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Published Date:10-03-2017
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Skills for Creating Story TellingLife is about problem- solving and stories work because they reflect key elements of our experience. • A good public speaker takes their audience on a journey, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated. • If you want to set your story in the present, you are in a particularly difficult position because the present is very much challenging.• Times are changing fast, and new technologies appear in our lives with increasing regularity. Such an environment poses numerous challenges for storytellers.Some strategies are discussed from that you can learn how to set up your story content.• Analyze the new trend • Know your data • Build narrative style • Organize your data • Shading to the Design data/process • Create time and resources for content • Create visualization fun • Analyze the new Trend • Analyze and uncover new angles on stories . Stories should be full of twists and turns because your readers expect a new journey that will take them humorous.Know Your Data • Lots of books make readers laugh and lots make readers cry, but when readers laugh and cry while reading the same book, they remember it. Put your best material in.• Build Narrative Style • Build your narrative style more powerful. Create a problem or drama that demands yourprotagonist’s attention. ThatCan’t Be Solved in a Predictable Way.• Organize your data • Structuring your speech/drama to get your ideas across and that will help to keep your audience engaged all the waythrough is tricky.• Shading to the Design data/process • Make that type of data that speaks itself. Set clarity and accessibility criteria. use interface designing and techniques to create something that people want to interact with.A Rough Balance Scale Between Beauty and Necessity Not A lot of Accessible Data Sweet Portion No Energy No Data Too A little Much Design Design• Create Time and Resources for Content • Data should be in snackable style because there's more risk in marketing than ever before. Brand reputation is at stake.Continued…. • Exploration require maintenance, Because bad stories live forever online as a black scar on your brand's reputationCreate Visualization Fun • High focused on creative endeavors create a flow which is linked to happiness. Because visual output fun will be the most fun part of the day.“Stories resound with people so much because they’re all about solving problems.”Follow us on:-