Causes of social problems and evils

about social evils and social evils in society essay and how to stop social evils in our society and information about social reformers
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Published Date:17-05-2017
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Every year in India crores of money is spent on cleanliness and sanitation but the condition is not satisfactory. REASONS :carelessness ,lack of knowledge.Based on job specialization 5 classes of caste system:•Spread of education •Widespread social change in rural aras •Knowledge of the rights of the constitution •Shedding away of superstitionsDOWRY An amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on her marriage. REASONS: greed for money, society pressure, tradition. bride’s family who generally belong to lower and upper class face this problem……….STOP discrimination between boys and girls Education and proper knowledge Awareness e.g. through media Parents should change their thought of dowry from mind and children should stand against their family for doing thisAPPLICABLE FROM: 20 MAY ,1961 PENALTY FOR GIVING OR TAKING DOWRY: Imprisonment of 5 years or more and/or fine PENALTY FOR DEMANDING DOWRY: Imprisonment of 6 Months to 2 years and a fine upto 2 years.•SUPERSTITION refers to the irrational beliefs of supernatural powers. •REASONS: FEAR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE SOCIAL PRACTICES,RELIGIONIf a black cat crosses your path it’s a bad omen Removing evils eyes-nazar utarna Breaking mirror is a bad luck Do not sweep after sunset Adding one rupee to a gift coin.Child Marriage CHILD MARRIAGE is the marriage of child below the prescribed limit of age i.e. grooms age 21 and brides age 18. CAUSES: poor economic background , illiteracy etc.ROLE IN POLITICS :BECOMING MORE PARTICIPATIVE ROLE IN SOCIO-ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES: SUCCESSFUL,HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING. RURAL WOMEN:GETTING EDUCATED,FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTSINDIA is a cultural heritage No doubt it has many evils but now it is fighting against these evils and one day it will definitely be free of it