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8 tips for choosing children's books and criteria for choosing children's books | download free pdf
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Published Date:02-07-2017
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Dive In A guide to choosing children’s books for reluctant readers and readers with dyslexia Taking Action • Changing LivesDyslexia Action Barrington Stoke Dyslexia Action is a national charity with over 40 years’ experience in providing services and support to children, young people and adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. We provide assessments and tuition through our national learning centres and support teachers and educators through the provision of teaching resources and training; we also undertake research and campaigning to improve the lives of those aect ff ed by dyslexia. Barrington Stoke is an award-winning independent publisher dedicated to cracking reading. We know that every parent wants their child to become a reader, and every teacher wants their students to make the jump from learning to read to loving to read. Our books are commissioned, edited and designed to break down the barriers that can stop this happening, from dyslexia and visual stress to reading reluctance. Front cover image © Quentin Blake, 2007 With kind permission of Quentin Blake and the Roald Dahl Estate. 2 About... About...Welcome The more you read, the easier it becomes. But for those who struggle with words, reading is not always fun, and it’s easy to lose heart and stop trying. That’s why Dyslexia Action has teamed up with Barrington Stoke to create this guide. We want to give you ideas for books that might appeal to young people who have dyslexia or are reluctant to read. We hope that this will help you to help them build a love of reading. We have drawn on our extensive knowledge of teaching people who find reading hard to choose books that are presented in a clear and interesting way. Think of this list as a taster. Your local bookshop will be able to suggest other books too. Remember always to get the reader involved in choosing books – talk about subjects they like and look at fiction and non-fiction. All reading is good reading. Visit to see a longer list of books. You can also tell us what has worked well for your child. We would love to hear from you. What is dyslexia? Dyslexia primarily aects the ability t ff o learn to read and spell and sometimes maths is aect ff ed too, but it is not related to general intelligence. It comes from a difficulty in dealing with the sounds of words. People with dyslexia often find it hard to remember lists of things they have heard, or to remember names or facts quickly, although they often have strengths in reasoning, visual and creative fields. 3 Find out more about dyslexia and how Dyslexia Action can help at Hints and Tips 1. Read to your child • It brings stories to life and can help develop memory, vocabulary and listening skills. 2. Shared and supported reading • Encourage children to make pictures in their heads as they read to help with understanding. Chat about how you both picture the story, characters, setting and so on. 3. Follow the text with your finger as you read, so your child can learn to recognise words too. • Stop now and then to give your child a chance to read a word or two. • Chat about the story later. 4. Over learning • Help reinforce understanding by recapping who the characters are, what’s happening and so on. Re-reading important information helps with understanding, word recognition and vocabulary. 5. Silent Reading • When children move to silent reading, it’s important to make sure that they understand what they are reading. Ask them to tell you about their book to check they’re getting on OK. 46. Use Audio Books • You can buy books on CD or as downloads, or borrow them from the library. 7. Choose books with care Think about: • What the reader likes – everyone tries harder when a book interests them. • Level of interest – be careful not to use ‘baby’ books with older struggling readers. Match the interest age of an older reader with the reading level of a younger one. 8. Make it fun • Choose a good time of day and a comfy place. • Make reading part of your routine every day. • Bring the story to life with different voices for the characters. 