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Published Date:04-07-2017
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by Introduction Revival is defined as “God pouring Himself out on His people. Revival is classified into nine different expression “faces” but no matter what express characterized as a “visitation from God.” This book observes that usually revival breaks out in many places around the world, not just in one place; so each of the “greatest revivals” are not just isolated events. Therefore, the Ten Greatest Revivals described in this book are ten epochs or ten different “times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.” 1 History's Greatest Revival: The 1904 Revival — 1904 According to the late Dr. J. Edwin Orr, former professor of Awakenings at Fuller Theological Seminary, history's greatest revival took place in the early years of the Twentieth Century, including the Welsh Revival, the Asuza Street Revival, the Korean Pentecost Manchurian Revival, and the Mizo Outpouring 2 The First Great Awakening — 1727 - 1750 Early in the Eighteenth Century, revival so impacted the church that the movement simply became known as the Great Awakening, but British historians often refer to it as the Evangelical Revival, which includes the Mo ravian Revival at Hernhutt in Germany, the ministry of Jonathon Edwards and the Surprising Work of God in Northampton New England, the Fetter Lane Watchnight Revival of England that was the forerunner to the Methodist Church, and the Crossweeksung Indian Revival 3 The Second Great Awakening — 1780 - 1810 In the Second Great Awakening sometimes God poured out His spirit in a quiet way that shaped the lives of those it touched for a generation. On other occasions, revivals were marked with loud and violent manifestations. This chapter includes the stories of Cornwall's Christmas Revival of England, the Yale Revival under college president the Cane Ridge Revival on the frontier of America and later ministry of Peter Cartwright, the revival ministry of Robert Haldane in Geneva's Second Reformation, Ashael Nettleton and the Bridgewater Revival of Scotland, and the Amherst College Revival. So for the church, but how it changed the secular world. The Second Great Awakening 2 me historians call this the greatest revival, not for what it did Timothy Dwight, revivals kept England and America from the horrors of the French Revolution. of David Brainerd. These in . , the ion each revival takes, all are Elmer L. Towns & Douglas Porter THE TEN GREATEST REVIVALS EVER TABLE OF CONTENTSresulted in the abolition of slavery, the end of child labor, the beginning of the feminist movement, the move for universal literacy, and the reformation of prisons, among its 4 The General Awakening — 1830 - 1840 There appears to have been a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1830s and 1840s that is called the General Awakening. This chapter looks at several local manifestations including Charles Finney's Rochester Revival, the ministry of Titus Coan in the Hawaiian Revival, the Kilsyth Anniversary Revival, and the revivalistic outreach associated with the Mississippi Valle y Enterprise in America evangelized the American 5 The Layman's Prayer Revival — 1857 - 1861 During the “Layman’s Prayer Revival” there was no dominant revival leader but the movement grew by lay motivation. This chapter includes the stories of Hamilton's Wesleyan Methodist Revival in Canada, the Fulton Street Prayer Meeting in New York that grew out of Jeremiah Lanphier’s noon hour prayer meetings, the Ulster Revival of 1859, the Jamaican Revival of 1860, and the revival accompanying Moody's British Evangelistic Campaigns 6 The World War II Revival — 1935 - 1950 Many revivals are associated with the beginning or end of military conflict, the World War II Revival touched many parts of the world because of threat from wor - This chapter looks at local manifestations of the New Zealand Revival , the rise of Billy Graham following his historic Los Angeles Crusade, and the revival ministry of Duncan Campbell in the Lewis Awakening of Scotland. A local manifestation Bonnabella Revival) resulted in the conversion of one of the authors of this book 7 The Baby Boomer Revival — 1965 - 1975 The Holy Spirit touched the world during the clash of dreams. Those who fought World II had their dreams of peace, but their children, i.e., the Baby Boomer generation, rejected their ideals and refused to live out their parents’ expectations. This chapter considers the rise of the Jesus People in California, and the Independent Baptist Revival that reflected the growth of mega churches around the world. The East Timor Indonesian Revival alerted the West to what God was doing in the East, the Asbury College Revival sparked similar revivals in colleges across America and the Saskatoon Revival touched Western Canada. A local manifestation of this revival resulted in one of 8 - R eformation European Revivals — 1300 - 1500 3 Pre the authors of this book responding to God's call upon his life for ministry (Porter). War (Towns). of this revival (The wide war. ld . frontier and established churches. greatest contributions. Out of a thousand years of spiritual darkness (the Dark Ages) come the stories of God beginning to work in unusual ways bringing revival to a remnant who longed to experience His presence. These revivals ushered in the world -changing Protestant Reformation movements such as England's Lollard Revival, the Burning of John Hus the stake, and Savonarola’s Florence Revival 9 The Protestant Reformation — 1517 When Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of Wittenburg Castle, Germany in 1517, it was the most significant religious event of the church from Pentecost to the present day. Luther began the Protestant Reformation that separated forever Protestants from the Roman Catholic Church. Although much of the success of the Protestant Reformation was due in part to the support of political leaders who saw it as a way to God in the lives of individuals and groups during the reformation era. This chapter looks x, then consider the Huguenot Revival in France, the birth of the Swiss Brethren and rise of the Anabaptist movement, the Brethren of the Common Life and the Communion Revival at Shotts . Pentecost, the Beginning of Revival — The New Testament began with a new phenomenon of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and has become the model and basis of all future revivals. While this is the greatest outpouring of God on His people, because everything else rests on Pentecost, it is placed last in the list of ten revivals as the foundation upon which all succeeding revivals rest. This chapter tells the foundational story of the greatest revivals in history including the ival Appendices C . Index 4 A Selected Bibliography for continued study of each revival B. Lessons Learned from the Greatest RevivalsA. After Thought on the Day of Pentecost, and Paul's ministry in that city.Jerusalem Rev A.D. 30 10 in Germany and rise of Pietism, ons of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Knobriefly at the theological contributi break free from Rome's political authority, it would be wrong to not recognize the work of in Italy. at “Pray for revival in America.” I (Elmer Towns) saw this sign in a restaurant in Dallas, Texas, while we were writing this book. I said, “AMEN” in my spirit, but wondered if they When most people pray for revival, they are probably asking for a wonderful experience at church next Sunday at 11:00 a.m. But revival is more than a Sunday morning experience. When you pray for revival, you’re asking God for life -shaking experiences that cost you plenty. It’s agonizing because in revival you become terrorized over your sin and you repent deeply. It’s consuming because in revival you have no time for hobbies . . . for chores around Revival crashes your Daytimer . . . interrupts TV times . . . demands your full attention . . . and wears you out. Usually when we pray for revival, we’re telling God “sic ‘em” on the bad As a matter of fact, we’ve got a suggestion for you who want revival. Don’t pray for revival, just repent of all known sin, do every thing you’re supposed to do, give God all— not part— When revival came to Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church in the fall of 1973, glory flooded the church auditorium . . . it was atmospheric revival. All normal activities in our lives shut down. Students and business people didn’t want to leave the sanctuary because when they left the building, they were leaving the presence of God. They didn’t want to miss anything that God was doing. Revival began on Wednesday evening about 10:30 p.m. an hour after prayer meeting was It came when students and church members were milling around the front of the sanctuary. Ever 2 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals over. but all your time, and you’ll experience revival. guys. Little do we realize that revival begins with us, the people of God. the house . . . for work . . . for sleep. will knew what they were praying for. INTRODUCTION Most of the ushers and pastors had gone home. One student went to the pulpit—— to confess sins. The microphone and pulpit lights were off, but God was there. The student’s passionate repentance captured those who were still in the auditorium. Someone began singing. A pianist ran to play the piano. People dropped to their knees beside the altar and front pews. The piano was playing softly, not interrupting the sacred sound of tears. Shortly, another broken person approached the pulpit to confess sins. After two hours, frantic phone calls went out to the pastor and deacons, Church members were awakened in the middle of the night, hurriedly dressed, and drove through the dark streets of Lynchburg. All came back to the church building expecting to experience God. No ties . . . no Sunday morning dresses . . . just believers eager for the touch of God. They stayed at the church from Wednesday until Saturday morning. Classes were canceled, most didn’t leave for work, some didn’t eat. When drowsiness couldn’t be fought off, students slept in the pews in the back of the auditorium, some slept under the pews. Like the tide that comes and goes, there would be intense times when people were confessing their sins, then soft times of quiet weeping and private prayer around the altar. What stopped the revival? Early Saturday morning one student rose to confess his sins, but he seemed to be bragging about what he did when he sinned; there was no shame, nor brokenness. — Who knows the heart—departed the meeting. Within one hour, all knew the revival was over. All left, went This book describes The Ten Greatest Revivals and Th eir Influence. While some may not agree with the authors’ choice of the ten or the sequence of the ten, don’t be too critical; even Ever 3 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals home and went back about their daily activities. The Holy Spirit “Revival’s hit the church” weeping the authors disagreed at times. Since we don’t have complete records of revival , and no one knows everything that God did in all revivals; only God knows which were the ten greatest revivals. As a matter of fact, there may have been greater revivals than those described in this book, but we don’t know anything about it because no one wrote down what happened. But based on our study, these are our choices (Douglas Porter wrote his doctoral dissertation on An Analysis of Evangelical Revivals with Suggestions for Encouraging and Maximizing the Effects of an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism and Elmer Towns was the mentor. Towns wrote the book Rivers of Revival with Neil Anderson, then wrote the topics of fasting, meditation, praying the Lord’s prayer, worship and God encounters.) 