Encounter with Jesus Christ End of Time Warnings

Encounter with Jesus Christ End of Time Warnings
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Published Date:31-07-2017
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Encounter with Jesus Christ End of Time Warnings Regina Clarinda Copyright 2015 Regina Clarinda All Rights Reserved Smashwords EditionContents Preface Chapter One – A Dazzling White Light Chapter Two – Wheat Field and the Coffin Chapter Three – The Firm Rock, Grimy Children with Beautiful Eyes, and Caves of Death Chapter Four – The Refreshing Flower and the Word of Truth Chapter Five – The Shining Cross and the Valley of the Shadow of Death Chapter Six – Punishment for the Wicked and the Rebels Chapter Seven – When Will You Turn From Your Evil Ways, O Earth? Chapter Eight – The Wedding Feast of the Lamb Chapter Nine – Be Faithful Until Death About the AuthorPREFACE On a lovely Tuesday morning, July 19th 2011, while I was having a quiet time with God, the Lord Jesus visited me for the first time. It was a beautiful encounter. He told me that He would visit me again a week later from then, and He would see me for seven consecutive days. As He had promised, a week later, He visited me again. Jesus continued to visit me in the following days, until seven days were through. Each day the Lord brought me into the spiritual realm and showed me wondrous and astounding things. He showed me many things, including the secrets of the end of time. The Lord told me to write it all down in a book. "My daughter,” He said, “The book will illuminate the hearts of many people. It will be read around the world. Many hearts will be renewed and faith will be rejuvenated.” I believe it will happen as He said. This book you are reading right now is filled with Divine revelations, messages, and warnings. There are revelations regarding the end of time, as well as revelations about the dangers threatening mankind in the spirit realm. God loves us so much that He wants to warn us about these dangers that have destroyed the faith of many believers. He wants to make us aware of these things, and equip us, so we will know what we are supposed to do when facing these dangers. Our loving Creator wants us to keep walking in the path of righteousness because He longs for us to see Him one day. He longs for us to live with Him throughout all of eternity. God wants to bless us with eternal life, joy, and love. He wants us to hold on to our faith in Him no matter what our circumstances, or what people around us have to say. God wants us to stand firm in the faith and remain vigilant in our Christian walk, as the days are evil. This book will help and encourage you to do so. I pray that when you read through this book, you may experience love and serenity in Jesus Christ. May this book brings you closer to our loving Saviour. I pray that it will not only touch your heart, but that it will transform your life as well. May those who are weary and burdened be refreshed in the LordAll glory be to God, Regina Clarinda clarinda_ministrieswinning.com Connect with me on Facebook : Regina Clarinda : www.facebook.com/R.Clarinda1 Smashwords author profile: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/reginaclarindaCHAPTER I A DAZZLING WHITE LIGHT Tuesday, July 19th, 2011. At 10 am. I had just begun my daily quiet time with God, when something happened. All of a sudden my room became so bright. A dazzling white light appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the room. The light became brighter and brighter. A few seconds later, it became so bright and blinding that I had to close my eyes and cover my face with my hands. “Be not afraid, My daughter.” A voice was heard. Straight away I knew it was Jesus’ voice. The fire of God fell upon me. The anointing was so strong that my body started shaking all over. I fell prostrate before the Lord. Tears were streaming down my face. Suddenly I felt so unworthy. I felt so unworthy in His presence. "Fear not My daughter, I love you so.” His voice was heard again. “I have chosen you to deliver My messages to My people around the world." "I will see you again in seven days from today,” He said again; “I will bring you with Me and show you many things that have never been shown before, things that have never been revealed to the world. I will reveal many things including the things that will occur in the darkest days of mankind.” “A day will not be enough to show you all those things, therefore I will bring you with Me seven times for seven days.” "You must write down everything you see and every word I say. You must write it all down in a book so My children can read it.” “It will remind them to stay aware and to recognize the warning signs of the end of the world. I say unto you, the book will illuminate the hearts of many people. It will be read around the world. Many hearts will be renewed and faith will be rejuvenated.” "Worry not My daughter,” He continued, “with My wisdom you will understand the meaning of all the things you will see and remember every detail correctly.” “Prepare yourself during this week as I will see you again next week.” The light slowly dimmed and disappeared. God’s presence was still felt throughout the next hour even though the bright light had gone. I was immersed in the Spirit of God, in a sweet peaceful atmosphere. I worshiped and thanked God that He had chosen this unworthy vessel. I prepared