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Published Date:24-03-2017
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360⁰ SELFIE• Just like Shakespeare, we like to pair words up and see what new things can be created. Also, we like taking things to the extreme. • With interactive, movie- like VR tech sure to take pride of place in every tech lover’s home in the next few years, it’s time to get ahead of the curve on the creation front.360⁰ Selfie- Breakthrough Cameras that produce 360⁰ images, providing a realistic feel of events and places.Why it Matters? The 360° format is so compelling that Photos and videos with this outlook could become the new standard for everything from raw footage of news events to vacation shots.Key Players • Ricoh • Samsung • 360fly • JK Imaging (maker of Kodak Pixpro digital cameras) • IC Real Tech (maker of the ALLie camera) • Humaneyes TechnologiesHow this crazy Gadget is going to Remodel the Selfie-SphereAs the smart phone booms and innovations in several technologies that combine images from multiple lenses and sensors, these applications are realizable. Like 360° cameras require more horsepower than regular cameras and generate more heat, but managed by the energy-efficient chips that powers smart phones.As smart phone market helped in cut down the rate immensely, 360°- camera makers found it possible to price their devices accessibly, often at less than 500.Unlike traditional cameras, which have narrow fields of view, 360° cameras has fish-eye lenses that require special optics to align and focus images across multiple points.Most 360° cameras lack displays and viewfinders. To reimburse, camera makers developed apps that you can download to your phone to build shots and review the resulting images. Because creating 360° content requires fasten together multiple images, doing it on the fly for live streaming represents an impressive technical achievement. Computer-vision algorithms have simplified the process so that it can be done on the camera itself, allows people to live-stream video with minimal delays.Spherical cameras represented 1 percent of worldwide consumer camera shipments in 2016 and are set to reach 4 percent in 2017, according to the research firm Futuresource Consulting. The popularity and acceptance of these devices will help the virtual-reality industry as well as camera makers.When you see 360° imagery that truly carry you somewhere else, you want it more and more.Follow us on :-