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artificial blood made from stem cells and artificial blood powerpoint slides
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Published Date:01-04-2017
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Artificial Blood for Future PatientsEvery doctor’s has dream to have readily available blood for their patients.• But in reality, the situation is quite different. There is no appropriate blood for dying patient.• But this problem has overcome through coming of artificial blood cells.• Artificial Blood seems like a good alternative. But it’s true, Red blood cells can also be produced in the lab.• This great invention is invent by British researchers. DARPA teamed up with a company called Arteriocyte to research methods for manufacturing blood withoutan actual donor on-hand.• This team used a technique that can reliably produce an unlimited number of red blood cells.• The trick is to create “immortalized” premature red blood cells. Thus, making mass production a real possibility.Challenges • A British researcher said “The biggest challenge is translating the technique to commercial manufacturing. They have to produced a few liters of blood in the lab, but there’s a big difference between that and the massive volumes needed to serve even a single hospital.What about Mass Production? • Recentlydon’t expect to see a complete change in artificial blood even if this new technique was ready for the current situation.• Mass production is most likely to focus on people with rare blood types and where donate blood is hard to come.Follow us on:- Thank u