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powerpoint presentation tips for students ppt and presentation tips using powerpoint effectively
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Things Hated by Audience About PresentationPresentation A presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. This is a demonstration, introduction, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, or build good will.Things we should not do in a presentationLong Introduction Starting few minutes are very important, start with a little introduction who you are. Don’t tell too much that’s all about you because audience get bored.Messy Data When you prepare the presentation, firstly figure out the data that you will add in the presentation. Well Organize your content to take proper attention of your audience. Unorganized data will lose audience attention.Overloaded Transition and Animation • Make the presentation simple. • If you want to take animation and transition, then choose only one or two of and use it in the whole presentation. • Too much use of transition and animation can be irritating. Too Much Content • Don’t put everything in your presentation. • Take only few key points and make your slides readable. • Too much information cause disinterest the audience.Endless Chart • Representing the information in charts is impactful. • But use of too much charts to display the information is unaffected. It can lose audience attention. Inadequacy of Humor Presenting your data in good way, make yourself humorist. Humor is a tool which plays a vital role in your success. Lack of humor has bad impact on the audience.Lack Of Enthusiasm • If your presentation topic is not interesting, Make your presentation topic interesting which excite the audience. • Other main point, you should also be excite about your presentation. • If there is lack of passion in presentation, then audience will not take interest in you. Lack Of Visuals If your slides are full of text and there isn’t use of diagrams. It will not impact on the Audience. Visuals to have good impact.Continued.. People only hold attention on three points : • Key points • Visuals • Emotional points Less Interaction And Engagement The best way for presentation is having interaction with your audience. Interact by moving around the stage, eye contact and discussion with the audience. Less communication bored the audience and lose their attention to you. THANK YOU Find us at queriesthesisscientist.com

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