Change your life in ten weeks

Change your life in ten weeks
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Published Date:31-07-2017
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The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   THE  PHOENIX   SELF-­‐HELP  LIFE  PLAN     In  today's  busy  and  sometimes  confusing  world,  our  personal  lives   can   often   become   crowded   with   responsibilities   and   things   and   events  that  demand  our  time  and  attention.  As  a  result,  we  can  easily   become  stressed  out  and  feel  we  are  close  to  losing  control    over  our   lifestyle.    We  often  experience  a  sense  of  frustration  when  we  seem   to  have  so  little  time  left  for  ourselves.  Many  of  us  don't  know  how  to   handle  or  change  this  situation  and  we  can't  see  it  getting  any  better   in   the   foreseeable   future.   Our   thinking   patterns   become   negative   and,  as  a  consequence,  our  lifestyle  can  become  boring,  unrewarding   and  chaotic.  We  lose  confidence  in  our  own  ability  to  turn  things   around  and  our  sense  of  personal  happiness  suffers.   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan  set  out  in  this  book  seeks  to  address   this  general  problem  by  providing  you  with  a  program  framework   within  which  you  can  work  to  a  Personal  Plan  which  will  assist  you  to   get  your  life  back  on  track.  The  Plan's  Program  is  set  out  clearly,  in   step   by   step   fashion,   and   requires   you   to   make   a   detailed   and   intimate  evaluation  of  your  current  lifestyle,  to  work  out  a  selection   of  appropriate  self-­‐development  goals  and  targets  that  are  right  for   you  and  to  work  over  eight  to  ten  weeks  to  effect  the  changes  you   want.   Detailed   guidance   is   given   along   the   way   and   sample   documentation  is  provided  to  assist  you  in  recording  your  Personal   Plan  for  life  change.   I  have  devised  the  Phoenix  Plan  through  my  personal  attempts,  over   many  years,  to  take  more  control  over  the  direction  of  my  own  life   and  to  devise  a  means  by  which  I  could  increase    its  quality  and   emotional  comfort.  After  many  fits  and  starts,  the  format  of  the  Plan   presented  in  this  book  reflects  the  way  forward  which  proved  most   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   valuable  to  me.  It  is  my  belief  that  the  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   contained  here  will  be  a  valuable  and  effective  self-­‐help  tool  for  all   who  wish  to  work  for  positive  life  change.   The  Plan's  Program  is  free  of  complicated  psychological  terms  and   can  be  followed  by  any  adult  with  a  desire  and  determination  to  work   to  improve  the  quality  of  their  lifestyle.  The  basis  of  the  approach   involved  in  working  the  Plan  is  related  to  rational-­‐emotive  cognitive   therapy,   which   stresses   the   vital   interrelationships   between   our   thoughts,  feelings  and  behaviours.  In  simple  terms,  what  we  think   determines  how  we  feel  and,  largely,  how  we  behave  :  if  we  change   our  thoughts,  over  which  we  have  total  control,  we  can  more  easily   change  our  feelings  and  our  behaviours.  This  is  explained  more  fully   in    Chapter8  and  in  the  section  Theoretical  Rationale  for  the  Program   located  at  the  end  of  the  book  in  Appendix  B.   Change  Your  Life  in  Ten  Weeks    introduces  and  guides  you  through   the  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan.  The  Plan  itself  runs  over  eight  weeks,   but  requires  of  you  quite  a  bit    of  preparatory  work  before  formally   beginning  it.  The  first  two  weeks  are  used  to  become  fully  acquainted   with  the  Plan,  to  evaluate  your  present  lifestyle,  to  establish  your   Personal  Plan  and  to  set  up  your  buddy  support  more  about  your   “buddy”  later.  Then  you  work  through  the  Plan's  Program  for  the     following  eight  weeks.   Why  not  give  the  Plan  a  try?  It  might  just  be  the  tool  that  will  enable   you  to  get  your  life  to  where  you  want  it  to  be.   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan             It   is   difficult   to   make   positive   life   changes   without   establishing   goals   and   a   means   to   achieve  them..   