myself as the Lord had told me. I sought His presence more often and waited for His next visitation as He promised. CHAPTER II DAY 1 WHEAT FIELD AND THE COFFIN Wednesday, July 27th, 2011. At 10 am. 1. WHEAT FIELD Seven days have flown by. I looked forward to seeing Jesus today. I was reading the Bible in my room, when the word of the Lord came unto me. “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are ready to harvest.” It was heard clearly. And like the previous visitation, this time He did not show Himself. I only heard His voice. "My daughter,” He said again, “I will bring you with Me now.” In the blink of an eye, I was already somewhere else. It happened in a flash. I looked around and found myself standing in the middle of a vast wheat field. As far as the eye could see, there were only wheat crops everywhere. The field was beyond large. I could not see where it ends. The wheat stalks were all golden- brown, and looked beautiful as they were swaying in the wind. “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are ready to harvest.” The same words were heard again. But this time His voice sounded clearer as if He was actually nearby. Immediately I looked around to find Him. "My Lord" I exclaimed in delight. I saw Him I saw Jesus, the Love of my life There He was, just a few yards away from me. He was walking toward me. Jesus walked through the wheat field while running His hands over tall, golden stalks. They were glowing as He walked past them. He looked remarkably charming I wanted to run to Him yet for some reason I couldn’t move my legs. Then I fell down on my knees. Jesus looked so handsome. His face was rosy and glowing. His golden brown hair fell perfectly into graceful curves below His ears, upon His shoulders. The Lord stood in front of me in a glowing white robe. He radiated the glory of God, as Song of Solomon 5:16 says, “He is altogether lovely.” Jesus smiled and looked at me with His loving eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. There was kindness in His eyes. And the warmth in those eyes brought serenity into my heart. He reached out His hand to help me stand. "My daughter, I love you." The Lord embraced me. My heart overflowed with joy beyond words. I was melting away in His embrace. "I love you too my Lord. You are everything to me." He brushed my cheek with the back of His hand, then stroked my hair tenderly. His face was beaming with joy. Jesus was very tall and I was so small next to Him. I was below His chest. Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t a 34 year old woman anymore. I became much younger, like a teenager aged around 14-16. I turned into a young girl in the spiritual realm. It felt good; I felt more lively. His Pure and Perfect Love Toward Each Of Us Then Jesus spoke about His love for His people. “My daughter, I love My children. I am with them always and would never leave them or forsake them. I want them to know that. “I want them to know that I am with them, embracing them when they worship Me in spirit and truth. I am with them, holding them close in My arms when they yearn for Me. I carry them through, when their hearts are weary, when they cannot stand. For I am close to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed in spirit. “I love My children. I love each and every one of them. My love is not like the love offered by the world. My love is pure and perfect. My Father loves them too. Father loves them like He loves Me. "I laid down my life so My children can draw close to Me. I want nothing more than to love My children and be loved in return.” Souls Yearning to Be Saved Jesus put His hand on my shoulder. "My daughter,” He said as He laid eyes on the field, “take a look around this field. Look at how vast it is.” I looked around this ocean of golden-tan stalks. Surely the field was beyond big. “The field represents the world,” He spoke again, “there are still many souls out there that have not known Me even though they are ready to hear the Word and be saved. So many souls are crying right now, yearning for the Truth. “The harvest is indeed plentiful, but as you can see here, in this large section, no one is working. No one is reaping the harvest.” He looked around sadly. Jesus was right. As far as the eye could see, not one reaper was seen. "The laborers are few,” He said again, "and this large section is only a small part of the field, however not one worker is found here. In other parts beyond where your eyes can reach, parts that are equally as broad as this one, only one or two workers in each part work hard reaping the harvest. “So many crops ready to be brought in, yet there aren’t enough workers to help. So many souls ready to hear the Word, yet there aren’t enough people sharing the good news.” I can imagine, with today’s billions of lost souls on earth, it indeed requires a lot of workers to help. The world is one huge field of souls. Jesus looked sorrowful. Tears fell down His face. It made me sad to see Him cry. My heart was moved. "My Lord,” I said, “let me do the work. Let me harvest this area.” He smiled at me and laid His hands on my head. "Go ahead, My daughter. You may work as you wish." Suddenly I found a sickle blade in my hand. It appeared just like that. I worked straight away. As I swung the sickle against the base of the crop, I thought to myself, “This area may be beyond vast, but I’m sure the harvest can be completed if carried out diligently.” "My