1. 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. - 7. - 8. - 0 - 9. Note that these are ten revival eras, not just isolated revival places or revival events. It seems when God poured out His Spirit, He did so on “all flesh,” meaning th in several places at the same time. Therefore, in this book we identify the ten greatest revivals r, as the ten greatest periods of time when God manifested Himself around the world. Like a stream that disappears underground to burst to the surface at another location, so in the First Great Awakening, revival sprang up in several places, i.e., in New England (Jonathan Edwards), Ever 4 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals eve e revival sprang up Pentecost, the Beginning of Revival, A.D. 3010. The Protestant Reformation, 1517 1500Reformation Revivals, 130The Pre 1975s The Baby Boomer Revival, 1965 1950 The World War II Revival, 1935 1861The Layman’s Prayer Revival, 1857 1840 The General Awakening, 1830 1810The Second Great Awakening, 1780 1750 The Great Awakening, 1727 l of 1904 The Reviva THE TEN GREATEST REVIVALS EVER books on spirituality, including in England (Wesley and Whitefield) and in Germany (Herrnhutt). This book doesn’t just es of isolated events, we have focused on ten world -wide “times of refreshing from “The Ten Greatest Revivals We’ve described the strange phenomena associated with revivals, i.e., the jerks, shouting, “slain in the Spirit”, speaking in tongues, barking, dancing in the Spirit, etc. Since none of these phenomena appeared in all revivals, we conclude none of these manifestations are mandatory for an awakening and true revival can happen without these extraordinary phenomena. But since most of these unusual phenomena occur more than once, what do we conclude? We agree with several other writers who concluded , “When the divine is poured into the human, expect the human to react in extraordinary ways.” Some of these phenomena are prompted by God, at other times they are just the exuberant expressions of those who are experiencing God’s presence. We have a word of caution to you as you read about the different displays of emotions. First, don’t seek the extraordinary signs of revival, for these unusual expressions are not what revival is about. Second, don’t measure the success of a revival by the intensity or amount of extraordinary signs, for when you do; you’ve missed the whole purpose of Third, seek the Lord, because it is God who revives our hearts. Measure a revival by God Himself . . . is God present? . . . what is God doing (not what are people doing) . . . and what did God accomplish? Since the days of Pente cost there is no record of the sudden and direct work of the Spirit of God upon the souls of men that has not been accompanied by events more or less abnormal. It is, indeed, on consideration, only natural that it should be so. We cannot expect an abnorm al inrush of Divine light and power, so profoundly affecting the emotions and changing the lives of men, without remarkable results. As well expect a hurricane, an earthquake, or a flood, to leave nothing Ever 5 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals a revival. have Ever.”the presence of the Lord.” We’ve called them, revival stori tell abnormal in its course, as to expect a true Reviva l that is not accompanied by events quite out of our ordinary experience. A. T. Schofield Just as all normal people have the same facial characteristics, yet the faces of all people are arranged rently; these revivals have the same facial characteristics— they reflect God’s presence—yet they have different faces; which means the revivals were expressed in different ways. I (Elmer Towns) wrote Rivers of Revival , Regal Books, 1998 with Neil Anderson. In that book, I describe nine faces of revival (see pp. 116 -117). These nine “faces” of revival are different manifestations of revival. These nine faces occur throughout history and are found in the . , in each of these ten periods of time, the expressions of revival all appeared differently in each revival. These nine Rivers of Revival 1. . 2. 