The  Plan  in  this  book  provides  an  easy    to  follow   method   which   can   lead   you   to   the   personal   lifestyle  you  seek..   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan                     PART  TWO   THE  PROGRAM   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   Do   not   be   overwhelmed   by   the   amount   of   documentation   set   out   for   the   Phoenix   Plan.   This   has   been   included   to   make   it   easier   for   your  planning.  It  is  all  fairly  simple  to  follow  and   well  explained.     However,  if  this  gets  in  your  way  of  setting  up   your   Personal   Plan   simply   disregard   it   and   substitute   a   more   acceptable   method   of   recording   your   goals   and   monitoring   your   progress.     The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   1.    DETAILED  GUIDE  TO  THE  PROGRAM     PROGRAM  OVERVIEW   In  the  Phoenix  Plan  Program  set  out  in  this  book,  you  are  invited  and   encouraged    to  make  a  realistic  evaluation  of  your  present  lifestyle    to  assess  what  needs  dealing  with  or  improving  in  your  life    to  carefully  work  out  your  priority  goals  for  self-­‐development    to  select  an  appropriate  number  of  personal  development   goals  and  targets  to  work  on                                          to   commit   yourself   to   working   within   the   Program   for   a   minimum  of    eight  weeks    to   regularly   monitor,   on   a   weekly   basis,   your   progress   towards  your  selected  targets    to   set   up   a   workable   schedule   for   implementing   your   Personal  Plan    to   learn   to   maximise   the   quality   of   your   personal   life,   whatever  your  circumstances    to   work   to   create   a   personal   philosophy   that   leads   to   a   greater  sense  of  self-­‐acceptance  and  contentment    to   examine   and   assess   your   present   level   of   personal   spirituality  and  how  it  influences  your  present  lifestyle    to  utilise  the  support  and  friendship  of  a  “buddy”  in  your   self-­‐help  Plan.     Is  the  Program  suitable  for  everybody?   Not  everyone  who  works  through  the  Plan's  Program  will  achieve  a   breakthrough  in  their  personal  development.  If  you  are  suffering  from   a   serious   addiction   or   serious   mental   health   problem,   or   have   recently  experienced  severe  trauma  or  relationship  breakdown,  you   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   may  require  specialist  professional  or  medical  help  to  bring  about   effective  and  lasting  change.  However,  if  you  are  in  such  a  situation,   reading  through  these  pages  may  inspire  you  to  take  the  necessary   steps  to  seek  such  help.   In  general,  the  Phoenix  Program  is  aimed  at  adult  individuals,  in  all   age  groups,  who  are  in  a  relatively  stable  personal  environment  and   who  recognise  that  it  is  in  their  long-­‐term  interest  to  work  to  improve   the  quality  of  their  lifestyles.   Remember,  too,  that  the  Program  will  only  work  best  for  you  if  you   are  able  and  prepared  to  devote  the  necessary  time  and  effort  to   following  it.  If  you  lack  this  opportunity  or  motivation  at  the  moment,   reading  through  the  Program  steps  may,  nevertheless,  convince  you   of  the  immense  value  personal  change  can  make  in  your  life  at  a   more  appropriate  time.   If  you  find  that  the  Plan's  Program  is  too  structured  for  your  personal   circumstances,  you  are  free  to  modify  it  to  suit  your  purposes.     HOW  THE  PROGRAM  WORKS   THE  CHALLENGING  MESSAGE  OF  HOPE  WHICH  UNDERPINS  THIS  PROGRAM  IS  THAT   YOU  ARE  ALWAYS  RESPONSIBLE  FOR,  AND  YOU  CAN  DETERMINE,  THE  LEVEL  OF   HAPPINESS  IN  YOUR  LIFE,  WHATEVER  ITS  CIRCUMSTANCES                  and         THAT  MOST  PEOPLE  HAVE  THE  POWER  TO  RE-­‐PLAN  OR  REFORM  THEIR  LIFESTYLES   SO   THAT   THEY   LIVE   AT   PEACE   WITH   THEMSELVES,   ARE   SELF-­‐ACCEPTING,   EXPERIENCING   CONTENTMENT,   COPING   WELL   WITH   STRESS   AND   ENJOYING   A   SENSE  OF  FULFILMENT.     