Lord, I’m determined to reap everything until it is entirely finished. No matter how long it will take.” Jesus didn’t say a word. He just looked at me with sadness in His eyes. His reaction surprised me. I was confused. "Why are You still sad, My Lord? I believe it is possible for one person to do all the work. Perhaps it could take months, but I am sure it can be done completely. It would be great if there are others helping, but if there’s none, I’m willing to do it all alone.” I didn’t mind having to harvest it all by myself. In the real world today, people can use harvesting machinery to make harvesting easier and faster. However this field is a different kind of field. It is a field of lost souls and cannot be harvested by machines. Jesus was still silent with grief written on His face. I didn’t say anything else. Harvesting Must be Done in Daylight I continued reaping the grains as fast as I could. Jesus stood not too far from me. He watched me working and not for one second took His eyes off me. He didn’t say anything but I knew He wanted me to work fast. I stopped for a second to wipe sweat off my face. The weather was hot and humid. It was summer. Sweat dripped down and drenched my clothes. I looked up to the sky. The sky was bright blue and clear. The sun positioned in the exact center of the sky. It was exactly noon. "My daughter," Jesus said, "harvest must be done in daylight. There is not much time left. Daytime soon will pass and night will come. You cannot reap in the dark because when darkness arrives, it will rule over everything." I went back to work immediately after hearing that. I worked faster than before, cutting the stalks relentlessly. Although I didn’t really understand what the Lord meant by “darkness will rule over everything”, I didn’t have time to ask because I had to keep working. I could not waste time, not even one second. I needed to hurry before night fell. After some time, I looked up to the sky again. The sun was not in the exact center anymore. It had moved and was now positioned in the western half. The weather wasn’t too hot like earlier, it had become a little cooler with a gentle breeze. I was exhausted from cutting the stems for hours. But when I saw how much more grain was waiting to be harvested, I forced myself to work again. I could not give up now. Time had flown by so quickly. The sun continued to move down towards the west. It was still shining, just not as bright as before. I looked around to see how much grain I had reaped, and I was amazed to find them already bound into sheaves. There were many sheaves, bound and arranged neatly around me. I had no idea who bound them but it was a great help. I was pleased to see how much wheat I had harvested so far, even though there were still much more to harvest. It was impossible to get it all done by today as the day was almost over. The sun would go down soon. I will reap again tomorrow, I said to myself. There was still a little time left before dusk, so I kept harvesting. Today Is All We Have By the time the sun was setting, the sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. I stood there in silence and awe admiring the most magnificent sunset I had ever seen. It was breathtaking, but this sunset would turn into dusk soon, where the sky becomes completely dark. Normally it would take around 30 minutes from sunset to dusk, which meant the remaining time for harvesting was no more than half an hour. Jesus said I could not harvest anymore after the sun goes down. Then I saw something in the distance. Up ahead in the distance, about one or two miles from where I was, something dark was soaring up into the eastern sky. The eastern sky looked strange. It appeared darker, and the something that was soaring up was moving and headed this way, toward this field. I squinted to see it more clearly. How shocked I was when I found out what it was. It was a tornado The eastern sky was engulfed by black, swirling clouds. Even though it was still far away, it was heading this way. Sooner or later this beautiful field would be destroyed To my horror I saw the twisting vortex rotate violently in increased velocity. I could feel the change in air pressure from here, and the wind had increased in intensity. A strange roaring sound was heard. It sounded like the roar of hundreds of jet planes at takeoff. It was incredibly loud. The huge, black cloud with a funnel shaped cloud beneath it kept moving forward in this direction. That gigantic black funnel, capable of devouring everything in its path. Flashes of lightning lit up the blackened sky. The circumstances were horrifying over there, while it was still peaceful and quiet here. But this peacefulness would soon be gone as the raging storm was about to pass through this field. Everything here would be destroyed. Considering the distance, I estimated it would take less than two minutes for the tornado to arrive here. “My daughter,” Jesus said, “the storm will arrive in twenty minutes. Its time has been postponed.” It was a relief to know that. I looked up to the skies above. The sun had dropped further below the horizon. I estimated this gorgeous twilight would end in about 20 minutes or less. Then I realized something. I realized that the time when night falls coincided with the time when the tornado would arrive. They would arrive at the same time. Reaping’s remaining time was only 20 minutes now. Twenty minutes before