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process of research methodology ppt and qualitative research methodology ppt and questionnaire design in research methodology ppt
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Published Date:19-07-2017
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Zainal A. Hasibuan, PhD  (  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY STUDY PROGRAM: MAGISTER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER SCIENCE FACULTY, UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA Session Objec5ves  •  To understand the meaning of research  •  To understand the meaning of research  methodology  •  To understand the objec5ves of research  •  To understand the basic steps of conduc5ng  research Agenda  •  Defini5on of Research  •  Defini5on of Methodology  •  Defini5on of Research Methodology  •  The Aims of Research  •  Basic Steps to Conduct Research Penger5an Peneli5an (Research)  Menurut KBBI  •  Peneli5an adalah….. “Kegiatan pengumpulan,  pengolahan, analisis, dan penyajian data yang  dilakukan secara sistema5s dan objek5f untuk  memecahkan suatu persoalan atau menguji  hipotesis untuk mengembangkan prinsip‐ prinsip umum.” What is Research?   Research is: “…the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information (data) in order to increase our understanding of the phenomenon about which we are concerned or interested” More Understanding on What is Research ?   Research is a careful and systematic process of inquiry to find answers to problem of interest.   Research include: use of facts, use of theories, data (fact) analysis, sampling, doing an experiment, going to library to read up on a topic   To do ‘research’ is to investigate the problem systematically and thoroughly   Goal of research is to solve ‘problem’ of interest Research Characteristics 1.  Originates with a question or problem. 2.  Requires clear articulation of a goal. 3.  Follows a specific plan or procedure. 4.  Often divides main problem into subproblems. 5.  Guided by specific problem, question, or hypothesis. 6.  Accepts certain critical assumptions. 7.  Requires collection and interpretation of data. 8.  Cyclical (helical) in nature. The Aims of Research   To describe about a phenomena   To predict about “something” in the future   To explain about solution of problem   To interpret what is being investigate Scientific Methods   “Methodos” means way   Methodology is the discipline of scientific procedures Penger5an Metodologi (Kamus Ilmu  Pengetahuan)  •  Metodologi adalah…. “Ilmu tentang metode;  Uraian tentang metode.”  •  Ilmu tentang metode‐metode, prosedur‐ prosedur, prinsip‐prinsip yang digunakan  dalam disiplin keilmuan;   •  Cabang logika yang merumuskan atau  menganalisis prinsip‐prinsip yang diperlukan  untuk membentuk kesimpulan dan konsep  yang logis What is Methodology ?  •  A formalized approach to conduct research  – A series of steps and deliverables  •  Research Methodology In Computer Science/ Informa5on System/Informa5on Technology  (CS/IS/IT)     “A collec5on of methods, procedures,   techniques, tools and documenta5on aids   which will help the researcher in their efforts   to conduct a research in the field of CS/IS/IT”. Research Methodology Vs. Research  Method  •  Research Methodology:   – Conceptual frameworks and assump5ons used to  inform research  – Elabora5on of research method  •  Research Method:   – Research technique or procedure used to gather  and analyses data Method (Metode)  •  Kaidah‐kaidah dasar untuk melakukan  peneli5an terhadap ilmu pengetahuan;  •  Cara melaksanakan atau mencapai ilmu  pengetahuan berdasarkan kaidah‐kaidah yang  jelas dan tegas; Research Methodology   A reseach methodology will consist of phases, sub‐ phases, which will guide the researchers in their choice  of the methods, techniques, procedures, tools, etc.,  that might be appropriate at each stage of the  research and also help them plan, manage, control and  evaluate the progress of research.   A research methodology represents a way to develop  research systema5cally.   A research methodology represents a way to do  scien5fic inquiry.   A research methodology should have a sound  theore5cal basis. Why Methodology ?  •  It will make you beZer able to understand and  u5lize scien5fic informa5on in both your  personal life and your work.  •  It will make you a more literate and cultured  person.  •  It provides you some insight not only into  par5cular scien5fic findings but also into the  general nature of science as a human ac5vity.  Nature of Research in CS/IS/IT  •  Research in CS o\en requires experimental design as  well as theore5cal (basic) research  –   Hence, we have to have a methodology in order to  conduct research CS   –  Science approach :new knowledge, theory  •  Research in IS/IT o\en requires system development  –  Hence, we have to have a methodology in order to develop  a system (IS/IT system)  –  Engineering approach: construc8on of useful products  •   This IS/IT Development Methodology can be used as  a Research Methodology in IS/IT field. How to Start A Research?  •  Determine a well define problem  – Understanding about something  •  Science approach: phenomena, theory, hypothesis,  experiment..  – Construc5ng product  •  Engineering approach: build a system that perform a  (unique) task, experiment, convergence results  (stable)..  •  Follow the steps in the research methodology  •  Research results: knowledge, algorithm,  methods, product (system), model, etc… Problem Formulation Problem Formulation Identification Research Problem Identification Scope of Research Hypothesis Identification Research Questions Identification Research Objectives TIP If you don’t understand something ask me

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