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Published Date:14-07-2017
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A Brief Introduction to Engineering Graphics Will Durfee & Tim Kowalewski Department of Mechanical Engineering University of MinnesotaOpening comments • Engineering graphics is the method for documenting a design • Mechanical engineering students must be familiar with standards of engineering graphics as it is expected in industry • This set of slides introduces some of the basics, but is not comprehensive • For more, see • Engineering Graphics section on the Resources page of the course ME2011 website • Any engineering graphics textbookDocumenting a part requires... 1. SHAPE 2. SIZE 3. MATERIAL 4. TOLERANCE 5. FINISHEngineering drawings • Universal language • Conventions (drawing grammar) simplify communication; your drawing is at risk if you defy • CAD packages make formal drawing easy…if you follow the conventions • The machinist will laugh at you behind your back if you show up with a non-standard drawingMultiview drawings TOP RIGHT FRONT SIDE rd “3 angle projection”Multiview drawings TOP Views MUST align RIGHT FRONT SIDE rd “3 angle projection”Multiview drawings TOP Views MUST align RIGHT FRONT SIDE rd “3 angle projection” You walk around Rotate the part part to the right (US) to the right (Europe)The Glass Box: Bertoline, Engineering GraphicsAlignment & Orientation are preserved… Bertoline, Engineering GraphicsSix Principle views: obey layout Basic lines (the “alphabet of lines”) Object line Hidden line Center line Dimension lineHIDDEN LINESCENTER LINESInterpreting Center Lines Enough Info? Enough Info?COULD BE THIS...OR THIS Centerlines imply symmetry, NOT revolution per seHERE, ONLY 2 VIEWS NEEDED (Correct drawing)Find The MistakesFind The MistakesFRONT

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