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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Company Presentation Hinwil, January 2016 Belimo solutions Innovations in Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Safety Solutions. Belimo is the global market leader in the develop- ment, production and marketing of actuator solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Actuators and control valves make up the company’s core business. Company Presentation 2016 2 Where to find Belimo products? Burj Khalifa, Dubai National Aquatic Center, Beijing Empire State Building, NY THE SQUAIRE, Frankfurt (Source: Roland Horn) Rail vehicles Princeton University Princeton, NJ Airport Zurich (Source: Flughafen Zürich AG) Vessels Company Presentation 2016 3 Comfort Health, well-being and performance capability are dependent to a large degree on a well controlled room climate. Company Presentation 2016 4 Optimized room climate Balanced temperatures and regulated ventilation air at workplaces and in public areas Individual air-conditioning control in zones, single rooms and apartments Safe process air solutions in business, industry and sensitive working areas Company Presentation 2016 5 Conditioning of air and water Precisely positioning air dampers and valves in: Air conditioning plants District heating transfer stations Central heating plants Cooling water conditioning plants Company Presentation 2016 6 6 Regulating room comfort Delivering cooling and heating air via: Ceiling-mounted air outlets Supply and exhaust air grilles Slotted outlets Fan coils Variable air volume control systems Underground units Façade units Heating and cooling ceilings Company Presentation 2016 7 Special areas Supply and exhaust air control and heat and cooling generation in areas with increased requirements such as: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry Rail vehicles, ships, other transportation Wood-burning heating systems Wood-drying plants Livestock farming facilities Cheese dairies Greenhouses Company Presentation 2016 8 General Air Solutions Motorization of dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems: Rotary actuators - 90º Linear actuators Full-rotation actuators - 360º Quick running actuators RobustLine actuators for extreme environmental conditions Rotary actuators for outdoor applications Company Presentation 2016 9 Room and System Solutions Total solutions for the variable volumetric flow control and individual control of the room climate: Actuators, sensors and controllers Ventilator control Room controller systems Company Presentation 2016 10 Water Solutions Motorized valves for controlling heating and cooling hydronic circuits: 2-way, 3-way and 6-way characterized control valves Mechanical and electronically controlled pressure-independent characterized control valves Shut-off and change-over valves Globe valves Company Presentation 2016 11 Retrofit applications Simple retrofit and replacement of the motorisation for air dampers and valves of different manufacturers: Damper actuators Globe valve actuators Rotary valve actuators Company Presentation 2016 12 Energy Efficiency Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency begin in the details and have large-scale effects. Company Presentation 2016 13 Increasing energy efficiency Cutting energy consumption and operating costs Fulfilling highest comfort requirements and ensuring maximum efficiency Generating added value for customers and the environment Company Presentation 2016 14 Cutting energy consumption Innovative technologies for cutting the electricity consumption of the actuators: Lower consumption in the holding position through dynamic motor controls Reduced expenditure of energy through new, non-linear gearbox Energy-saving emergency power supply storage with SuperCaps Company Presentation 2016 15 Avoiding energy losses Intelligent solutions for avoiding unnecessary energy losses: Prevention of creeping circulation losses with air bubble tight closing valves Massive reduction of pressure losses through demand-based control of the supply air fans Company Presentation 2016 16 Monitoring energy flows Electronically controlled Energy Valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. One valve for flow, ΔT and energy measurement, control and shut-off Perfectly optimized coil operation thanks to automated ΔT and flow balancing Integrated energy monitoring for the checking and optimization of the hot and cold water circuits Company Presentation 2016 17 Safety Solutions Safety for people, tangible assets and investments requires experience and maximum reliability. Company Presentation 2016 18 Safety for people and tangible assets Sealing off fire-rated compartments against the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation ducts Mechanical smoke extraction from zones and rooms for evacuation and rescue work Company Presentation 2016 19 Safety Solutions Motorization solutions for fire and smoke dampers: Fire protection actuators Communication, network and control units Bus integration Company Presentation 2016 20

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