Program    Steps  :  A    Summary  and    Guide   Firstly,  using  the  Questionnaire  provided,  you  will  be  asked  to  make  a   careful  and  thorough  evaluation  of  your  present  lifestyle,  noting  and   prioritising   the   areas   in   which   positive   change   is   desirable   and   possible.  The  Scoring  Key  provided  with  the  Questionnaire  will  help   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   you  in  this  task.   You  will  then  consider  and  work  out  the  practical  details  of  the  kinds   of  changes  that  could  realistically  be  implemented  in  some  of  these   areas  over  the  eight  week  period  of  the  Program.  You  will  select  the   life   areas   you   consider   most   important   to   work   on   and   you   will   carefully  choose  and  write  down  specific  behavioural  goals  for  each   area  selected.   This  self-­‐searching  section  of  the  Program  is  most  important  for  you   as  it  indicates  to  a  large  extent  where  you  want  to  go  in  your  life  and   what  you  want  to  change  in  your  current  lifestyle.  For  this  reason,   this   part   of   the   Program   should   not   be   hurried   through,   but   you   should  devote  as  much  time  as  is  necessary  to  work  out  clearly  the   priorities  for  your  self-­‐development.  It  is  probably  a  good  idea,  at  this   stage,  to  equip  yourself  with  a  notebook  in  which  you  can  jot  down   some  of  your  ideas  and  aspirations.  It  should  also  be  recognised  that   you  are  likely  to  progress  better  in  the  Program  if  you  select  a  small   but  realistic  number  of  goals.  Trying  to  achieve  too  much  in  too  short   a  time  is  likely  to  be  too  demanding  with  the  resulting  danger  that   you  give  up.  Rather,  aim  for  a  few  important  goals  which,  if  achieved   in  the  eight  week  period,  will  give  you  a  real  sense  of  achievement   and   personal   success.   If   you   attain   these   goals,   your   success   will   become  a  valuable  motivating  factor  if  and  when  you  work  on  the   Program  a  second  time.  Do  not  worry  if  right  now  you  are  somewhat   unsure  of  what  these  goals  should  be.  You  will  find  that  when  you   start   to   work   through   the   evaluation   Questionnaire   you   will   gain   insights  into  how  you  perceive  what  is  currently  happening  in  many   critical  areas  of  your  life.   When  you  have  succeeded  in  working  out  the  goals  that  you  are  going   to  concentrate  on  in  the  eight  weeks  of  the  Program,  you  will  then   need  to  break  down  each  specific  behavioural  goal  into  a  series  of   weekly  targets,  starting  with  an  easy  version  and/or  low  frequency  of   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   the  new  behaviour  and  gradually  working  up  to  the  full  target,  as   originally  selected  The  Sample  Weekly  Target  Sheet  in  Appendix  A   will  explain  this  more  clearly       The  links  and  personal  development  Resources  included  on  the  web   site   at   may   additionally   assist   you  in  drawing  up  appropriate  goals  and  target  behaviours.   When  you  have  established  and  written  down  your  goals  and  targets   on  the  form  sheets  provided  you  are  asked  to  then  consult  with  a   friend  or  buddy,  explaining  to  that  person  what  you  are  setting  out  to   achieve  by  the  end  of  the  eight  week  program.  You  do  not  need  to   provide  your  buddy  with  the  full  details  of  how  you  responded  to  the   lifestyle   questionnaire   or   what   your   questionnaire   score   was.   The   purpose  of  a  buddy  is  to  provide  you  with  a  support  person  who  will   respect,   admire   and   encourage   you   in   your   plan   for   self-­‐ improvement.  You  will  need  to  discuss  with  that  person  your  Weekly   Target  Sheet  and  invite  her/him  to  support  your  plans  and  to  assist   you  in  monitoring  progress  on  a  weekly  basis.   At  this  stage,  do  not  be  put  off  at  the  mention  of  having  a  support   buddy.  Much  more  will  be  said  about  this  later  in  the  book,  including   possible  options  if  it  is  really  impossible  for  you  to  enlist  the  help  of   such  a  person.   The  first  week  of  your  Program  will  begin.  When  you  complete  a   target  behaviour,  you  will  tick  it  off  on  the  Program  Monitoring  Sheet.   