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AN INTRODUCTION TO ANDROID DEVELOPMENT CS231M Alejandro TroccoliThe Android ecosystem An open source platform for mobile, embedded and wearable devices Google is the principle maintainer Other companies contribute to the system. Each device manufacturer can customize Android to suite their needsAndroid architecture User applications Use Java framework and, optionally, native code. Android framework Java classes under Native framework layer User mode C, C++ code – compiled to native platform or 32bit compatibility mode on 64 bits. Linux Kernel (GPL license) C code – compiled to native platform (x86, arm, mips)Android versioning Plaform version 5.0 Lollipop 4.4 KitKat Framework API level SDK compatibility Each platform version has an API level NDK API level API level for native headers Distribution the Android Source Source at: Porting instructions (for system developers) for application development Android SDK Provides the Java framework classes Compiles to java bytecode Class framework is updated with every OS release Android NDK C/C++ toolchain for compiling to machine code Android platform tools adb (android debug bridge) : runs and debugs apps from your dev machine Android developer tools Eclipse plug-in for Android Android studio (doesn’t yet fully support all NDK features)Setup options Tegra Android Development pack Install components manually Use a Linux virtual machine with the tools pre-installed.Tegra Android Development PackTegra Android Development Pack Register for an account at: Sign-up for Gameworks Registered Developer ProgramNVIDIA Shield Tablet Click 7 times to enable developer optionsOutline Overview of the Android Operating System Development tools Deploying application packages Step-by-step application developmentApplication packages .apk files: compressed files class byte code resources( icons, sounds, etc). Binary native files All .apks are signed Default development key is created by SDK. When updating an application, signature are checked.Installing an application From application distribution markets Google Play Amazon AppStore From your local computer using adbHello Android In Eclipse File - New - Android Application ProjectImport an project from existing codeAndroidManifest.xml Package Name / version Required SDK and target SDK Application/Activities PermissionsAndroid Activity Provides user interaction Callbacks for life-cycle management onCreate() onResume() onPause() An application can have multiple activities.. Needs one launcher activity…HelloAndroidActivityHelloAndroidActivity Use onCreate() to create UI.Launch Add Activity to AndroidManifest.xml:

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