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OUR TOP 12 MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS OUR TOP 12 MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS Welcome to our selection of the top 12 motivational speakers on the circuit today. Each speaker has been carefully chosen based on a number of criteria including; current popularity, track record and reputation, to make it easier for you to find the best speaker for your event. Get inspired by these speakers, their lives and incredible motivational journeys, then contact us (LINK) for details of availability and fees. Alternatively, we are more than happy to help you with suggestions and ideas from our extensive catalogue of speakers. We know our business and our experienced team would like to help you find the perfect speaker for your event. E: W: MILES HILTON-BARBER Inspirational blind adventurer & motivational speaker An extraordinary international adventurer and explorer who has notched up an incredible number of mind-blowing achievements despite losing his sight 30 years ago. ABOUT MILES HILTON-BARBER KEY FACTS Miles Hilton-Barber lost his sight in his early twenties, but  Lost his sight in his early twenties rather than let it define him he took it as an opportunity.  Competed in the hottest While he had no control over his blindness, he decided he marathon on earth across Death could however control his response to it. Valley  Climbed to 17,000 feet in the This took him on an incredible journey which began when he Himalayas ran five and a half marathons in six days despite not having  Ran an 11 day marathon across any running experience. Since then he has embraced the China unknown, undertaking a huge variety of expeditions and endurance events all over the world to raise awareness and WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE money for charity.  He is a great story teller  His many adventures & Miles says that each of his adventures teach him something experiences new. He is an extremely popular speaker and much in  His ability to motivate & inspire demand, speaking to business audiences all over the world  He knows how to connect about the importance of taking risks, living life without limits through his talks and and not being afraid to fail. Read more… performances CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE "Hearing Miles speak is truly inspirational. He is living proof of the old adage ‘there's no such word as can't’. “- Lord David Puttnam. E: W: RANULPH FIENNES Intrepid and celebrated explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is an adventurer whose dedication and passion have led him to conquer both poles, circumnavigate the world's Polar Axis and climb Everest at the age of 65. ABOUT SIR RANULPH FIENNES KEY FACTS Sir Ranulph has undertaken numerous record-breaking  First to successfully reach both expeditions in some of the world's most inhospitable Poles environments. His experiences and adventures make him one  First to cross Antarctic and Arctic of the most engaging and captivating speakers on the circuit. Oceans Best known for crossing both the Arctic and Antarctic and  First and only circumnavigation of conquering both poles, Fiennes is an adventurer whose the world along its Polar Axis dedication and passion put him in a class of his own. His  Oldest Briton to reach the summit passion never dims and he reached the summit of Everest at of Everest in 2009 the age of 65 and has just completed the gruelling Marathon des Sables at 71. WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE  His determination and attitude As a speaker, Sir Ranulph is second to none - turning his  His passion and enthusiasm adventures and hardships into gripping, emotional tales, with  His ability to inspire and energise uplifting and inspiring outcomes. He has worked with leading organisations of all sizes, including JP Morgan, British Airways  He was in the SAS and BT; he has been selected as chief motivational speaker by  His charity and fundraising IBM New York. Read more… activities CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE “A truly amazing evening. Ranulph not only left our guests in tears of laughter, but moreover inspired by his unparalleled, motivational spirit” - Team Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi E: W: JIM LAWLESS International speaker and author of Taming Tigers Jim Lawless is not afraid to put his theories into practice to prove that ordinary people can do amazing things. Through his talks, workshops and keynote speeches, he transforms attitudes. ABOUT JIM LAWLESS KEY FACTS In 2003 Jim Lawless transformed himself from an unfit  Transformed himself into a jockey consultant with no riding experience into a jockey in 12 in 12 months months. The aim? To show what amazing feats can be  Broke the British free diving achieved by an ordinary man. In 2010 he broke the British depth record free diving depth record, becoming the first Briton to pass the  Shows others what they can 100m barrier. achieve Founder and CEO of Taming Tigers, Jim is a hugely popular WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE inspirational speaker who truly believes that anything is  His book, Taming Tigers possible for anyone. He teaches a form of mental toughness  His interactive and contagious which helps both teams and individuals to take calculated presentation style risks and achieve bold goals. His clients have included Apple, Legal and General, BT, AstraZeneca, Barclaycard and the NHS.  