3. emphasis on 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The author s will use the plural “we” because we wrote together. However, when a reference is made to just Douglas Porter or just Elmer Towns, the text will reference the author impersonally, as in (Elmer Towns, Fasting For Spiritual Breakthrough Ever 6 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals , Regal Books, 1995). If Prayer Revival: an enormous movement of intercession and prayer. Liberation revival: freeing from corporate and personal bondage to sin. Reconciliation Revival: removing barriers to racial harmony. it’s manifestations.Holy Spirit Revival: emphasis on the Spir Spiritual Warfare Revival: battling demons and Satan. Deeper Life Revival: experiencing God’s indwelling. magnifying God.Worship Revival: Evangelism Revival: emphasis on winning souls to Christ. Repentance Revival: emphasis on cleaning up one’s life and society , are:faces of revival in the book, Yet als everwe call the ten greatest revivtimes diffe characteristics in the you wish to correspond with us about revival or comment on this book, contact floor or jump like a kangaroo. Even though most don’t say it, they want God to quit playing hide and seek Invocation in his church each Sunday morning: I know God, and Today you can know God. Today you can touch God. But more Today, God can touch you. True believers want God to intervene in their humdrum experiences. They want God to is not with them. They want revival, but don’t know what it is or how to get it. That’s why we wrote this book. Not just to give intellectual information about revivals, but so readers can Ever 7 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals and how to get it. o you’ll know what it is experience God in their daily lives. Therefore, let’s try to define a revival s manifest Himself to them. But for most, God cannot be felt or touched. Most people feel that God importantly, right here, This week I touched God, and A pastor who is a former student at Liberty promises an experience with God as he gives the e. . . . to come show Himself . . . to visit His peopl voice of God yelling like thunder. Still others want God to “zap ‘em” so they’ll quiver on the actual sky or on a mountain so they can see it and know for sure what to do. Still others want to hear the the heavens and descend to earth so they can see Him. Others want God to write His message in the and experience God. Some want God to split open The eternal quest of mankind is to know REVIVAL SOUGHT . or But there have been certain seasons called revivals — when God has “poured His Spirit out on His people.” These times —also called awakenings — occurred when the presence of God is experience in powerful manifestati ons of the Holy Spirit. J. Edwin Orr "When the day of Pentecost had fully come" (Acts 2:1), God moved in a "remarkable great blessing both to the church and secular community. There are some special seasons wherein God doth in a remarkable manner revive religion among his people. Solomon Stoddard (America’s First Revivalist) In the early centuries of Christian history, God accomplished a similar work through Gregory "the Illuminator" resulting in the conversion of Armenia, Frumentius in the country of Ethiopia, Ulfilas in his ministry among the Goths, Patrick in Ireland, Clovis among the Franks, Columba as he preached the gospel to the Scottish Picts and Methodius in his ministry among the Slavs. The ministries of reformers like Savonarola, Wycliffe, and Knox reveal a similar and Cane Ridge are still remembered by Christians as places where there was a significant movement of God. During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, many communities experienced an Charles Finney, Jeremiah Lanphier and Dwight Lyman Moody. While these names remain well - Ever 8 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This was the era of David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, f God among His people. Places like Hernhutt, Northhampton, Fetter Lane supernatural working o moving among His people in these "special seasons" resulting in the days since, God has continued manner" among His people. He continued his miraculous moving as the church was established. In known among contemporary Christians, there were a host of others significant revivals to churches and communities. Some of their stories are also included in the No Church that values its own standards can afford to depreciate revivals of religion. The whole history of the Christian Church from its foundation until now is the history of revivals. It should always be born in mind that real revival is something infinitely higher than a mere gale of religious excitement sweeping over the Churches. A genuine revival is a manifestation of supernatural and Divine power. Australian Christian World Editorial (1888) Some say that revival is an American phenomenon, a unique cultural experience experienced only south of the Mason -Dixon line. History argues otherwise. Both the Great Awakening and the has declared God dead, but He has shown Himself very much alive when His people The authors had a difficult task to choose the ten greatest revivals ever. They began by Ever 9 Introduction The Ten Greatest Revivals guide their choices. setting criteria for their choices. Theyz asked five questions of each revival, and the answers helped CHOOSING THE TEN GREATEST REVIVALS humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. age This chewan, Asbury College and New Zealand. Scotland, East Timor, Indonesia and Saskatoon, Saskat of great revivals in India and East Africa, Los Angeles, California and the Hebrides Islands of age val, the Korean Pentecost, and Jonathan Goforth of the Manchurian Revival. But it is also the Revi of Asuza Street, Evan Roberts of the Welsh age revival is indeed a global phenomenon. This is the is that time began in Europe. The story of this present First Great Awakening pages following, also whom God used to bring Does the experience Was there a demonstration of God’s presence? authors agreed on a common definition of revival. Essentially, an evangelical revival is an of His presence and His extraordinary works, and they manifest a positive response to God in nd corporate experience with God and an increased concern to win others to Christ. Ever Introduction 10The Ten Greatest Revivals renewed obedience to the known will of God, resulting in both a deepening of their individual a hich Christians repent of their sins as they become intensely aware extraordinary work of God in w To answer this question, the does the experience fit the biblical guidelines of revival?First, s of the revival?Are there reliable sources that demonstrate the greatnes 5. Was culture impacted positively by the revival? 