1916 2 Chapter J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 16 21/05/2010 19:1917 Primary- aged children As children move into, and through, primary school, books form an important part of their formal learning, but it remains vital to continue encouraging book-sharing in the home. J10_1286_110%_Text.indd 17 21/05/2010 19:1918 Primary-aged children Independent reading and shared reading for interest and enjoyment builds a child’s confidence as a learner. When a child equates reading with enjoyment and pleasure, that association strongly enhances their formal education. Our programmes and activities affirm and Packs include a book, selected by an expert encourage mothers, fathers and carers to share panel and guidance for parents and carers on a love of books every day and support them in shared reading. Additional interactive resources becoming role models for their children. are also sent to schools and participating libraries to support use of the books. Booktime Booktime encourages parents and carers Booktime is supported in England by central to enjoy sharing books with their reception- government and was launched by education aged children (four to five years old) at this and publishing company Pearson in association important transition stage in their learning with Booktrust in 2006. and development. The Children’s Laureate Vibrant packs, characterised by ‘Booky’ The Children’s Laureate, sponsored by the energetic book, are given to every Waterstone’s, is an award given to an eminent reception-aged child during the author or illustrator every two years, autumn term. recognising outstanding achievement in their field. The Laureate undertakes to be an ambassador for children’s books and to encourage a love of reading amongst children and young people. Booktrust administers the award and looks after the selection process, official events, press and public relations, the web site and sponsorship.

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