Inspires team to achieve lasting Read more… change by offering practical solutions. CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE “An ability to reach people and encourage them to raise their sights and expectations” – Peter Belcher, Managing Director Schwarzkopf Professional E: W: BERTRAND PICCARD Explorer, Balloonist & President of the Solar Impulse Project Bertrand Piccard is an awe-inspiring adventurer and scientist who is behind the attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a solar powered plane. ABOUT BERTRAND PICCARD KEY FACTS In March 2015 Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse plane set off  Aviator behind the Solar Impulse st to navigate the globe – the 1 fixed wing solar powered project to circumnavigate the aircraft ever to do so - today the challenge is ongoing. globe.  Hypnotist and expert in stress & This is the culmination of Bertrand’s lifetime fascination with crisis situations aviation, human behaviour in extreme situations and the  United Nations Goodwill environment. Passionate about exploration since he was a Ambassador 1999-2011 child, Bertrand Piccard was a pioneer of hang gliding and  Internationally renowned microlight flying in the 1970s and has licenses to fly balloons, aeronaut, psychiatrist and airplanes, gliders and motor-gliders. lecturer A highly sought-after speaker, he examines motivation, stress WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE management and the psychology of communication. Read  His flamboyant style more…  Creates a sense of excitement CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE “How far can you go with no fuel If aeronautical adventurer Bertrand Piccard has any influence, the answer will be: all the way around the world” - Jeff Wise, Popular Mechanics E: W: SAHAR HASHEMI British entrepreneur and founder of the Coffee Republic chain Sahar Hashemi is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who was the first to bring New York style coffee culture to Britain when she launched Coffee Republic. ABOUT SAHAR HASHEMI KEY FACTS With a talent for connecting with her audience, Sahar speaks  Was awarded the OBE with passion about the importance of being authentic. An  One of Management Today’s 20 inspiring entrepreneur, she gave up a career in law in 1995 to most powerful women in Britain pursue her dream and turned Coffee Republic into a high  Informal advisor to the British street brand with a turnover of 30m and 110 shops. Government Sahar is much in demand as both a speaker and advisor to WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE companies and the government. She was named one of the  Her ability to connect Top 10 Original Thinkers by Director Magazine and  Her down-to-earth approach  Her best-selling book “Anyone She speaks worldwide to companies including IKEA, Infosys, Accenture, GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft and IBM. Read more… Can Do It” CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE “Speakers included the former Prime minister of Spain but Sahar Hashemi stole the show" - IAA World Advertising Conference E: W: JOHN AMAECHI World class communicator, psychologist and former NBA basketball player John Amaechi is a high performance business coach and mentor who struggled against adversity as a top NBA basketball player. ABOUT JOHN AMAECHI KEY FACTS John Amaechi works with numerous blue chip brands and  Has been awarded the OBE high profile individuals on improving leadership and  Leading voice on diversity issues communication skills as well as tackling issues around  Played a key role in the London diversity. 2012 Olympic Games  Leading psychologist Initially an elite athlete, this highly talented sportsman has been on an incredible journey which has led to advising the WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE British Government and Chairing the Ethics Committee for the  He was the first NBA player to biggest police force outside London. speak out about being gay  His warm humour John’s extraordinary skills as a speaker on business, psychology, sport and diversity make him one of the most  His integrity sought-after speakers on the circuit today. Read more… CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE "When John speaks, his words touch your soul, reach into your heart and nestle into the fabric of your being" - Sandy Hirsch, McNeil Nutritionals E: W: DEBRA SEARLE TV presenter, sportswoman & adventurer Debra Searle is a top motivational speaker who rowed the Atlantic from Tenerife to Barbados single-handed. ABOUT DEBRA SEARLE KEY FACTS By her mid-thirties, Debra Searle had achieved more than  Awarded an MBE most people do in a lifetime. She has a first class honours  Delivers 800+ speeches a year degree, achieved sports medals at World Championship level  Most booked UK female speaker and business success with the launch of two companies.  Challenges your delegates’ thinking, attitudes and mind set She has also published her first book, successfully rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean and received an MBE from the WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE Queen of England.  