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examination tips for students ppt and effective study habits for university students and good habits for kids ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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12 Steps To Make Study Skills High• Is there learning problem, and find yourself too much dawdle when trying to study. “Good Study Habit Produces a Good Grade”“There are some points to be discussed for making your learning habit strong.”Set Your Goal 1 • select a very simple goal. Always be remembered, goals should not depend on others because it’s very special and no one can do better as you.2 Find Out Your Learning Style • Firstly you have to find your learning style, if you don’t know how you to learn in the best way, it becomes impossible for you. There are different type of learning style. That are shown in next slide….you like to short things images and sense of logically, create system and spatiality help you get a are a very responsible grip on things. person. you pick up things by using world in writing hearing and listening and speech comes closely. natural to you. you prefer using your body, touching things with your hands Note • Your learning Schedule shouldn’t be concrete. • Find out learning style is the basic step in which student can control his or her time.Create A Positive Environment 3 • Find a place to study and keep it for studying only. • Noise level and the visual environment should be your’s acceptable levels. • Avoid relaxing while working; create a work atmosphere. • Good Lighting. Note • Try to have at least two study zone, in which you have to switch in any case.Arrange Time Table 4 • Arrange the time in your calendar, and gives 3 to 4 hours each day to complete. • Day by day you should increase your time till up to 8 hours if you want to be a great achiever. Note “Don’t forget your schedule time for parties”….Make Proper Notes 5 • No matter how you take notes and how you will make them and how you will use them, the most important part is that your note- taking style fits you. • And review your notes time to time.Find At Least One Learning 6 6 Partner • Accountability is huge. Having at least one accountability partner can make your task easier.Take A Good Sleep 7 7 • Study have shown that if you only get 6 hours of sleep daily, you will perform as you as if you had just stayed up for daily.8 Do Exercise Daily • Do exercise daily. • yoga and pranayam are the best exercise which will help you to increase your memory. • Exercise will also improve your overall confidence.Take Proper Balance Diet 9 • Eat a healthy balance diet. • This will help you to feel better, and will allow you to better absorb and retain the information you study.10 Avoid Drugs And All….. • Don’t try to take drugs and smoking. Oftenly seems that some people smoke while they studying.Give A Break To Your Mind • Good study habit is necessary for establish the future. There is also necessary to keep mind healthy. For healthy mind visit motivational place.11 Track Your Progress • Check how and what you are doing every once in a week. • Nothing is more demoralizing than feeling like you are getting a lot done, but then end up not seeing results.“All these steps that are mention there, are very simple. You can implement directly these steps in your life.” “once you take them rightly, they amount to a lot more than the sum of their parts.”

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