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      DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE A collection of short stories by Maina Ndugo All stories © Copyright Maina Ndugo 2013   This is a legally distributed free edition from www.obooko.com The author’s intellectual property rights are protected by international Copyright law. You are licensed to use this digital copy strictly for your personal enjoyment only: it must not be redistributed commercially or offered for sale in any form. 2  Contents DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE BETTY’S REVENGE KICK IN THE TEETH THE FIRST INSTALLMENT VENUS VERSUS MARS HOSTILE TAKEOVER                                                 3  DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE Chapter 1 Tom looked at Simon to see whether he was bluffing. He threw a two of clubs and hoped James would another two. James let him down and Simon won the third game consecutively. Once he collected their money, he shuffled the deck and gave them three cards each. Tom started followed by Simon then James. Simon was determined to maintain his winning streak. It seemed the heavens could not stop smiling at Simon as he added one more victory to his wins. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Simon answered it and was quite surprised to see Mutua. The others could not hide their excitement as they embraced their long lost friend “You’ve grown taller” Tom exclaimed “And bigger, look at his arms,” Simon said Mutua sat next to James and joined the poker game. He told them numerous stories of the training at the Police training college in Embakassi and the rigorous training in different forests around the country. “I hope you won’t arrest me,” James joked as he rolled a fat joint He gave it to Mutua to do the honors. Mutua took two hits and began coughing then returned the joint to his friend. “I haven’t smoked since training,” he said amidst his coughing The rest laughed and enjoyed the joint. James suggested they buy some liquor to celebrate Mutua’s return. James and Simon immediately headed to the nearest liquor store and returned with a two bottles of Blue moon vodka, their favorite drink. Tom invited some girls and after an hour, the celebrations were in full gear. Mutua began his rigorous training eighteen months ago. He would talk to his friends daily in the first few months but their Trainers severed communication between recruits and the outside world by taking their cellphones. His brother and parents visited him twice while in training. Mutua and the guests left Simon’s apartment one hour before midnight, when he was at the brink of passing out. Mutua came to Simon’s apartment at midday. As usual, Simon, James and Tom were at the chill spot with red eyes and dry lips. He felt high inside the hotbox because of the dense smoke inside Simon’s apartment. It was as cloudy as the sky. 4  “Do you have your handcuffs?” Tom asked him “Yes, why?” “We can make money easily arresting some people” Mutua knew what he meant. Before he was an officer, the police had handcuffed Mutua on numerous occasions. At one time, he had to part with his Samsung Galaxy after the police caught him red-eyed and red-handed puffing a joint in the hood. He vowed he would enter the system and gain much more than they took from him. “Let’s go to the pool,” he replied Tom and Mutua headed towards the blue recreational shack where most young men went for a game of pool. Some young men loved idling at the shack as they begged for a free game all day long. Often, Police would round them up but they would plead for their freedom with the little they had. It was a cycle between the predator and the prey and Mutua felt invincible because his uniform elevated his position in the food chain. There were two men playing and there were three others next to the small blackboard. Tom and Mutua entered and immediately demanded for their identification. The two at the pool table showed Tom their I.D cards and he let them continue with their game. “Raise your hands” Mutua ordered The men near the blackboard immediately obeyed as Tom searched their pockets. One of them had three joints in his pocket and Tom ordered him to kneel down as he rained kicks and blows on him. “These are the peddlers we are looking for,” he told Mutua Mutua handcuffed the men at the blackboard and they followed them round the neighborhood. Once they were at the football field, Mutua stopped and told them “I want two hundred shillings and above” Tom released two of them after each parted with two hundred shillings. The man with the joints gave him two hundred shillings but Mutua stopped Tom “You are a drug dealer. I want one thousand shillings or I make sure you get seven years,” he told him The peddler went inside his pockets and removed