Powerful illustrations with slides and stunning video footage Debra’s attitude is contagious, her modesty endearing. She  Convinces them that they can delivers motivational presentations and after dinner speeches using her story to powerfully but subtly draw out key lessons achieve the extraordinary on how to stay motivated and adapt to change. Read more…  Her commitment to each talk CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE "The best thing about Debra was her humility and also her willingness to stay and chat to the audience." - Karen Allen, Head of Communications, Boots E: W: THIMON DE JONG Strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker An expert in understanding human responses to digitization and the next generation of consumers - Thimon de Jong is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. ABOUT THIMON DE JONG KEY FACTS An expert in how to future proof your strategy he is brilliant  Working on his first book, The at analysing the business impact of the changes going on in Blurring of Reality society and the dynamics of human behaviour.  Combines research, visuals, stories and practical tools A brilliant keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, he  Lectures on the strategic usage of captivates conference audiences around the globe with sociocultural trends passionate, energetic and witty presentations. He has presented for the likes of Ikea, Samsung, EY, Tetra Pak, WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE GDF Suez, RTL, Microsoft, Deloitte, Aberdeen, Vodafone and  Relaxed style and great sense of Skanska. He is founder and director of strategic foresight timing think tank Whetston.  Deep insight into human Read more… behaviour  “Memorable intellectual CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE entertainment” "His expert views put a totally new light on current reality, and most importantly, where to go next.” - IKEA E: W: KJELL NORDSTRÖM Unconventional Swedish economist and dynamic “funky” business thinker Described as the “enfant terrible of the new world of business”, Dr. Kjell Nordström is known the world over for his books, articles and unconventional business concepts. ABOUT KJELL NORDSTRÖM KEY FACTS A highly gifted and much sought-after speaker, Kjell  Associate Professor at the IIB Nordström has been giving dynamic, interactive and thought- Ranked as one of the world’s provoking presentations for more than 20 years. most influential management gurus His agile and compelling speaking style is matched only by the  Has co-authored 3 best-selling scale and pace of his ideas. Around the world, he tells leaders books including “Funky Business” of business how to stand out in the ‘new global bazaar’. Kjell is also Associate Professor at the Institute of WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE International Business and co-founder of the Stockholm  His deep academic knowledge School of Economics’ most prestigious management  Charismatic delivery programme, AMP, which attracts the elite of Scandinavian  Unconventional business wisdom executives. Read more… CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE "Incredibly powerful, immensely forward-looking and visionary. We are… full of admiration for your superb and inspirational facilitation techniques." - Rudolf H. Messinger, Chief, Career Management Section, UNICEF Headquarters E: W: PETER FISK Business expert creating innovative strategies for businesses and brands A global thought leader in growth and innovation, brands and marketing. ABOUT PETER FISK KEY FACTS From Alibaba to Azuri, Zidisha to Zespri, Peter has studied the  Internationally acclaimed expert leading “Gamechanger” brands whose exciting marketing and  Founder / CEO of GeniusWorks stunning innovations have changed the way we do things.  Professor at Europe’s leading Why? So he can help your business achieve incredible things. business school  Author of “Gamechangers” An inspirational speaker, Peter really captivates his audience  Ex-CEO of the Chartered Institute whether as keynote speaker, conference moderator or during of Marketing his very successful workshops. Listening to Peter goes a long way to help your business find WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE the inspiration and creativity to become one of the “next  Thought-provoking material generation" Gamechanger brands. Read more…  In-depth knowledge of the digital world in which we live CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE  Innovative ideas “Peter was fabulous, bringing insight and ideas, interaction and inspiration. He has been consistently good at all of our events, every time is different, topical and relevant.” - Mariano Dima, VP Marketing, Visa Europe E: W: JAMIE ANDREW Inspirational quadruple amputee mountaineer Mountaineer who lost both hands and feet while awaiting rescue in a near-death experience which saw his best friend die. ABOUT JAMIE ANDREW KEY FACTS Despite all that Jamie Andrew has been through he speaks to  Presented with a RADAR People audiences today with both humour and modesty about his of the Year Award in 2000 terrible ordeal on the mountain.  