At  the  end  of  the  week,  you  will  review  your  progress  with  your   buddy.   If   you   have   achieved   all   of   your   target   behaviours,   that’s   great  It  proves  your  capacity  to  bring  about  desired  personal  change.   If  you  missed  some  of  your  targets,  perhaps  you  will  need  to  redefine   the   specific   target   behaviours   for   Week   Two   and   onwards,   being   entirely  realistic  in  your  thinking.  You  can  enlist  your  buddy’s  help  on   this.   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   After  the  first  week,  you  will  work  through  each  subsequent  week  as   in  the  above  step.  When  you  fully  achieve  your  selected  targets  in  any   one  week,  you  will  allow  yourself  a  small  reward.  When  you  reach  the   end  of  Week  Eight,  and  you  have  consistently  achieved  your  target   behaviours,  you  will  allow  yourself  a  bigger  reward.  At  least,  you  will   certainly  need  to  congratulate  yourself  on  your  worthwhile  progress   and  be  proud  of  the  pattern  of  persistent  effort  that  you  will  have   then  built  into  your  life.   And  After  Week  Eight?   You   will   then   review   what   you   have   achieved   through   the   Plan's   Program  over  the  eight  week  period.  You  will  be  invited  to  look  at   your   lifestyle   and   compare   it   to   your   position   of   two   months   previously.  You  will  ask  yourself:    How  do  I  now  feel  about  myself?    Is  life,  in  general,  better  and  more  satisfying  than  before?    To  what  extent  have  I  moved  from  HERE  where  I  was  to   THERE  where  I  want  to  be  ?   If  you  can  answer  positively  to  all  three  of  these  questions,  you  will   know  that  the  Program  was  entirely  worthwhile  for  you.   You  will  now  consider  the  future.  Hopefully,  you  will  want  to  continue   with   the   positive   changes   you   have   already   introduced   into   your   lifestyle.  Ideally,  you  will  want  to  restart  the  Plan,  this  time  selecting   different  and,  perhaps,  more  ambitious  behavioural  targets.  You  will,   hopefully,  want  to  broaden  your  knowledge  and  awareness  of  self-­‐ development  issues  and  practices  by  further  reading  or  by  following   up  further  on  some  of  the  links  and  resources  accessible  on  the  web   site  at   THE  CHALLENGE  FOR  YOU   Should  I  or  Shouldn’t  I?   You  now  have  a  general  view  of  the  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan,  how   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   the  program  is  set  up  and  what  will  be  expected  of  you  if  you  take  it   up.  It  remains  for  you  to  make  the  decision  as  to  whether  or  not  to   commit  yourself  to  working  through  it.  Of  course,  it  is  not  a  perfect   program  and  it  may  not  be  the  best  way  forward  for  some  individuals.   However,  for  many  readers,  it  will  represent  an  unique  opportunity  to   move   forward   towards   the   worthwhile   goal   of   self-­‐improvement.   Whatever  your  circumstances,  having  read  this  far,  you  are  clearly   aware   that   your   present   lifestyle   is   not   providing   you   with   the   enjoyment,  the  peace  of  mind,  the  sense  of  fulfilment  that  you  wish   for.  You  acknowledge  that  change  is  needed  in  your  life,  even  if  you   may  feel  somewhat  unsure  as  to  what  direction  you  should  take.   You  have  the  right  to  live  your  life  in  a  way  that  allows  you  to  feel   happy  and  to  know  where  you  are  going.  Your  life  activities  and  the   dimensions   of   your   lifestyle   should   not   be   totally   determined   by   outside  sources  or  other  persons.  You  are  your  own  person  and,  while   you   may   have   many   responsibilities   towards   your   family,   your   workplace,  your  friends  and  community,  you  have  a  perfect  right  to   tailor  your  life,  within  your  duty  parameters,  so  that  you  are  happy,   relaxed  and  following  your  dreams.   It  is  highly  probable  that  the  change  you  would  like  to  see  in  your  life   will  not  happen  of  its  own  accord.  It  is  also  unlikely  that  someone  else   will  make  it  happen  on  your  behalf.  Only  YOU  are  the  real  architect  of   your  future.  