a five hundred shillings note. “This is all I have Officer,” he cried as he pleaded for their mercy 5  Mutua went inside the peddler’s pocket and removed a sleek Sony Ericsson touch screen phone. “Where did you steal this from?” he asked “Officer, I bought it. I am not a thief” “From a friend?” he asked sarcastically as he pocketed the phone “Let him go. Take the five hundred,” he said to Tom and he set the peddler free Tom and Mutua returned to the chill spot wearing ear-to-ear grins and two bottles of liquor. Mutua showed them the phone he took from the peddler as they narrated to the rest about Mutua’s first arrest. Chapter 2 Tom and Simon slowly woke up and went to the sink. Their throats were quite dry and Tom had a headache. He filled one of the bottles and swallowed a painkiller. Simon was in a similar state and he gulped the water to quench his thirst. James was fast asleep. “We have to stop doing injustice to our livers,” Simon said “We are celebrating. Once Mutua arrives, we will go on patrol like yesterday,” Tom replied with a grin James woke up and they had fried eggs, bread and coffee for breakfast. Tom rang Mutua and told the rest he was on his way. Mutua showed up at eleven and left with Tom half an hour later for some patrolling. “Where do we start?” Mutua asked Tom “Let’s go to Roysa,” he replied They crossed the road and followed the long dirt road to the small neighborhood. There were several pubs on either side of the road. They turned left and entered a small gate in to an apartment building. They went up the steps and headed to C12. Mutua went to the balcony, peeped then gave Tom a thumb up. Tom knocked the door and Hassan opened “Tom It’s been a while since I saw you,” he welcomed him “I was in the hood and I need some joints,” Tom replied 6  “Here, this one is on me,” Hassan said as he gave Tom a thin joint “Give me eight” Hassan removed eight joints from a cigarette pack and Tom gave him a two hundred shillings note “I need to look for change. Let’s go,” Hassan told Tom and they got out. Mutua pounced on Hassan as he was tying his laces and immediately put the cuffs on him. Tom went inside the house and retrieved Hassan’s cigarette pack. “Why are you selling drugs?” Mutua shouted while roughing him up “Mutua? Our friendship has gone with the wind now that you are in uniform?” Hassan asked “I am an officer, I don’t care about friendship. Do you want to talk or we just go straight to the station?” Mutua asked him “I have a thousand,” Hassan replied “Let’s go to the station” “Please Please” he pleaded Tom and Mutua left the apartment with eight joints and two thousand shillings in their pockets. They returned to their neighborhood and went to a blue apartment building. They used the same tactic to seize Tony, another peddler and continued with their extortion. They returned two hours later with roast beef and a bottle of Smirnoff Black Label. Simon called the girls and they took a taxi to town and partied until dawn. Hassan went to Mzalendo’s to buy some cannabis in order to refill his stock. He met his friend Tony and shared what befell him when Mutua and Tom visited him. He was shocked to learn Tony was also in the same boat. Hassan warned Mzalendo about Mutua and Tom. “We need to teach them a lesson” she replied “How?” Tony asked They brainstormed for a while and the two left Mzalendo’s once they had a solid plan. It was just a matter of time before the pair of extortionists would show up at Mzalendo’s house. All she knew was selling pot and she could not let one cop and an imposter run her down. She had weathered countless storms since the days the police would raid her house and put her and her late husband through hell as they turned their small shack upside down in search of Marijuana and other drugs. 7   Mutua, Tom, James, Simon and 4 women arrived at Simon’s apartment in the wee hours of the morning. They all passed out and Simon woke up three hours later. He went to the kitchen for a glass of water but it did not quell his hunger. He half-heartedly prepared rice and beef as the rest woke up one by one. Once Mutua and Tom finished lunch, they showered and left for duty. Today they would hit the jackpot if they were successful in their raid. Mutua and Tom agreed on 5,000 shillings as the minimum they would demand from Mzalendo because she was a wholesaler and a retailer of cannabis. Sources within her operation revealed she purchased 40-50 kilograms of the drug daily. They jumped over the small pond and turned right as they followed the path towards Mzalendo’s house. “Mzalendo, they are coming” one of her customers who had spotted the pair alerted her. She called Hassan and told him the duo had arrived. “Mzalendo, I want ten joints,” Tom said She went behind the counter, returned with a cigarette pack and gave