Challenges in integrated marketing communication ppt

industrial marketing communication ppt and integrated marketing communication examples ppt
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Marketing Communications Lecture 1 Introduction Marketing Communications theory Marketing communications industry Ethics in marketing communications Definition Marketing communications is a management process through which an organisation engages with its various audiences. By understanding an audience's communications environment, organisations seek to develop and present messages for its identified stakeholder groups, before evaluating and acting upon the responses. By conveying messages that are of significant value, audiences are encouraged to offer attitudinal and behavioural responses. Source: Fill (2006) p.17 Figure 1.1 The tools and position of the marketing communications mix Table 1.3 The developing orientation of marketing communications Figure 1.2 Above-and below-the-line communications Table 1.4 The 4Cs Framework – a summary of the key characteristics of the tools of marketing communications Figure 1.3 The relative effectiveness of the tools of the marketing communications mix Figure 1.4 The system of marketing communications Table 1.5 Differences between consumer and business-to-business marketing communications Marketing Communications theory Figure 2.1 A linear model of communication Source: Based on Schramm (1955) and Shannon and Weaver (1962). Figure 2.2 A model of marketing communications in a hypermedia computer- mediated environment Source: From Hoffman and Novak (1996); reprinted with permission from the Journal of Marketing, published by the American Marketing Association. Figure 2.3 One-step model of communication. T = member of the target audience Figure 2.4 Two-step model of communication. OL = opinion leader Figure 2.5 Multi-step model of communication Opinion Leaders • Members of peer group • Expertise based on their own interest in subject areas • Word of mouth communications from these individuals carries higher levels of credibility than opinion formers • Include media, subject specialist consumer interest magazines e.g. Which?, pressure groups • Playing significant role in responding to customers’ thirst for knowledge • Must be included in a communications agenda • Don’t just need customers and consumers, also friends and supporters who will exert positive influence upon a company Opinion Formers • People who exert personal influence because of their authority, status, education or association with a product or service offering. • Provide information and act as expert witnesses • E.g. specialist journalists in motoring and travel • Act as vehicle for reinforcing credibility of products and services • Public relations has major part to play here • Viral marketing also important Figure 2.6 Stages in the innovation–decision process of adoption Source: Reprinted from Rogers (1983) with the permission of the Free Press. Copyright 1962, 1971, 1983 by the Free Press. Figure 2.7 Fast and slow diffusion of an innovation Source: From Hawkins et al. (1989); used with kind permission. Marketing communications industry

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