Routing in Ad hoc networks ppt

adaptive opportunistic routing for wireless ad hoc networks ppt and multicast routing in ad hoc networks ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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IMPROVEMENT OF NETWORK LIFETIME BY IMPROVING ROUTE DISCOVERY PHASE IN MULTI- PATH DSR USING HYBRID ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION Contents  Abstract  Introduction to MANET  Applications of MANET  Classification ofMANET’s Routing Protocols  DSR Routing Protocol  ACO Technique  Literature Review  Simulation EnvironmentAbstract Problem Statement: Improving a protocol for routing in ad hoc networking using dynamic source routing(DSR) based on ACO Ant Colony Optimization Technique. With Respect to Three Performance Metrics: (1) Packet end to end delay, (2) Throughput (3) Packet delivery ratio  Simulation Tool Used: MATLABMANET The term MANET(Mobile Ad hoc Network)refers to a multihop packet based wireless network composed of a set of mobile nodes that can communicate and move at the same time, without using any kind of fixed wired infrastructureApplication of MANET  TACTICAL NETWORK  SENSOR NETWORK  EMERGENCY SERVICES  COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT  VANET(Vehicular Ad Hoc Network)  MILITARY ENVIRONMENTMANET ROUTING PROTOCOLS Routing Protocols of MANET Proactive/Table-Driven Routing Protocols-: When a packet needs to be forwarded, the route is already known. Each node maintains table. Reactive/ On-Demand Routing Protocols: Determine a route only when there is data to send. It maintains only currently active routes to reduce network load.Reactive versus Proactive Routing Approach • ProactiveRoutingProtocols – Periodicexchangeofcontrolmessages – (+) immediately provide the required routes when needed – (-) Largersignallingtrafficand power consumption. • ReactiveRoutingProtocols – Attempts to discover routes only on-demand by flooding – (+)Smaller signalling traffic and power consumption. – (-) A long delay for application when no route to thedestinationavailable. • Hybrid – combinationofproactive andreactiveDynamic Source Routing (DSR)  It is based on concept of source routing.  Each node maintains a route cache to store all possible learned routes.  It using two main mechanisms: Route discovery and Route maintenance  Route Discovery process is initiated only if desired route can not found in route cache.Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Route reply propagation in Route request propagation in DSR DSRACO TECHNIQUE ACO Ant Colony Optimization Technique is developed from ant behaviour when foraging for food specifically the method through which ants choose a shortest path to a specific source when many trails are evident.Simulation Tool Used • MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and programming language. • Created by The MathWorks, MATLAB allows easy – matrix manipulation, – plotting of functions and data, – implementation of algorithms, – creation of user interfaces, and – interfacing with programs in other languages. • MATLAB is available for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems. It is used by more than one million people in industry and academia. Simulation SetupTHANK YOU YOU CAN FIND US