it to Tom. Tom counted the joints and gave her the money. Immediately, Mutua pounced on her with the handcuffs but she shoved him and the men in the compound heard the commotion and rushed inside the house. Mzalendo was shouting, while pointing at them and the men grabbed the pair. Hassan and Tony arrived just on time. Chapter 3 “The new sheriffs in town,” Hassan mocked them “Don’t think we do not know about what you did at the pool,” Tony said Mutua and Tom shifted uneasily on the couch. The cuffs were so tight they were cutting their wrists. “Mutua, you two decide to turn on us like wild animals” Mzalendo said with a lot of anger in her voice “Who sent you?” she asked 8  They were silent. She ran towards the counter, returned with a black whip, and whipped the duo like a pair of stubborn donkeys as Hassan and Tony burst in to loud laughter. Their forty days were over sooner than they expected. Tom confessed their real objective was extortion. “You are lucky because you are my customers and friends. Otherwise, I would have organized your deaths by the end of the week” she snarled at them “Take your money and return my weed,” she said as she threw a crumpled two hundred shillings note in Mutua’s face. Mutua unlocked the handcuffs and they returned to the chill spot embarrassed and injured. They filled in the rest on what transpired at Mzalendo as the women helped them ice down the several bruises on their bodies. Mutua called his OCS and requested for a transfer to Nakuru. He figured it would be easier extorting money from strangers other than Nairobi where he could easily loose his life. 9  BETTY’S REVENGE Chapter 1 “I’ll give you the other half at the venue. Be there by ten” “No problem” Stella could finally breathe. She sent a text message to Linnet with the good news. “Have you talked to the manager?” she asked John “Yes and she told me they will be there by midday” “It’s almost four, we need to go,” John said as he switched off the T.V. They went to the bus stop and arrived in town at 3:40. Grey clouds were forming and the walked briskly to Dorman Coffee House. Sarah and Andrew were sipping hot coffee as they went through the plans. Andrew told them he paid half of the money for the venue in the morning and the DJ agreed to perform. Sarah was in charge of transport which she managed quite efficiently as she had organized two vans for the guests from the bride’s family and the same for the groom’s guests. Once Linnet and Edwin arrived, each of them briefed them on their progress. The meeting ended at eight. They went to bed early because of the long day ahead of them. The bunch had the responsibility of making Linnet’s dream wedding come true. It was a long and rocky road when they first began planning for the wedding. Linnet was penniless after new staff from a larger marketing firm that purchased their firm three months ago replaced her. Her friends were here silver lining in the grey cloud since they promised they would sponsor her wedding. Edwin made a living in digital animations and he owned a small studio. Stella shot up from bed once she heard her alarm. She woke John and entered the shower. Once she got dressed, she called the florist as John prepared breakfast. They left the house at 7:30 and headed to Paradise Lost. The florist and her team arrived and Sarah coordinated their efforts. The vans arrived and the guests were ushered to the seats. The sun was bright and the dam was still just as the bride wished. Everybody was punctual and the guests broke into jubilation when the pastor pronounced the pair man and wife. The photo session followed and they posed inside the boat, horse riding, near the caves and with the two families. The Camera Man captured every second of it. John was busy directing the outside catering staff in the large white tent. There was pilau, fried chicken, fillet, beef and plenty of delicacies. He 10  made sure the guests lined up and kept the queue moving as they served. The band from Linnet’s church kept the crowd on their feet. Once every one had a full plate, John quietly sneaked away from the tent and went towards the stables. He sat under a shade and lit a joint. He felt rejuvenated from the first hits and by the time he finished it, he returned to his station. The Master of Ceremony announced it was time for the newlyweds to receive their gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Muli presented them with a cooker, fridge and microwave. The groom’s parents gave them a title deed to a one- acre plot in Ruiru. It was prime property since it was next to the Thika Super Highway. The received more gifts for thirty more minutes until the master of ceremony called the pair and their parents to cut the cake. Chapter 2 It was two-block, white and dark brown. It was quite large and had a small