the tornado tears this wheat field apart. I became devastated when I thought about how there was still so much grain that had not been harvested. I swung my sickle again with might and main. I tried to work as hard as I could, but it was impossible to finish all the harvesting in less than 20 minutes "My Lord,” I cried out, “it is impossible to reap all today. And it is not possible to harvest again tomorrow as there will be nothing left. The tornado will destroy everything” “It is true, you only have today. You cannot reap anything tomorrow because this field will be destroyed. When darkness and storm arrive, they shall tear this field apart." My heart broke when I heard it. Today was all I had, yet there was not even much time left anymore. I had to leave soon before the storm arrived I could not harvest again tomorrow as this beautiful wheat field would be gone. The big tornado would devour it without mercy. Earlier I was planning to work in the field for months, but it could not be realized now. Now I see why Jesus was so deeply broken. He knew we were running out of time. We only had one day to reap all the wheat, which was today before night falls. Yet the day was nearly over, and the tornado about to come. The Meaning of "One Day", "Night", and "Tornado” Later on the Lord granted me the wisdom to comprehend these following three things: 1. “One Day (Today)” Symbolizes The Age Of The World Today, the world is at the end of its age. When I was in the field, I saw the sun was almost down. It was almost dusk, where the darkness of the night nearly comes. This means the world is at the end of its time; our earth almost comes to an end. As Jesus says in Matthew 24:35,”Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away.” We must always remember, that one day, sky and earth will pass away. And the time is coming soon. We are living in the end of time, where the time for the earth to pass away is at hand. We are living in the last days. Unfortunately there are still many lost souls out there. And sadly, there isn’t enough time to save everyone. In Matthew 9:37 Jesus says, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” So many souls ready to hear the Word, yet there aren’t enough people sharing the good news. 2. Night Symbolizes The Powers of Darkness Taking Control Over The Entire World (The Reign of The Antichrist) The work of the devil culminates in the very last days. The unbelievers of the world will be deceived into believing that the Antichrist is a god. Only those whose names are written in the book of life will refuse to worship him. They will receive the mark of the Beast (the Antichrist) upon their foreheads, or in their hands. Those who accept the mark will acknowledge their spiritual submission to the Antichrist and will be lost to Jesus forever. Things during the end times will be chaotic. A time of confusion and uncertainty will cause the people to desperately look for a strong leader that could bring hope and security in a time of fear and apprehension. The Antichrist, along with the False Prophet (the satanically empowered partner of the Antichrist), will seem to have all the answers and take control over the entire world. The false prophet will then demand that all people throughout the world worship the Antichrist and his image, or be killed. “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” (Revelation 13:12). Even though the Antichrist has not yet risen, nowadays Satan has been working hard to deceive us. He has many strategies, schemes, and devices to deceive us - seeking to turn our hearts away from God, and from the way of life that will bring true happiness. The powers of Darkness has slowly darkened the entire world with its deceptive practices. It shall not stop until the world is “completely dark”, which will happen when the Antichrist reigns. Sunset symbolizes that the time for Darkness (the Antichrist) to come is at hand. He/she will reign and destroy more human beings than anyone who has ever lived. We must always be vigilant and watchful, for our adversary, the Devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We should not conform to the pattern of this world. We are called to live differently from the way the world lives. We must reflect Christ in our lives. We must be a living letter "Written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God." Since many people never read a Bible, we must be Christ's living and walking "letter from Christ”. A living letter from Christ to lost souls. A living letter that draws them to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. These lost souls could be our loved ones or those who we may see everyday. Our family, our close friends, neighbors, or our colleagues. The truth is their souls yearn to hear the Good News of salvation. They thirsteth for God, for the living God. They are watching us closely. Do they perceive and recognize Christ in our lives? Time is ticking away. Remember, time is very short. The sun has dropped below the horizon. Day nearly turns into night. “We must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.