5Books for 5–8s Smooth the start of your child’s solo reading journey with lots of shared book fun. Rollicking rib-ticklers: funny books to read aloud and share ROAld dAHl Andy S TAnTOn JiM SMiTH The Twits You’re a Bad Man, I am Not a Loser Mr Gum (Barry Loser) Super series to start building solo reading stamina dAiS y MeAdOWS Jill MURpHy FRAnCe SCA SiMOn Ruby the Red Fairy The Worst Witch Horrid Henry 6 Taking Action • Changing Lives VARIOUS ISBNS from £4.99 978-0-14134-883-4 £7.99 VARIOUS ISBNS from £5.99 978-1-40527-492-0 £6.99 VARIOUS ISBNS from £4.99 978-1-40526-031-2 £5.99 It’s only by loving stories ourselves and by passing that on that we create readers” Michael Morpurgo “ Animal antics: bedtime stories, facts and fun MiTCHell Sy MOnS Alex T. S MiTH diCk king-SMiTH How Much Poo Does Claude in the City Animal Tales an Elephant Do? Books for 5–8s with specific dyslexia-friendly features JUliA dOnAldSOn CORneliA FUnke TOny R OBinSOn The Snake Who The Moonshine Skulduggery Came to Stay Dragon 7 978-1-78112-008-8 £5.99 978-1-84941-004-5 £5.99 978-1-78112-353-9 £5.99 978-0-34099-899-1 £4.99 978-0-55256-538-7 £6.99 978-1-78112-408-6 £6.99Books for 9–12s Keep reading together to help your child make the jump to reading solo Hopeless heroes – everyone loves an underdog JeFF kinney RiCk RiORd An liz piCHOn Diary of a Wimpy Percy Jackson and The Brilliant World Kid the Lightning Thief of Tom Gates Hen Ry Winkle R & CReSSidA COWell RACHel Renee lin OliveR RUSSell How to Train Your Hank Zipzer Dork Diaries Dragon 8 Taking Action • Changing Lives 978-1-40634-638-1 £4.99 978-0-14132-490-6 £6.99 978-0-34099-907-3 £6.99 978-0-14134-680-9 £6.99 978-1-84738-741-7 £6.99 978-1-40712-069-0 £6.99 Don’t worry about whether a book is ‘meant for you’ or not – try it and find out” Andy Stanton “ Big authors, big ideas – and brilliant pictures too FRAnk C OTTRell-B OyCe dAvid W AlliAMS CHRiS Riddell The Unforgotten Coat Gangsta Granny Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse Books for 9–12s with specific dyslexia-friendly features MiCHAel MORpUR gO Anne Fine TOM pAlMeR Fox Friend How Brave Is That? Secret FC 9 978-1-78112-086-6 £5.99 978-1-40634-154-6 £7.99 978-1-78112-243-3 £5.99 978-0-00737-146-4 £6.99 978-1-78112-241-9 £5.99 978-0-23075-980-0 £9.99Books for Teens There’s never been a beer time f tt or teen and young adult fiction Tearjerkers – because everyone loves a good cry A dyslexic hero to inspire R. J. pAl ACiO JOHn gReen Wonder The Fault in Our Stars SAlly gARdneR Maggot Moon Horror and dystopia: brainy thrill rides MAl ORie BlACkMAn dARRen SHAn CHARlie HigSOn Noughts & Crosses Cirque Du Freak The Enemy 10 Taking Action • Changing Lives 978-0-55255-570-8 £7.99 978-0-55256-597-4 £7.99 978-0-00675-416-9 £6.99 978-0-14134-565-9 £7.99 978-0-14132-501-9 £7.99 978-1-47140-044-5 £6.99explosive action to get the heart pumping AnTHOny HOROWiTz ROBeRT MUCHAMORe SOpHie MCkenzie Stormbreaker The Recruit Girl, Missing Books for Teens with specific dyslexia-friendly features AnTHOny MCgOWAn CHRiS BRAdFORd SAlly niCHOllS Brock Gamer Shadow Girl There are books about a thousand things in every library and bookshop. Have a look. Ask the librarian. And, when you find it, enjoy it.” Tom palmer “ 11 978-1-78112-208-2 £6.99 978-1-84428-092-6 £6.99 978-1-78112-138-2 £6.99 978-0-34088-153-8 £6.99 978-1-78112-313-3 £6.99 978-0-85707-413-3 £6.99Books for all Non-fiction books to satisfy a hunger for knowledge STeve BACkSHAll JOSepHine pOOle & School Spelling AngelA BARReTT Dictionary Deadly Factbook: Anne Frank Mammals QUen Tin Bl Ake & JOHn CASSidy Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered Special thanks is due to KPMG, for their partial funding of this guide. The information in this leaflet was correct at the time of print (October, 2014) Registered Office: Dyslexia Action House, 10 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EA. Dyslexia Action is the working name for Dyslexia Institute Limited, a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 268502) and Scotland (No. SC039177) and registered in England and Wales as a company (No. 01179975). Find out more about dyslexia and how Dyslexia Action can help at Taking Action • Changing Lives 978-1-44401-257-6 £4.99 978-1-57054-320-3 £12.99 978-0-09940-976-2 £7.99 978-1-78112-151-1 £12.99

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