bride holding her grooms hand at the center of the cake. Linnet and Edwin cut the cake and she fed a huge piece to her husband “That is the first meal you have served your husband” the MC remarked and the guests clapped. She fed her parents-in-law as her friends helped her distribute the cake to the guests. The waiters served the guests with wine as they listened to speeches from the parents and other speakers. “I’ve never seen Peter that happy,” Sarah said to Andrew “He is happy to have made new friends. Let them enjoy themselves,” Andrew replied smiling “More cake?” “Sure” Peter and his new friends ran all over the tent while letting out high-pitched laughs then dozed off on the grass. Mothers took their babies elsewhere to enjoy their nap. The MC invited Linnet’s mother to the microphone. “I have raised you well my daughter. It is time for you to start your own family. Let me tell you marriage is not a bed of roses but you made your bed, who else is going to lie in it? Your 11  generation loves infidelity; it is your responsibility to make sure that man is satisfied every night in all areas,” she said as she pointed her son-in-law “And to my son-in-law, give her your all. Take things slowly and you shall enjoy the sweetness together. Hurry hurry has no blessings. Take your time with her tonight,” she smiled slyly, the guests burst into laughter, and for some they could not hold back the tears. The MC thanked Linnet’s mother for her sound advice and invited Edwin’s father to the microphone “Edwin, I am very proud of you. Since you were a boy, you have given us joy and today, we celebrate you becoming a man. You are the head of your new home, the captain of the ship and most importantly, you will become a parent,” he paused “One must die in order to go to heaven and to my in-laws, you want grandchildren, my Edwin will take away her innocence tonight” the crowd broke into huge bursts of laughter. The MC could hardly contain himself as he went through the program. The aged in-laws laughter revealed rows of missing teeth in comparison to those with full dental formulae. Linnet found none of the speeches amusing. She was too stunned to eat her wedding cake and Edwin noticed it but what could they do? One could not interrupt a parent whenever he or she was giving some advice. She excused herself from the table and headed towards the women’s room. The band began playing and the guests rose from their seats and let themselves loose. It did not matter who was looking as men grabbed their wives and danced to the cheers of others. Even the MC forgot his role as he danced away with Linnet’s aunt. Some of the guests were rolling on the ground in laughter as some ran around screaming for no reason and the camera man recorded every bit of it. Linnet could not believe her eyes when she saw the madness unfolding and she passed out. Sarah, Stella and the rest carried her inside the large tent for some first aid. Edwin wondered why Sarah, Stella, John and Andrew seemed disoriented and for some strange reason, he could not stop smiling. Festus Ouma, Edwin’s uncle watched as everybody turn into a lunatic. The band had stopped playing but the adults were dancing in pairs while some ran around the field. He pieced the mysterious events together and realized the madness began after they ate the cake. He took his smiling wife to the car, drove her to Avenue Hospital, and told the doctor to perform a drug test on her. “I have the results. We have found large amounts of cannabis in her blood but no need to worry. Just take her home and let her sleep it off,” the doctor told him 12  “What? I will make those two pay dearly for this ” Festus shook his hand angrily as he walked out Word quickly went round about the laced wedding cake and the guests were infuriated. As a result, Edwin and Linnet were subjected to tonnes of embarrassment as some of the guests demanded for their wedding gifts back. As if not enough, they cancelled their honeymoon. Linnet called Sarah so that she would take her to the bakery to decapitate the baker but her phone call went unanswered. Chapter 3 “This will kill me,” Betty shrieked as she wiped tears from her eyes and shook with laughter. She ejected the disc and returned it in her closet. “How much should we ask from her, 20 000?” she asked “Let’s make it 40 000. If she refuses, we make it go viral,” Betty replied At midday, Linnet received a call from a private number. The caller instructed her to send fourty thousand shillings to his phone within two days or he would upload their entertaining wedding video online. Linnet pleaded with him but he hung up. Edwin shook his head in dismay after Linnet told him about the caller’s demand and she began crying. “Why me? Why me?” she screamed and Edwin calmed her down Edwin tossed and turned in bed as