“ (John 9:4 - NKJV) 3. Tornado Symbolizes The Great Tribulation I saw how horrendous the tornado was. The violently rotating winds reached down from a storm and touched the ground; the clouds were black. It was frightening. The fury of the cyclone was incredible. It had the power to destroy everything in its path. Terrible and trying times are coming upon the world. The world will be buckling under great pressure like never before. This is the kind of pressure that affects every aspect of human life. Mass chaos will rule in every aspect of life. This will be an unbelievable time of strife and fear that the world has never seen before. The most dreadful tribulation that mankind has ever experienced will take place. Major catastrophes and plagues will occur that result in tremendous affliction. The world will be plunged into a series of wars, involving a number of devastating battles that lead to the cataclysmic battle of Armageddon, which is the war that will end this age. More Threats to Come I was still in the field. Still reaping as fast as I could, racing against time. However, the threats did not stop there. I felt a slight vibration in the ground. It didn’t really concern me since it was just a tremor and happened intermittently. However, a few minutes later, the vibration became stronger and constant. Its strength was increasing by leaps and bounds. I could feel the ground move. Everything around was shaking. “Oh no, this is an earthquake” I panicked as the shaking was unceasing and became more powerful every second. Tension was mounting. "My daughter, look down there." The Lord pointed to the ground. I looked down, and to my surprise, I could see inside the ground. I could see into the earth. Then I felt like I was being pulled into the earth, deeper and deeper, passing through layer after layer of soil. I reached to the centre of the earth. Something shocked me there. To my horror I saw the inner core of the earth was shaking. And it was shaking violently The vibration was so immensely powerful; many times stronger compared to what was perceived on the surface. It appeared that the inner core was the source of the earthquake above. It was shaking uncontrollably without ceasing. The vibration waves propagated upward, and led to the cracking of the soil layers bit by bit. Cracking sound were heard constantly. The most violent earthquake ever was about to hit the earth, and it could hit at any time. I saw the cracks in the soil continued to propagate upward. Soon tremendous ground ruptures in the earth’s surface would occur everywhere. It was just a matter of time. Then I heard something. There were sounds of a bubbling, boiling liquid, and crackling sounds of something burning. I looked around but did not find anything burning. I just heard the sound. This earthquake would surely able to finish off the field. Its intensity was so powerful. My heart broke when I thought about how the field would be devastated soon. Oh how unfortunate you are, beautiful field Total damage is imminent and unstoppable I believe the earthquake symbolizes the actual meaning. The Lord showed me the future damages caused by the earthquake. I saw houses, tall buildings, and even the highest and sturdiest mountains crumbled. Not only that, it also generated large multiple waves in the oceans. Very large tsunamis engulfed and destroyed many places on earth. They even submerged some islands and some parts of continents. This earthquake would be the most dreadful one in the history of the human race. Its magnitude would be unbelievable. It would be an unimaginable, great tragedy. After the Lord showed me what was beneath the ground, He returned me to the wheat field. Time was getting shorter. In panic and sorrow, I swung my sickle at the golden stalks again. “While the storm has not yet arrived,” I said to myself, “and the earthquake has not caused the ground to split open, I shall keep on harvesting” I wanted to use every second of the remaining time to harvest. A few minutes later, despair and frustration began to overwhelm me. Time was running out and there were still lots of grains to be harvested. It frustrated me because I wanted to reap more. I had to reap more I really needed help now "IS ANYONE OUT THERE?” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “PLEASE HELP ME REAP THE WHEAT CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP ME? PLEASE HELP ME REAP THIS FIELD HELP ME I NEED YOUR HELP" I shouted and shouted, asking for a hand as I kept working unceasingly. I kept shouting and crying out asking for a help, hoping there was someone out there who could hear me. Hoping they would help me. I kept shouting the same words like crazy. I really needed help After some time, my voice became hoarse. My throat hurt. No one showed up. Tears streamed down my face. My heart shattered into pieces as I knew this field would be gone soon. And there were too many beautiful golden stalks that had not been reaped. The harvest was indeed plentiful, and the laborers were few. I stopped for a second to straighten my waist. My back ached and I felt so weary. My eyes were still brimming with tears. I couldn’t stop crying. My heart was broken. "My daughter,” Jesus embraced me, “I know and understand what you feel." Tears welled up in His eyes. Then He wept over the lost souls that soon would be lost forever. Breathed On Three Times The Lord laid His hand on my head. Then He blew on my face. I was surprised as I didn’t expect to get breathed upon. Jesus blew on me for about 8 seconds long. At once I was filled with tranquility and peace. All of my frustration and stress disappeared. My soul was restored and relieved as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Not a trace of tiredness left. He replaced