If  you  want  to  achieve  the  change  that  you  yearn  for,  or   simply  want  to  make  life  feel  better  for  you,  you  must  make  the   commitment   to   work   at   making   your   choice   of   change   happen.   Otherwise,  the  change  that  does  happen  by  virtue  of  external  events   and  individuals  will  be  the  change  of  someone  else’s  choice.   You  will  then  have  to  tolerate  and  respond  to  these  uninvited  and   external  influences  for  change,  even  though  such  actions  may  not   necessarily  enhance  the  quality  of  your  personal  lifestyle.  However,  if   you  work  through  the  Program  set  out  here,  you  have  a  real  chance   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   to  sort  out  some  of  the  things  in  your  life  that  are  currently  causing   you  distress  and  spoiling  the  quality  of  your  day  to  day  existence.   Your  life  can  only  improve  if  you  work  on   self-­‐improvement.   Making  the  Decision     What  have  you  got  to  lose  by  following  the  Program?   Apart  from  the  time  and  effort  commitment,  absolutely  nothing.     What  have  you  got  to  gain?   Potentially,  a  great  deal,  particularly  the  conviction  that  you  CAN   improve  the  quality  of  your  lifestyle  entirely  by  your  own  efforts.       IMPORTANT  NOTE   THE  PROGRAM  SET  OUT  IN  THIS  BOOK  DOES  NOT  ARGUE  OR  PRESENT  A   SINGULAR  PHILOSOPHY  OR  POINT  OF  VIEW  AS  TRUTH  OR  BEST  PRACTICE,   BUT  LARGELY  ENCOURAGES  THE  READER  TO  SEEK  AND  REACH  THEIR  OWN   TRUTH  AND  TO  SET  UP  THEIR  OWN  BEST  ARRANGEMENTS  FOR  A  QUALITY   AND  HAPPIER  LIFESTYLE.   IT   DOES   NOT   REQUIRE   YOU   TO   HAVE   ANY   PARTICULAR   RELIGIOUS   OR   MORAL  OUTLOOK  NOR  DOES  IT  ATTEMPT  TO  INFLUENCE  YOU  IN  YOUR   CHOICE  OR  REJECTION  OF  ANY   THE  PROGRAM  DOES  NOT  INVOLVE  YOU  IN  EXPENSE  OF  ANY  KIND.  YOU   ARE   NOT   REQUIRED   TO   REGISTER   ANYWHERE   OR   TO   PROVIDE   ANY   PERSONAL  DETAILS.  YOU  MAY  MODIFY  THE  PROGRAM  AS  YOU  SEE  FIT  TO   BETTER  SUIT  YOUR  NEEDS.   THE  ONLY  BELIEF  THAT  IS  REQUIRED  OF  YOU  IS  THAT  YOU  BECOME  AND   REMAIN  CONVINCED  THAT  YOU  DO  HAVE  THE  POWER  TO  IMPROVE  THE   QUALITY  OF  YOUR  PRESENT  LIFESTYLE,  WHATEVER  ITS  SHORTCOMINGS  OR   COMPLICATIONS.   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   2.    YOUR  LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION     BEGINNING  THE  PROGRAM   Your  first  major  step  in  beginning  the  Plan's  Program  is  to  complete   the  Lifestyle  Evaluation  Questionnaire  provided.  This  consists  of  33   questions   about   your   present   lifestyle.   The   questions   are   very   personal   and   require   you   to   be   very   honest   and   frank   about   the   reality  of  things  as  they  are  with  you  at  the  moment.  Your  detailed   responses  do  not  need  to  be  shared  with  anyone  else,  even  your   “buddy”  more  about  your  “buddy”  later.  You  are  encouraged  to   photocopy  the  Questionnaire  so  that  only  you  know  how  you  have   answered   the   questions.   When   you   have   completed   the   Questionnaire,  you  will  be  required  to  score  your  answers  according   to  the  scoring  instructions  provided  later  in  the  Chapter.   Each  question  will  have  the  same  five  possible  alternative  answers.   These   are   “YES”   ,   “NO”,   “SOMETIMES”,   “OCCASIONALLY”   and   “RARELY”.  You  will  choose  one  alternative  answer  for  each  question   by   ticking   in   the   appropriate   check   box.   After   completing   the   Questionnaire,   you   will   be   asked   to   count   up   the   number   of   responses  you  have  made  to  each  of  the  five  possible  alternatives  and   to   record   these   numbers   in   the   boxes   provided   with   the   questionnaire  form.   Completing  the  Questionnaire...   Before  rushing  to  photocopy  and  complete  the  Questionnaire,  read   through  the  following  points.  They  are  listed  so  that  you  can  obtain   the   most   worthwhile   outcome   from   this   question-­‐and-­‐answer   lifestyle  evaluation  exercise.    