he thought about where the money would come from. He had no possible suspects since he lost touch with his ex-girlfriends many years before he met Linnet. Maybe an over jealous ex-boyfriend was behind all of these. All the same, he would make the culprit wish he or she was never born. The only way he could get the money was to withdraw some of the money in his fixed deposit account and forget about the accrued interest since it would be a premature withdrawal. In the morning, Sarah called Linnet and told her to meet her in town so she would take her to the baker. Edwin left the bank with his head hung low and he endured a lot of bitterness as he sent the money to the mysterious caller. His phone rang, read the message and drove back home. When he arrived, Linnet told her someone left a disc 13  on the doorstep and disappeared half an hour ago. He played the disc on the DVD player but ejected it when he noticed Linnet breaking down. Betty counted the money and handed twenty thousand shillings to Sarah. Sarah smiled as she put the money in her purse. Suddenly her phone rang and she took it out her handbag “The poor thing is calling,” she faked concern in her voice “Let me talk to her,” Betty said as she stretched her hand to receive the phone “Hallo dear,” she answered “Betty?” “Linnet, how are you? I heard you didn’t like my cake?” she mocked her “Fuck you” Linnet screamed and threw her cellphone on the wall. Linnet cursed herself for not suspecting her sly foe, Betty. How could she when Betty moved to Nakuru while she stayed in Nairobi? The two fell out the previous year after the boss rewarded Linnet with a huge promotion Betty felt she deserved because she let the boss tap her goodies. Since then, Betty accused Linnet of stealing her boyfriend and things became hostile between them. Word went round about Betty’s steamy affair with the boss and she relocated to Nakuru to save face. Edwin went to the kitchen and found his wife standing with hands akimbo “I know who was behind this,” she turned to him “Who?” “Betty,” she hissed 14  KICK IN THE TEETH Chapter 1 Martin unlocked the door and entered Gerald’s apartment. “Wassup” he greeted Gerald and the rest and sat on the large cushions. There was a cannabis cloud inside the four walls. Gerald, Ken and Sumbua had red eyes and looked through half closed eyelids. MMG music bumped through the speakers and Martin nodded his head to the music as he lit a joint. “Nice watch” Ken complimented Martin’s brand new black G-shock “Thanks man. Yesterday I showered with it and it never stopped for a second” he replied He passed the joint to Sumbua who had zoned out. The hotbox filled with more smoke as the joint burned. Gerald constantly sprayed air freshener at the door in order to mask the Mary Jane. “Martin Did you get a promotion? Let me see that chain,” Gerald took the chain from Martin as he admired it with the rest of the gang. “This is real silver not those coated things Sumbua wears,” Ken said as he took the chain from Gerald “Ken, I know you are broke” Sumbua harshly responded to Ken and the rest laughed at them. Martin took his chain and put it back on his neck. It felt heavier than his usual chains that were faded and he could see the copper beneath the thin coating. Karen had taken him to greener pastures when they first met the previous month. It all started with Martin accepting her friend’s request on Facebook, some online flirting and finally they met for lunch. Karen was 5’6 slim and curvy with short brown hair. Martin could hardly believe he went on a date with a white woman Love was blind and they overlooked their age difference. Karen was 28 while her boyfriend was 23. Martin spent lesser time with his friends since he was watching movies on iMax, having fun at the mall or blowing Mary with his girlfriend. “Karen is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. There will be plenty of liquor and ladies at her place,” he told them. “Where does she stay?” Ken asked 15  “Some new apartments near Ridgeways. You need a bodaboda once you alight at the bus at Ridgeways” “Count me in,” Gerald shouted and the rest followed. BodaBoda are motor cycles for public transport. They were quite useful for residents living where Karen lived since they could ride safely without having to endure the blazing sun as they walked to the bus stop that was three hundred and fifty meters away. Ken, Gerald, Sumbua and Martin met at Gerald’s rooftop in the afternoon. Gerald kept them stoned while Martin ensured their cups had vodka at all times. Martin answered his phone and told his friends it was time to leave. They made their presence felt in the bus to town since they were loud despite the music from the speakers. They boarded a bus to Ridgeways and finally took two bodabodas to Karen’s apartment. They saw