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Published Date:04-07-2017
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9 A PAINTER OF THE MIND In the embryonic field PAUL KLEE from Germany has produced interesting visions. I love some of his nightmares his mental syntheses conceived like works of architecture (or, his architectural works of a mental character), and certain cosmic syntheses where all the secret objectivity of things has been rendered apparent, more apparent than in the realizations of Georges Grosz (a fellow-countryman). If you compare these two, you will see the profound difference in inspiration. Grosz sifts the world, reconstructs it to his vision. lnPAULKLEE the objects of the world fall into order, - and it seems as if he was only writing down their dictation. An ordering of visions of forms a fixation and stabilization of thoughts inductions, deductions of images with the conclusions to be drawn from these, also an ordering of images a search for the hidden sense an illumination of visions in the mind - such is, to me, his art. The dryness, the tidiness of Grosz 10 crumbles, if seen against Klee and his ordered visions, for they have retained their true visionary aspect their character of things in the mind. Antonin Artaud (from ' Bilboquet ') 11 THE HAPPY ONE The happy one, who is almost an idiot, everything blossoms, bears fruit for him. He stands on his little acre, one hand holding a watering-pot, the other pointing at himself, at the navel of this world. Verdure and blossom, boughs heavy with fruit bend down, above him. 1901 12 IRRATIONAL SPEECH 1 A good catch is great consolation. 2 Even this year, infamy stalks me 3 I must be saved. By succeeding? 4 Has inspiration eyes, or does she walk in her sleep? 5 At times, my hands do fold; but right there, beneath them, my belly goes on digesting, my kidneys filtering their clear juices .... 14 THE TWO MOUNTAINS A reign of light clarity on two mountains : the mountain of animals the mountain of gods. But between them the dusky valley of men. When sometimes, one of them looks up he is gripped by foreboding by unquenchable longings, he who knows he knows not, longing for them who know not they know not and for them who know that they know. 1903 15 INDIVIDUALITY Individuality? is not of the substance of elements. It is an organism, indivisibly occupied by elementary objects of a divergent character: if you were to attempt division, these parts would die. Myself, for instance: an entire dramatic company. Enter an ancestor, prophetic; enter a hero, brutal a rake, alcoholic, to argue with a learned professor. A lyrical beauty, rolling her eyes heavenward, a case of chronic infatuation- enter a heavy father, to take care of that, enter a liberal uncle - to arbitrate .... Aunt Chatterbox gossiping in a comer. Chambermaid Lewdie, giggling. And I, watching it all, astonishment in my eyes. Poised, in my left hand a sharpened pencil. 16 A pregnant woman, a mother is planning her entrance- Shushhh you don't belong here you are divisible She fades. 1905 17 A&B A & B have been arguing long, over a bottle of wine, about their diametrically opposed points of view. But as they approach that stage where drink moves the heart Each one is moved to such fiery speech that B suddenly finds himself drawn to point A, and A, to point B. Faces a-glow they reach out, their hands meet in a bewildered clasp. 1905 18 THE RESCUE Bound for destruction? Perhaps, but then, I have this knack of saving myself, in the nick of time, time and again. I don't want to be overgrown by anything. Though I would like to have the experience. I just don't want to. Surely, I must be saved. 1905 19 DREAM I was flying home, where the beginning is. It started with brooding, chewing of knuckles then, a smell or a taste, my tension resolved, completely, dissolved, like a lump of sugar in water - My heart came into it too, it had always been much too large, now it was swelling, distended, huge. Not a trace of anxiety; it was carried away to a region where lust is lost, forever. 20 If now a delegation would come, festively bowing down in front of the artist - hailing his works in gratitude- it would hardly surprise me, for I have been where the beginning is I have seen my goddess Madame Proto-Cell and that means as much as: to be fertile 1906 21 DREAM To visit a sorcerer in his garden ... there is a bench of crimson rose petals Take a seat, he says, pray be seated, and I pretend to be so he himself sits down without batting an eyelid, my pseudo-posture- downright embarrassing .... Opposite, by a window stands the sorcerer's daughter I give her a smile, apologetic, but she slams the window , outraged, nevertheless still watching me 22 and with less inhibition now, behind her curtain. In dreams moments return that stunned us for moments, as often as not negligible happenings; the great events that called for determination, do not return. 1906 23 POEM Water Waves on the water A boat on the waves On the boat-deck, a woman On the woman, a man. 1906 24 POEM Woe is me Weighed down By the hour Returning Alone In the centre The worm Prowling Down in the deep 1913 25 POEM I stand in full armour I am not here I stand in the depths I stand far ... I stand very far ... I glow with the dead 1914 26 POEM The big animals: despondent at table: unsated. But the small cunning flies scrambling up slopes of bread inherit Buttertown. is There only one true thing: in the self a weight, a small stone. An eye that sees. Another eye that feels. Man-Animal: Clock of Blood. 27 The moon in the railway station: one of the many lights in the forest; a drop in the mountain's beard: that it doesn't trickle that it is not pierced by the cactus thorn that you do not sneeze, and burst this bladder 1914 28 DREAM I find my house : empty Gone all the wine The river diverted Stolen my naked joy Eradicated the epitaph. White in white. 1914

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