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Comment Persuasion SkillsObjectives • Explain What is Persuasion • Explain How Persuasion Works • Describe the Importance of Persuasion • Explain the Steps of the Persuasion Process • Explain the Role of Communication in Persuasion • Explain How to Use AIDA for Persuasive Writing • Explain the Rhetoric of Persuasion • Explain the Major Principles of Persuasion • Explain How to Persuade Different Personalities • Explain the Use Positive Body Language for Persuasion • Explain the Framework Theories for Applying Persuasion • Explain Strategies for Developing Persuasion Skills • Explain the Storytelling Technique of Persuasion • Explain the Steps for Building Rapport • List the Characteristics of a Good PersuaderIntroduction Gerard works as a Senior Frank Smith is Gerard’s Sales Executive at Leonia Inc. Regional Manager at Leonia Inc. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction • Gerard has been recently offered a position in one of Leonia’s overseas offices in China for 2 years. • However, Gerard is not very sure he should take up this offer due to various personal reasons. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction • He has two children who study in high school and are well settled and happy in their current school and among friends. • Also, Gerard knows that his working wife would not be too happy to leave her job to move abroad to live in an unknown culture. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction • Frank’s boss has given Frank the responsibility of convincing Gerard of taking up the position in China. • Let us look at a conversation between Frank and Gerard with regard to this situation. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction Work’s going great Frank, but you must have heard about the position they offered to me in one of their offices in China. Hi Gerard How’s work going? www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction Oh yes I know about Sure, it would feel good to discuss that and I have wanted the situation with someone. I to speak to you about can’t broach the subject at home the same. Is this a good before I myself have a clear idea time to discuss it? about what I want to do. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction So, I heard that you have been offered a position as Area Manager. Yes, that’s right. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction So, why are you thinking twice about such a great offer? You know it would take you at least another five years to get to that position in this office. This place is just so saturated in terms of opportunities to grow. I know that but I have certain personal issues that are making What me confused issues? about this. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction It’s just that my kids are in high school and are well-settled here in their current school. They have a nice and close group of friends. I do not want to move them to a new school especially at such an important juncture of their school days. They will soon be pursuing their graduation in college. I do not I see; I can want them to face understand the hassles of that. adjusting and settling in a new school in an alien culture. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction That’s not all. My wife works as a Senior Technical Writer at Howard That’s a real shame but you do have Inc. She hopes to be promoted to the a point there. Your kids and wife position of Team Lead this year. She won’t be happy about moving to has really worked hard for this China at this juncture in their happy promotion. I just cannot ask her to and settled lives. give it all up to move to China. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction Hey I have an idea. Why don’t you speak to the Management and let them know that these are the issues that you have and you can take up this offer but only on certain conditions. Now, you can understand my confusion. I am so tense; I just can’t make up my mind. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction You can tell them that you would be willing to move to China if and only if they allow you a week’s leave every six months to come back and meet your family. And what are those? www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction I am sure they would. They are really hard pressed upon finding someone from the head office here to fit the role of Area Manager in their Chinese office. They need someone who can really take up the challenge Do you to develop the think they market and would clients in that agree to it? area. They know they have chosen the best man when they chose you. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction True Moreover, it would also help you get into a leadership role where you would be handling a team of your own. It is a golden opportunity and one that I think you should not miss. Thanks Frank. I You would not too am looking get a chance to forward to get into a getting into such leadership role a role. It would so easily in this be such a great office. You move for my know that, career. right? www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction Sure, you should. I would also Oh yes I know that. There are so personally speak to them and many people competing for such convince them. All the same, be roles in this office. I think I should ready to go to take up this offer and speak to the Management openly move to China. After all it is just for about my issues and also suggest the two years. plausible solution that you gave. After that, they have promised that they will move you back here. Think about the global market experience that you will get in this position. It is an offer too www.ThesisScientg iso om d to be true.Introduction Yes Frank, you are absolutely right. Why didn’t I think of all this before? I could definitely move temporarily for You are most welcome two years to China and then come anytime Go for it back while my family can stay here during that period. My career would get a fresh new boost and their lives would also not get affected. I think it is a great idea. Thanks for talking to me Frank. I just couldn’t think like you. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction You have seen from the Frank persuades Gerard to move conversation between Frank and from his confused thoughts to Gerard how Frank persuades thinking very clear thoughts of Gerard to take up the offer in the taking up the offer. This is the China office. power of persuasion. www.ThesisScientist.comIntroduction Persuasion is crucial for Let us learn about success in every walk of life ‘Persuasion Skills’ whether personal or in detail. professional.

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