give  yourself  up  to  thirty  minutes  of  private  time  to  answer   the  questions   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan    do   not   read   through   the   questions   in   their   entirety,   or   scrutinise  the  Scoring  Key  before  starting  the  exercise    answer  questions  in  the  order  in  which  they  are  set  out  in   the  Lifestyle  Questionnaire    cover   up   the   questions   which   follow   the   one   you   are   currently  answering    do  not  consult  anyone  about  how  you  should  answer  any   questions    do  not  deliberate  unduly  on  any  question:  rather,  record  the   response   which   pops   into   your   head   after   reading   the   question.     NOW  WORK  OUT  WHEN  YOU  WILL  HAVE  THE  NECESSARY  TIME  AND   PRIVACY  TO  COMPLETE  THE  LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION  QUESTIONNAIRE.   MAKE   AN   APPOINTMENT   WITH   YOURSELF   TO   KEEP   TO   THIS   ARRANGEMENT.     After  Questionnaire  Completion...   When  you  have  completed  the  Questionnaire  and  counted  up  your   answers   for   each   of   the   possible   responses,   go   to   the   section   WORKING  OUT  YOUR  SCORE  on  Page  45.  Follow  the  instructions  given   on  that  page.  For  now,  if  you  are  ready  to  take  the  Questionnaire,  go   to  the  next  page.             The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   DO  NOT  READ  THROUGH  THE  ENTIRE  QUESTIONNAIRE  BEFORE  STARTING  TO  RECORD   YOUR  ANSWERS.   ANSWER  THE  QUESTIONS  IN  THE  ORDER  IN  WHICH  THEY  ARE  SET  OUT  AND  KEEP  ALL   THE  OTHER  UNANSWERED  QUESTIONS  COVERED  UP.   WITH  EACH  QUESTION,  SELECT  THE  ONE  RESPONSE  THAT  COMES  NEAREST  TO  THE   REALITY  OF  YOUR  PRESENT  LIFESTYLE.   LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION  QUESTIONNAIRE   1.        Do  you  have  a  feeling  or  sense  that  all  is  not  well  in  your  lifestyle  at  the                                          moment?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   2.      Are  you  in  some  way  unhappy,  unfulfilled  or  stressed  out  in  your  personal              life?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   3.        Do  you  often  feel  frustrated  or  bored  with  the  quality  of  your  present                life?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   4.      Do  you  sense  that  you  are  somehow  missing  out  on  the  joys  of  living?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   5.      Are  you  in  a  dilemma  about  a  personal  relationship  or  lack  of  it?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   6.      Do  your  home  or  work  duties  hinder  you  from  attending  to  your  personal              needs?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___   7.      Are  you  having  problems  at  your  place  of  work  paid  employment  or  home              management  duties?                YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___  RARELY  ___     QUESTIONNAIRE  CONTINUES   LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION  QUESTIONNAIRE  -­‐  continued   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   8.      Do  financial  problems  cause  you  extended  periods  of  worry?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___    OCCASIONALLY  ___    RARELY  ___   9.      Are  you  having  serious  difficulties  coping  with  the  demands  of  children              or  other    family  members?              YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___    RARELY  ___   10.    Do  you  complain  regularly  that  you  can't  find  the  time  to  do  the  things              you  want  to  do?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   11.    Do  health  fears  and  personal  problems  keep  you  awake  at  night?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   12.    Do  you  feel  impatient  and  irritable  when  it  is  not  appropriate?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   13.    Is  your  sex  life  problematic  and  unrewarding  or  causing  difficulties  with              your  partner?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   14.    Do  you  lack  an  appropriate  number  of  close  friends?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   15.    Are  you  often  depressed  or  anxious  without  really  knowing  why?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   16.    Would  you  say  you  generally  suffer  from  low  self-­‐esteem?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___       QUESTIONNAIRE  CONTINUES   LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION  QUESTIONNAIRE  -­‐  continued   17.    