4. Was the larger body of Christ awakened to its New Testament task? 3. 2. fit the biblical guidelines of revival? 1. Guidelines to Ranking Revivals DEFINITION OF REVIVAL Revival is an outpouring of God in His people when Christians: Repent of sin. Renew their love to God. Recommit themselves to God’s purposes. Invest extended time in prayer, communion with God, meditation and Experience blessings in Christian service. This view of revival recognizes several distinctives common to historic revivals: (a) An of the believer, (b) the realization of the unique presence of God during times of revival is consistently reported in the testimonies of the revived, (c) revivals naturally tend to precede a ant evangelistic outreach and harvest of souls in the community touched by the revived Second, Was there a demonstration of God’s presence? Since revival is God pouring Himself on His people, there is an unusual manifestation of God when revival is poured out. Sometimes this is called atmospheric revival, where people give testimony to feeling . . . experiencing . . . sensing . . . that God is present. However, a New Testament revival is never measured by feelings alone; there must be a demonstration of New Testament fruit for an revival. Some see revival as an end in itself, rather than an opportunity to know God Himself. Remember, the most important thing about a revival is knowing God, not experiencing its Ever Introduction 11The Ten Greatest Revivals The significance of the revival experience itself sometimes works to hinder the progress of ment revival. experience to be labeled a New Testa ienced in Scripture. normal experience of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that were exper church, and (d) while there may be isolated exceptions, these are manifestations connected with the signific entiated from the more ordinary work of God in the life extraordinary work of God should be differ manifestations. When that happens, revivals become inclusive and sectarian, sometimes even Don’t seek the hand of God in miracles, Was the larger body of Christ awakened to a New Testament task? often begin in a small group, church or single denomination, every great revival spills over its fewer than three dozen people at Fetter Lane, but it gave birth to the Methodist Church. Asuza - It is by revivals of religion that the Church of God makes its most visible advance. When all things seem becalmed, when no breath stirs the air, when the sea is like lead and the sky is low and grey, when all worship seems to have ended but the worship of matter, then it is that the Spirit of God is poured upon the Church, then it is that the Christianity of the apostles and martyrs, not that of the philosophers and liberals, keeps rising - as Vinet says - from the catacombs of oblivion, and appears young and fresh in the midst of the obsolete things of yesterday and the day Sir William Robertson Nicoll Fourth, Was culture impacted positively by the revival? When a revived church Ever Introduction 12The Ten Greatest Revivals England resulted in Sunday School and educational First Great Awakening in is transformed. The the power of God. When many individuals are brought into conformity to Jesus Christ, the culture mobilized to preach the gospel, individual lives (both believers and the unsaved) are transformed by is before. book spilled out of its context into a broad arena.movement. Each of the revivals described in this wide Street was a small church by contemporary standards, but Pentecostalism has become a world d. There were natural boundaries. The Moravian Revival began in Hernhutt, but it touched the worl While revivals Third, Seek the heart of God in intimacy. falling into the ranks of cultism. reform, changes to labor and child welfare laws, significant prison reforms, and the abolition of slavery. During the Welsh Revival, the culture was so transformed that new mules had to be secured to work in the coal mines. The old mules would not respond to miners who no longer cursed and abused the animals. Revivals in England, America, and other places have historically shaped those nations into Christian communities. t out a footnoting system used in scholarly pursuits. to their source as a modern newspaper might present a story. For the scholar seeking further research, consult th , as this book was written, the authors received reports of significant revivals around the world. So Ever Introduction 13The Ten Greatest Revivals me revivals, like those in Toronto and Pensacola, have received much attention internationally. Does that mean the age of revivals has come to an end? That is not the view of the authors. Even ivals described in this book are over thirty years old. The reader will note the most recent rev God to send “the greatest revival since Pentecost” preach the gospel during a similar revival experienced during a youth conference. Each prays for Georgia. Douglas Porter yielded to God's call on his life to Bonnabellain a Presbyterian Church in Each is the product of revival. Elmer Towns was converted to Christ during a revival experienced The stories of the revivals revisited in this book are written by men sympathetic to revival. e Bibliography. Even though we