two security guards patrolling the compound with two large dogs. Martin led his friends up the staircase and he stopped at 301. He knocked the door twice and when Kate opened, she pounced on him and pulled him inside as his friends followed. There were white and black people in the large living room. There were Maasai paintings on the wall and some statues of the big five animals. Most of them appeared older than Martin and his friends but the gang did not let it get in their way. “Here,” he told them as he handed his friends plastic cups and poured them some Sky Vodka. “The ball is in your court. If you can’t get laid in this party then you need major help,” Martin told his friends as disappeared into the small crowd. Gerald saw a slim white lady with glasses smoking a cigarette by herself and he walked towards her. “May I borrow your cigarette?” he asked and she held it as he placed his joint on the burning end of the cigarette. “Why are you standing alone? You should be having some fun,” he turned towards her “I enjoy my own company,” she replied “So do I but two is always better than one,” he smiled at her She walked away and sat on the couch next to a group of young women. Gerald smirked as he puffed his joint. Ken was dancing between two women while Sumbua flirted with a young woman with long hair. 16   Martin was busy dancing with another lady as Karen watched him from the kitchen. Kate watched him bend her over as she gyrated like the female dancers she saw on Jamaican music videos. She immediately went towards them and pulled him aside. “I don’t want you dancing like that with these women,” she told him with suppressed anger in her voice “It’s just dancing. Nothing to worry about,” he replied and held her hand but she pulled it away “That is not dancing It’s like acting a porn in front of my friends,” she almost shouted and drew attention of some people around them “Fine,” he replied. She took his hand and led him to the kitchen. Gerald and Ken watched Martin dragged in to the kitchen and began laughing. The guests began leaving at two in the morning and by four, all of Karen’s guests had left. Gerald, Sumbua and Ken slept on the sofa and left at seven. Chapter 2 “That party was great Especially the women,” Gerald exclaimed once Sumbua talked about Karen’s birthday party “I almost blacked out,” Ken said and Gerald and Sumbua laughed at him They watched a movie in silence when Martin suddenly entered the door “I thought we won’t see you until Monday?” Ken asked him once he sat down “She was a bit moody so I gave her some time to cool off,” he sighed “Is it because she caught you dancing with that lady?” Ken asked him and Martin nodded “You are going to have a hard time around her whenever you attend parties or go to the club together,” Gerald told Martin with a lot of seriousness “From now on I will go to parties and clubs alone. I don’t need drama,” he said His phone vibrated and he checked to see a new text message. It was Karen and she wanted him to see him in the afternoon so they would talk. He sneered and returned his attention back to the movie. After thirty minutes, a second text came through and he clicked his tongue 17  once he read it. Karen told him she was in town and would wait for him in Gallitos so they would talk about the previous night. No sooner had Martin put back his cellphone in his pocket than it had rang. He ignored it until it stopped ringing. After five minutes, his phone rang again and gave it the cold shoulder. “Turn it off or answer it. We are trying to watch a movie” Sumbua snapped at Martin He went outside the apartment and answered Karen’s call. He lied to her he had gone to the shops while his phone was charging. He agreed to meet her in the next hour and returned to the house. Once the movie was over, he left the boys and went to town. He walked inside Gallitos and saw her seated at the corner all by herself and headed towards her “Hi dear,” she greeted him and kissed him then he sat. Karen looked at him and she could tell he was furious over the scene she had caused in the party. She soothed him until finally, she softened his heart and he forgave her. They drank some fruit juice and left once they were through. Martin walked her to some nearby Taxis and they exchanged goodbyes. He returned home tired and immediately slept after he was through with his dinner. Martin was quite happy Karen apologized to him. He had dated women who never had apologies in their vocabularies. They always pointed out the wrong in him but it was the kettle calling the pot black in most cases. He had never met an understanding woman in his life apart from his mother. The sun rose and he woke up once his alarm went off. After having a shower he texted his girlfriend before preparing for classes. He confirmed whether he had