Climbed Kilimanjaro  Has since learnt to ski, run He is a gifted and relaxed speaker who will inspire your marathons and take part in iron- audience to achieve great things by sharing the story of how man triathlons he overcame adversity. WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE Both motivational and moving he has spoken to audiences  His sincere messages about ranging from Tetrapak to PepsiCo about seeking the positive, coping with hard times and coping with change and overcoming insurmountable change difficulties. Read more…  His advice to make the most of life CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE  He tailors his presentations to the audience he is addressing "People really valued what you brought to us - and the messages have stuck - so THANK YOU" E: W: SARAH MARQUIS Extreme walker who has completed a 3 year trek from Siberia to Australia With a 3 year trek under her belt, extreme walker Sarah Marquis is the perfect person to talk about overcoming challenges and obstacles. ABOUT SARAH MARQUIS KEY FACTS Sarah Marquis wants to inspire people to make their dreams  Started exploring at the age of 8 come true. She will fascinate you with tales of her 3 months  Began her first expedition at the alone in the outback – surviving on insects in the wilderness age of 17, crossing Central and deserts. Anatolia on horseback  Elected adventurer of 2013 – She has shared her thoughts and feelings about the natural Europe world during more than 300 talks – all of them amusing,  Nominee adventurer of 2016 – educational and thought-provoking. She speaks in both National Geographic French and English – she has recorded a talk for TED and has spoken to, Kraft Foods, LIFT Geneva, Olympic Museum, Co- WHAT AUDIENCES LOVE Op, The Swiss Army, Tetra Laval and Cial Bank.  Her warmth and sincerity  Her amusing anecdotes . Read more…  Her inspiration CHECK AVAILABILITY / ENQUIRE "People really valued what you brought to us - and the messages have stuck - so THANK YOU" E: W: CAN’T DECIDE? Choosing the right motivational speaker for your audience or your event is not easy. How do you select a speaker if you have never heard them speak? Reading biographies and watching videos will only take you so far. At Speakers Associates, we have years of experience in matching speakers to events. Our trained account managers know the motivational speakers on our books and have attended many of their presentations - they are familiar with their styles, their messages and their content. Contact us today and you will find a global speakers bureau that has the ability to evaluate your audience, your organisational culture and your requirements - to find you the perfect speaker. We represent the finest, most inspirational and engaging speakers across the planet. We work with organisations like yours every day to bring those speakers together with your audience. +44 (0)1628 636600 E: W: WHAT WE DO We will help you select the most appropriate speaker to meet the unique objectives of your event and your audience. Here’s how it works: BRIEF The more you can tell us about your event: the aims, objectives, theme and desired outcomes and who will be in your audience, the more it will help us suggest the most suitable speakers. SHORTLIST Armed with your brief our experienced agents will draw up a shortlist of speakers who will resonate with your audience and deliver a speech that covers the key messages you want to get across. Your shortlist will include an outline on why each speaker is included, their fee and where the speaker resides for travel cost estimation. We attach biographies and include links to videos of each speakers so you can see them in action. SELECT A SPEAKER Once you have reviewed your speaker shortlist, we discuss your event in more detail with you. You can ask us as many questions as you need to make a decision. Typical questions that we are often asked include "Where has this speaker spoken before/" and "Why do we think they would be perfect for your audience?". A lot of our speakers will also speak to you before you book. This lets you confirm availability and suitability. BOOK A SPEAKER Once you have made your speaker selection all you need to do is complete a booking form which details your event, who will be present, timings of the speech, dress code and the title of the talk and a brief for the speaker: this confirms your booking to us and the speaker. Throughout the process we will always be there to make it as easy and smooth an experience as possible for you. In the lead- up to your event we will arrange a briefing call between you and your speaker, make sure any travel plans are in place and any overheads/video footage used by the speaker are delivered to you and any technical requirements are shared with you and the venue team. E: W: E: W: The 12 most highly recommended Motivational speakers Copyright © 2015 Speakers Associates Ltd Notice of Rights All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Notice of Liability The author and publisher have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information herein. However, the information herein is provided without warranty, either express or implied. The author will not be held liable for any damages to be caused either directly or indirectly by the information contained in this publication. Trademark Notice Rather than indicating every occurrence of a trademarked name as such, this publication uses the names only in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark. E: W:

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