my weariness with freshness. "Thank You my Lord" I was so happy because Jesus knew what I needed. Jesus touched my cheek and He smiled. He laid His hand on my head again. And blew on me again. This second blow was stronger and longer. It lasted for about 15 seconds. A strong cool breeze entered into every pore on my skin, filling me up completely. Tears were rolling down my face. I cried as I felt His great love for me. His breath not only “touched” my skin, it also touched my soul. My heart filled with His reassuring affection. He breathed His love into me. I was more refreshed than ever. "My Lord, I feel so refreshed and alive" Joy overflowed like rivers of living water in my soul. His love brings rivers of joy, and strength Hallelujah Jesus laid His hand on me again. And for the third time He blew on me again. This time it was so strong and mighty, like a strong gale. The wind not only hit my face, it also hit all over my body. If His hand wasn’t propping up my back, I would have been thrown backwards A strong cold wind entered into every pore on my skin. Strangely the wind became warm as it circulated in me. Warmer and warmer it felt until it filled me up completely. A sudden weakness hit my body and I began to quiver. Then I was trembling from head to toe. Heat waves of electrical pulses were strongly moving up and down in my body. Wave after wave after wave as I stood there being filled by His power. Jesus blew on me for about 25 seconds long. Much longer and more powerful than the previous ones. While the previous ones brought restoration and joy, this third time brought mighty and dynamic power. "My daughter, you may continue to work now.” I jumped up and took the sickle. I felt immensely energetic. Never in my life had I feel so fresh and energetic like this. A huge barrel of energy was poured out upon me. God had given me a new spirit. I swung my sickle right away. How astonished I was to see so many stems were cut in a single slash I was surprised to find how strong I had become after He blew upon me for the third time. God had increased and multiplied my strength. It was amazing. I now have the strength of a giant My movement speed was increased as well. I was able to move incredibly fast and agile like being set on fast forward. Yes, it was that fast As a result, piles and piles of wheat was I able to reap in a very short time. The Holy Spirit Is the Source of Joy, Power, and Miracles The breath of the Lord symbolizing the anointing of God. The anointing of God is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is far more than a bonus companion or benefit of our salvation. He is the third person of the blessed Trinity. He is fully God. The Scriptures teach that the Spirit is in every way God. He is eternal, all-powerful, omniscient, and omnipresent. The Spirit is not just an active force, like electricity, that has no personality. However, the Scriptures are very clear that the Holy Spirit is a person. He is alive. He has personality. He has a mind, feelings, emotions, will, and He interacts with people as a person. The truth is that the Holy Spirit is a person the same as the Father and the Son are within the Trinity. It is no small thing to say we’ve been given the very Spirit of the living God who now dwells within God’s people. “Parakletos”, Jesus’ name for the Holy Spirit, means the one who is invoked to be by our side to help us. This is a stunning reality. The Spirit is our Helper. He is our Consoler, Advocate, Teacher, Defender, the source of our joy, the One who is always with us Parakletos has the greatest power in the world. He is the one and only power. He is God and power belongs to God. If He delegates a portion of it to His creatures, yet it still is His power. The resurrection power of Jesus is given through the Holy Spirit. As we allow, it flows through us as a river of life bringing constant revival. Romans 8:11 says, “ But if the Spirit of H im that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you , H e that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by H is Spirit that dwelleth in you.” The same form of life that raised Jesus from the dead is in us. The Holy Spirit is the power God uses to transform our lives and renew our minds. The power to accomplish sanctification is given through the Spirit. Sanctification is a work of God in us through the Holy Spirit. It is the process of becoming holy before God. A constant process of reaching forward to the perfection of Christian character. The right to be sanctified was given through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross. Parakletos is holy, and will always want to lead us in holiness in any given situation. He guides us away from sin. He has the power to deliberate the captive souls. He guides us to live by God’s Words and into God’s will. He reminds us to make wise choices in life. He guards our steps and protects us from harm. His presence in our lives helps us to be stronger. Just believing we have the Spirit living with us strengthens us in many ways. And He works on our behalf in ways we do not know. We should look at life with more optimism knowing that the Spirit is within and will help us to make decisions, to overcome problems, and to grow spiritually. The Spirit testifies together with our own spirit, assuring us that we are children of God. He fills and empowers us to minister.

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