have used primary sources and direct quotations, we have attributed them to challenge them to revival, we have lef Since this is not a reference book for scholars but was written to touch the hearts of readers eliminate bias accounts where writers had a reason to exaggerate or records that were not objective. ulted, we tried to and other written observations of the revivals. When secondary sources sere cons have tried where possible to rely on primary sources of eyewitnesses, newspaper accounts, journals, The authors liable sources that demonstrate the greatness of the revival?Are there reFifth, Latin American countries like Argentina. Other revivals, such as those recently reported at authors rejoice in reports of God at work among His people even though they may not be able to time needed to measure their impact a revival is realized in the ministry of a revived church in an awakened community. This There is a Divine mystery about Revivals. God's sovereignty is in them. I may not live to see it, but the day will come when there will be a gr eat Revival over the whole earth. The Psalmist wrote, "I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old, which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, telling to the generation to come the praises of the L, and His strength and His wonderful works that He has done" (Ps. 78:2 -4). This is not a history book for scholars, even Ever Introduction 14The Ten Greatest Revivals r account of though we have relied on primary sources and have quoted from them; rather, this is ou ORD Alexander Whyte the revivals of this generation. in 1970. It remains the task of the next generation to revisit up in the enthusiasm of the revival itself better able to evaluate the impact of the Asbury College Revival a generation later than those caught time. In the opinion of the authors, it takes a generation for the story of a revival to unfold. We are takes outpouring of the Holy Spirit is only part of the story that makes a revival great. The real impact of on a generation. The dramatic events surrounding the initial Some contemporary revivals have not been described because their story has not yet had the endorse everything that happens in these and other revivals. Wheaton and Cornerstone College, appear to have had a profound impact on a college campus. The ct on their country, especially in some borders. Some revivals appear to be having a profound impa Others tend to be promoted widely in their region but widely unknown beyond their state or national as models of what God has done and is doing in our world. These stories are retold in this book Onta Ever Introduction 15The Ten Greatest Revivals Pentecost 2000Pentecost 2000 rio, CanadaVirginia, United States Douglas PorterElmer L. Towns us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?" (Ps. 85:6). May God use this book to stir hearts to pray that God one more time, "Will You not revive s to prepare their heart and lives for revival.with the hope that they might motivate Christian some of "His wonderful works that He has done." The stories gathered in this volume are included There is a Divine mystery about Revivals. God’s sovereignty is in them. I may not live to see it, but the day will come when there Alexander Whyte 1904 According to J. Edward Orr, former professor of Awakenings at Fuller Theological Seminary, history’s greatest revival took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, including the Welsh Revival, the Azusa Street Revival, the Korean Pentecost, the Manchurian revival and the Mizo Outpouring. The 1904 Revival Chapter One will be a great Revival over the whole earth.E The 1904 Revival "A blaze of evening glory at the end of the Great Century ,” i s the way t beginning of the century has been described by J. Edwin Orr and "the most extensive awakening of all time." Depending upon one's ethnic and evangelical background, Moody Bible Institute in America and the Keswick Convention in England called their movement organized by these ministries was matched by an even larger, apparently unconnected movement of prayer world - Latin America, missionaries and national churches began praying for revival in their respective lands. Most of those praying had never seen revival on the mission field, many had never prisoners of war in Bermuda and Ceylon. The Prisoner of War Revival was characterized "by extraordinary prayer, by faithful preaching, conviction of sin, confession and repentance with lasting conversions and hundreds of enlistments for missionary service." With the return of the A Japanese awakening began in 1900 as part of a decade -long intensive evangelistic intensive evangelistic effort. This resulted in an awakening among the people living in Japanese campaign. Campaign organizers had called the evangelical church to prayer as preparation for the prisoners after the Boer War, revival swept through South Africa during an economic depression. In response to this prayer movement, the first manifestations of revival began among Boer s great revivals.stories of history' experienced revival themselves. They prayed that God might do for them what they had read in the wide. On mission fields as far away as India, the Far East, Africa and The large prayer respective nations to prayer for revival as their nineteenth century came to a close. million people were won to Christ within a two year period. estimated more than five aspects of this revival have become legends of one's heritage. It has been evangelical 20 th he revival at the CHAPTER ON

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