packed his term paper before leaving. As usual he arrived early and the lessons flew by fast. “Sumbua, I think Karen is the one behind the wheel as far their relationship is concerned,” Gerald told his friend “Why do you think so?” Sumbua asked “Every time she calls him he has to go. Day or night, rain or sunshine he never says No” Gerald said with heavy disappointment. “I agree. She has already sat on him but what can do we do? He prayed for rain so he should not complain about the mud” Sumbua responded with a lot of conviction in his voice “We need to make that run,” Sumbua said as he stood and walked towards the door. They went to buy some weed and when they returned, they found Martin inside the apartment when they returned. He passed the joint to Sumbua as Gerald sprayed air freshener near the door as he opened the windows. 18  “Karen wants me to move in to her place,” he told them He looked at them for responses but all he got was an uneasy look from Sumbua. “Sumbua, I know you have something to say,” Martin turned towards him “I don’t think it is a good idea,” he replied Sumbua told them about one of his friends in campus who moved in with his girlfriend and later he was kicked out of the house because no hardworking woman can feed a lazy able bodied man forever. They could not eat or pay the bills with love. “Karen is different. She loves me for who I am” he argued “A woman is a woman, whether black or white,” Gerald replied to Martin in a calm matter-of –fact tone Martin and Sumbua left at eight as each returned to his home. Martin tossed and turned in bed as he replayed the conversation he had with his friends about moving in with Kate. He knew Karen to be a kind and warm -hearted woman. Surely how could such a good- natured girlfriend kick him out? She was not a Nairobi woman who used the heart as the means to the man’s wallet and bank accounts If anything, this was a blessing “I will prove them wrong,” he said before he drifted into deep sleep. Chapter 3 Karen cursed as soon as she got out of the taxi near the large blue gate. She greeted the security guard, went up the steps and unlocked her apartment. “Hi darling,” Martin shouted as she went to her bedroom. She went to her balcony and lit a cigarette. Karen had a burden she needed to offload soon or else she would loose her sanity. For the past two weeks, she lived in pretense while bottling up her resentment towards her boyfriend. All he ever did was sit around and smoke weed while she dealt with stubborn clients at her art studio. She could not stand his presence any longer. Kate went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. “What the hell is this?” she asked angrily as she tossed the empty box of juice “Martin, let me talk to you,” she called him 19  “Wassup,” he said and stood behind the counter “I’ve been thinking a lot about us and I think we need a break so that I can see where things stand between us,” she told him He stared at him bewildered. Where had this come from? “Why? What have I done wrong?” he questioned her “You just sit around all day doing nothing” she shouted at him “Have you forgotten I am a student?” “I need you gone today,” Karen slammed her bedroom door and Martin returned to the sofa. He had one more hour before Karen’s deadline and he lit a joint. Once he was stoned, he took his keys and hopped on a bodaboda. He wanted to go to Gerald’s but realized they would rub salt to his bruised ego. He convinced himself it was the PMS talking and Karen would be back to her jovial self once it had gone. Martin went on with his life and avoided thinking or talking about her. He lied to his friends she had returned to Canada when Ken asked about her. As far as his friends were concerned, Martin had moved on with his life however, that was just an appearance. Martin struggled with blocking out the sweet memories they had as his mind constantly went back to the day she threw him out. He had a crash landing back to earth from cloud nine. He had endured a lot of pain and decided to call her. He was in a lot of suspense as he waited for Karen to answer “Hallo?” a man’s voice answered “I want to speak to Kate. Who are you?” Martin demanded “And who are you?” the man responded sarcastically “I want to speak to my girlfriend. Give her the phone” Martin shouted “Or what?” the man replied “Listen here mothafucka Go wank elsewhere and put Karen on the phone” “Watch your mouth young man. I will…” “Fuck you” Martin interrupted and hung up. While absence made his heart grow fonder towards Karen, she had got herself a new boyfriend. Sometimes out of sight led to out of mind. He sighed deeply as he pondered his next move. Martin locked his apartment and rushed to the bus stop. He arrived at Karen’s apartment 20  

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