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Published Date:05-07-2017
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Poems for Young People Inspirational, Educational, and Therapeutic Poetry by Frederick Douglas Harper ����������������������������� �������������������������� �������������� �������������������Frederick Douglas Harper Rest when tired and think when you are uncertain; Be kind to the sacredness of life and respect the Natural order of the universe; Follow no one or no thing except your own judgment And your own divine wish; Love and respect yourself and your family; Be all you can by developing yourself; Do all you can in helping worthy others; And live a quality and meaningful life. 4Poems for Young People CLASS on’t gloat in victory, or pout in failure; D Don’t brag of your conquests and possessions; Be considerate to the less fortunate and Graceful with the defeated; Suffer you must, but without a murmur of Complaint; Choose well in your taste and avoid ostentation, Showmanship, and buffoonery; Let your actions, achievements, and accompaniments Speak for you at the expense of your mouth; Do and acquire what you like and not things You value highly for their impressions on others; And if they impress others, then let it be; Stay in synch with your energy and mood, While remaining polite, respectful, and responsible; Listen well to your conscience and follow The moral dictates of your natural way; Although not perfect, try to do as many of these As often as you can and will; If so, you will earn an air of distinction and class That birth, money, power, and status alone Cannot bestow. 5Frederick Douglas Harper WATCH YOUR MOUTH ive long, live safe, L Use your mouth sparingly and with grace; Talk only when it counts, And eat food in small amounts. Live long, be safe, Avoid excessive chemicals lipped through the face; Because tobacco and alcohol can diminish your health, And in the end can pose threat to your wealth. Live long, live safe, By rarely mouthing off in haste; Please, I tell you, if you can, Use your mouth sparingly and with grace. 6Poems for Young People IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE The most important TIME in your life is now; The most important QUESTION in your life is, “What are you going to do now and In the future?” The most important ACTION in your life is Thinking; The most important PERSON in your life is you. Therefore, don’t procrastinate; Know what you are going to do, Think things through, And love yourself in order to love another. 7Poems for Young People ATIONS AND IGHTS he world can be better TWith positive cogitation, Healthy self-stimulation, Focused concentration, Interdependent inspiration, And occasional elation. The world can be better With less self-adoration And more other fascination; With less detestation and idolization, And more daily spiritual appreciation. Each of us can be better With internal emancipation, Anger and violent hesitation, And regular peaceful meditation In our own quiet sequestration. So let us stand by right, Avoid future fights, Dance and sing to our heart’s delight, And try to love or ignore the troubled— Despite their toothless and Sometimes toothy might. 13Frederick Douglas Harper LOST TRAVELER e often travels to meet many people, H Never likely to see again the eyes of Faces unlikely again to see him. Just recently, he traveled so and was lost As to where he was; When he asked a wise person as To how to find his way; She looked for the answer Within his eyes; And simply said: “Wake up.” 14Poems for Young People IF NO ONE HAS TOLD YOU ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG If no one has told you about right and wrong, or If no one has taught you right from wrong; Then I tell you now: It’s wrong to take property from another, Unless given to you; It’s wrong to borrow and not return, or promise To do a deed and not do it; It’s wrong to hurt or kill another person, except To protect yourself, another, or others; It’s wrong to bully or hurt another’s feelings. If no one has taught you right and wrong; Then I tell you more: It’s wrong to hurtfully trick or deceive someone Who trusts in you; It’s wrong to hurt someone just because that person Is different from you or different from Most people; It’s wrong to harm animals or desecrate Earth’s Sacred life just for fun or your own selfishness; It’s wrong to abuse yourself or abuse another Person in any way—especially a helpless child Or baby; So if no one has told you, I now take time To tell you— So you can know and think the right and moral Way of living with Earth’s life and your fellow Humankind. 17Frederick Douglas Harper RIGHT AND WRONG Good people being punished for good; Bad people taking the freedom to punish The good; Good people trying to stay good in order To live with themselves; Good people having to be bad in order To be accepted; Bad people going unpunished for being bad; Good and bad, right and wrong; Universal rights and wrongs, individual rights And wrongs, institutional rights and wrongs, Governmental rights and wrongs; The right to be, the right to think, the right to Express, the right to act, the right not to Be hurt intentionally by self or another; Right and wrong right or wrong; Laws, religions, beliefs, and confusion; Your decision or the puppeteer’s; Listen from your string’s control; Listen for your right mind’s influence; Listen to others, but, above all, Listen to yourself; Be right and feel good about it; Be right and feel good about yourself. 