Fun Learning Book

Fun Learning Book
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Published Date:08-07-2017
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The other day I played a typing game on… I got really far and did really well, and there came a point where I got bored.Then I played Bookworm on the same site. I quit when I saw that I was fighting the tide.People are amazing pattern matching machines.Look at the places we can find a faceIn fact, we tend to see patterns where there aren’t anyWhen we grasp a pattern, we usually get bored with it and iconify itWhen we meet noise, and fail to When we meet noise, and fail to make a pattern out of it, we get make a pattern out of it, we get frustrated and quit frustrated and quitOnce we see a pattern, we delight in tracing it, and in seeing it reoccurWhat’s fun is exercising your brainGames are puzzles—they are about cognition,and learning to analyze patternsWhen you’re playing a game,you’ll only play it until you master the patternonce you’ve mastered itThe game becomes boring.Basically, all games are edutainmentSome games teach spatial relationships

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