Dark dreams and distant memories

Dark dreams and distant memories
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Published Date:31-07-2017
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Sharp Edge Of Life Complete Collected Works Stephen Moss Sharp Edge Of Life Dark dreams and distant memories 7 Stephen Moss Beach Day breaks with a high pitch That can render you dumb Night time falls swiftly With air that leaves you numb The wind howls constantly The rain beats out its tunes Birds fly for cover As thunder creeps onto the dunes. And the waves pound the shore With ceaseless ferocity Seagulls cry for the end of the storm But the lull brings forth monotony The tide ebbs without a sound And the sands lay dead and bare Still no one enters this paradise And the dark secrets that lurk there. 8 8 Sharp Edge Of Life Space Solemn is the darkness That glides across the moon With steel-like fingers That reach into the room Cold are the grey eyes That hang in the sky Like distant stars That fade and die Silence is the key To open all doors That lead to passages Along life’s cracked floors Hear the strange words Of a love that’s lost Remember the suns rays As you count the final cost. 9 Stephen Moss The Room The room has its secrets It lurks within these walls The shadows creep round you As the night time falls Eerie footsteps tread On imagined gloom Impending death surrounds you In this place called the room No daylight can enter These windows fail to see But darkness glides through them In the air hangs misery Cracked walls stare at you Like faces from the past And a solitary figure Reveals the secret at last. 1 10 0 Sharp Edge Of Life Symphonic Mysteries Life’s long and lonely tunes Are symphonic mysteries Like strings of violins Gliding through the seas The undertones like cellos Deep and endless seams The cymbals your heartbeat The drum sounds like a dream. 11 Stephen Moss Spinning Wheel Round and round In an endless flight The spinning wheel revolves Like your lifetimes wishes Watch as a thread evolves Spinning the web of mystery Into which your mind dissolves Turning, spinning Your life is thinning The thread hangs in mid-air Your life is in the balance It snaps Now you’re not there. 1 12 2 Sharp Edge Of Life White Lady What evil ghosts walk Within your dreams of sin? What cold embrace Holds your life within? What silent treads Walk on life’s broken cobwebs? Who’s anguished cry Echoed in your fears Re-lives the moment of terror? Who was the White Lady That danced on high On the Halloween? And why did the sky All cloaked in black Roll thunder from its eye? 13 Stephen Moss Night Forest Silence fills the forest With shattering tension Shadows hang from every branch With a stillness of expression Nocturnal creatures roam the ground An owl hoots from afar But in the blackness hear the evil sound Like a ghost of silver On a unicorn The sight is seen and lost What fiend of darkness Rides the night And leaves your dreams so restless. 1 14 4 Sharp Edge Of Life The Final Frontier? Out in the wilds of space There’s a planet called Mars On a clear night it shines Like a beacon through the stars. On the dark side of hell There’s a fire from eternity And at the toll of a bell The fire burns up the sea. Where the light never falls There’s a heart alone and cold There’s a man so afraid Of being solitary when he’s old. At the midnight hour of twelve You can feel the sudden chill Of a love that’s turned to stone And someone who lost the will. Is this just a question Or is the answer clear? Can the heart now beat again Without the pain and fear? 15 Stephen Moss Final Bow As she steps into the spotlight She is blissfully unaware That in the darkened wings The smell of death fills the air As she finishes the encore And takes the final bow The assassin aims once more And it’s the last she’ll ever know. 1 16 6 Sharp Edge Of Life If I If I stand straight and tall And reach out my hand Then I can touch the sky And feel another land. If I close my eyes Then I can read your mind And it you reach out for me Your light to me could blind. If I sat here all day And watched the sun go down Then I could paint the moon With the face of a clown. If I stare at the stars And watch eternity float past Then at once I would know I’d found immortality at last. 17 Stephen Moss Pale Pale moon rises Cuts through the night Brings single colours to me As pale as golden light Shadows crash on the horizon Like a pale ghost of life They seem to walk towards me Sharp like the edge of a knife Pale moon sinking Replaced by a ball of fire Pale shadows hide away True colours shine and glow But the pale returns When the fire grows dim At the end of the day Where we pay for our sin. 1 18 8 Sharp Edge Of Life Calm Darkness shuts out the light The air dies to stillness And turns a shade of grey The darkness is the cloud That hangs like a note in the sky Waiting for an encore in the calm A rolling sound surrounds you now Reaching a crescendo of depth Shattering the very ear that hears A sudden strike of light Pierces the darkness and calm Sending you reeling into space And blinding the eyes that saw And now will see no more Of the calm before the storm. 19 Stephen Moss Sequel to the Calm As you float past the cloud Entering for a second The very heart of the storm You feel weak You’ve reached the very source Of the shattering light that blinded You are amidst the great heart Of the sound that once deafened The clouds embrace you Their coolness soothes you And their calm amidst such terror Warms you to their cause As you pass through the grey You turn to watch your final day Slowly and calmly it fades away. 2 20 0 Sharp Edge Of Life A Night I remember standing here It wasn’t long ago I remember the rain And I recall the snow The smell of the wind Howling through the trees It fell to a whisper Or was it a breeze? I remember standing here Watching the storm clouds I remember you The deep furrows on your brow I recall that the sun Failed to shine and warm I remember the clouds And I recall the storm. 21 Stephen Moss The Sea How the waves beat the shore As if to stake their claim On this country of ours This island with no name Many people perished All taken by the sea Someone stood and watched As their souls were set free He looked on in silence And took no steps to stop The cruelty of the sea From the safety of the rocks He stood there all day And not a word he said Then he slowly turned away To grieve for the dead. 2 22 2 Sharp Edge Of Life Another Rainy Day Through the closed curtains I hear the steady rain It’s beating my life out On the window pane People rush by Soaked to the skin They never look up And they can’t see in. Another rainy day But I’m used to it now My tears run free Like the rain in the clouds. Although tomorrow Seems so far away Even now I know It will be Another rainy day. 23 Stephen Moss This World Find me a place to hide A haven from the tide Where my mind is free to speak And my eyes free to weep Where my thoughts may roam And my voice in tone Does scream forgiveness From this world But beware of my nightmare And tred my dreams with care Because my heart is of glass And my face a reflected smile That frowns upon this world And sheds a tear For one too near To see such pain as mine Through the crowds and the wine And the rolling of this world. 2 24 4 Sharp Edge Of Life Unspoken Dream Reach into my mind And pick the fruit of my dreams Sail on the tide And fish for the moonbeams That once so easily caught Have now learnt to escape From the line that you cast And the net you’ve yet to make. 25

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