18Poems for Young People PRAISE Praise: To the hard worker, To the believer of right, o the one of kind words; Praise, praise, praise— We give in life and death; Praise to the giver, Praise to the lover, Praise to the sacred power of all, Praise to the one who suffers, For the meek and the weak; Cry your praise, Cheer your praise, Sing your praise, And award the praised; But praise now, And praise the worthy. 19Frederick Douglas Harper IF YOU CAN, THEN If you can do more good Than you do, then do it; If you can be better Than you are, then be it; If you have the opportunity To do the right thing; Then do not hesitate. 20Poems for Young People LET US HONOR OUR YOUTH Let us honor the youth of our seeds, Let us honor the fruits of our youth; Let us honor our youth through Spotlighting their presence, Spotlighting their participation, Spotlighting their achievements, Let us honor our youth through song, Worship, praise, award, ceremony, And love; Let us honor ourselves through Honoring our young; Let us nourish the youth of our seeds; Let us nourish their tiny blossoms and Ripening fruits to sound maturity, That we may see them shine for us And themselves. 21Frederick Douglas Harper IF YOU ARE ANGRY If you are angry, Don’t curse the empty spaces, or damage Things or self, or hurt somebody; Don’t retaliate, or mayhem, or kill— Just because you’ve been hurt. If you are angry, don’t pout, or blame, Or resist understanding and clarification; If you are angry, try not to be angry In order to do right and just for you. If you are angry, just close your eyes And breathe deeply and slowly; If you are angry, just try to cool down And think straight. 22Poems for Young People TOO WEAK TO BE STRONG here are those who are T Too weak to lower their voices Below a shout; Too insecure to talk sensibly To those whom they accuse, or Too rigid to do the simple and The expected. However, let us beware that Among these are those who are Strong enough to wreak havoc Upon the stable and the well intended; Strong enough to trigger the end of a Good life. For these persons, let us always Have mercy; For these persons, let us always have prayer, While being aware and vigilant of their potential For unnatural and untimely destruction Of life, love, and peace. 23Frederick Douglas Harper WHATEVER HAPPENS TO ME, I WILL TRY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT Whatever happens to me, I will try to do what is right; I will love the flowers and the sea, The birds and land animals, And all that is sacred in life and beauty; Whatever happens to me, I will try to avoid bitterness, Anger, self-hatred, and destructiveness— Feelings that alter the possibilities for good, and Actions that upset the natural order of things; But, I will not allow others and things To violate my human rights, To infringe upon my self-respect, To unjustly suppress my freedom and growth, To decimate the integrity of my organic self; Whatever happens to me, I will seek what is naturally right and good, And resist what is wrong and destructive. 24Poems for Young People NO EXCUSES, NO REGRETS There is no substitute For hard work; There is no replacement Of time lost; There is no time for regrets About mistakes made, Or excuses for failure Of responsibility or duty; There is no explanation for Blindness to beautiful things Or love gone unexpressed; There is no time For excuses, There is no time For regrets. 25Frederick Douglas Harper TRUTH AND LIES There are those who if you tell Them the truth, they will Never forgive you; Then there are those who if you tell Them a lie, they will believe you Or always doubt you; Also, there are those who if you tell Them nothing, they will Either assume something Or never know; Finally, there are those who if you tell Them the truth, they will Understand and accept you. 26Poems for Young People FIVE GREAT GIFTS nd a prophet of the Great Spirit AStepped forth to sing praise for Five great gifts of life. And he Spoke thus for each listener’s Heeding: “Share of yourself with a special Other, Create new life from love with Another, Care for and nourish the young, Develop your common and special Talents fully, and Share your talents with the World.” 27Frederick Douglas Harper GIVING IS A GIFT here is no joy like T That of giving for the joy of it; Because giving is a gift In and within itself; There is no more of a Joy than one’s gift Of self to another or others, Or part of one’s self as with Talent shared and time spent; There is no more of a Joy than a gift given At birth and used once Developed, and Developed for its sharing As a divine gift; So give without condition, And receive without expectation. 28Poems for Young People AMONG THE GREATEST THINGS The greatest reality is Our existence here on Earth; The greatest resource is Our ability to create; The greatest capacity is Our capacity for love; The greatest gift to us is the Gift of life and a capacity to give; Our greatest resource for good Is a shining grace upon us. 29

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