Are  there  any  unwanted  or  unhealthy  obsessional  habits  in  your  lifestyle              which  cause  you  distress?   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   18.    Are  you  seriously  unhappy  about  your  body  weight  and  personal              appearance?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   19.    Do  you  regularly  experience  poor  quality  sleep?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   20.  Do  you  consume  alcoholic  drinks  more  than  you  should  or  do  you  smoke              excessively?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   21.    Do  you  habitually  use  any  other  health  harming  substances?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   22.    Is  there  a  lack  of  order  or  personal  discipline  in  your  lifestyle?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   23.    Are  you  on  the  verge  of,  or  presently  adjusting  to,  a  relationship  or                marital    breakdown?          YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   24.    Are  you  working  through  the  aftermath  of  a  bereavement?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   25.    Are  you  aware  of  a  sense  of  spiritual  isolation  in  your  life?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___     QUESTIONNAIRE  CONTINUES   LIFESTYLE  EVALUATION  QUESTIONNAIRE  -­‐  continued   26.    Do  you  feel  you  have  somehow  lost  your  sense  of  direction  in  life?     YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   27.    Do  you  have  an  unrealised  but  realistic  life  dream  which  is  being   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan                thwarted  by  your  present  lifestyle?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   28.    Is  there  an  impending  personal  crisis  in  your  life?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   29.    Do  you  generally  avoid  following  a  regular  physical  exercise  routine?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   30.    Do  you  lack  clear  personal  development  goals  covering  the  next  three                years?          YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   31.    Do  you  regularly  experience  a  build-­‐up  of  deep  resentment  or  anger                against  anyone  or  anything  from  the  past  or  in  the  present?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   32.    Do  you  ever  seriously  contemplate  that  life  is  just  not  worth  living?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   33.    Do  you  lack  a  belief  system  or  personal  philosophy  which  gives  meaning                and  purpose  to  your  life?            YES  ___    NO___    SOMETIMES  ___  OCCASIONALLY  ___      RARELY  ___   END  OF  QUESTIONNAIRE   DO  NOT  CHANGE  ANY  OF  THE  RESPONSES  YOU  HAVE  GIVEN  TO  THE  QUESTIONS   Go  directly  to  the  next  page  and  complete  the  boxes  which  collate  the  answers  you   have  provided   COLLATE  YOUR  ANSWERS  AS  INSTRUCTED  BELOW   YOU  NOW  NEED  TO  COLLATE  YOUR  RESPONSES  TO  THE    QUESTIONS  YOU   ANSWERED    IN  THE  QUESTIONNAIRE.  AS  YOU  WILL  SEE  LATER,  SOME   QUESTIONS  Set  A  SCORE  HIGHER  THAN  OTHERS  Set  B    FOR  THE  SAME   The  Phoenix  Self-­‐Help  Life  Plan   RESPONSE.   (Details  of  Set  A  and  Set  B  questions  are  indicated  below)   FOR  NOW,  COMPLETE  THE  BOXES  BELOW    BY  COUNTING  THE  TOTAL   NUMBER  OF  RESPONSES    IN  EACH  OF  THE  FIVE  CATEGORIES  YES,  NO,   SOMETIMES,  OCCASIONALLY,  RARELY  FOR  EACH  OF  THE  TWO  SETS  OF   QUESTIONS.  THEN  GO  TO  WORKING  OUT  YOUR  SCORE  ON  PAGE  45   Set  A   QUESTION  NUMBERS:  5,  8,  9,  11,  15,  17,  20,  21,  24,  28,  31,  32   Total  number  of  YES  responses                                                    ________   Total  number  of  NO  responses                                                    ________   Total  number  of  SOMETIMES  responses                      ________   Total  number  of  OCCASIONALLY  responses            ________   Total  number  of  RARELY  responses                                      ________     CONTINUES  ON  NEXT  PAGE     COLLATE  YOUR  ANSWERS  FOR  Set  B  QUESTIONS  IN  THE  SAME   WAY  AS  YOU  DID  FOR  Set  A  QUESTIONS    

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