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Published Date:09-03-2017
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GREEN CLOUD COMPUTINGCONTENTS 1. What is cloud computing? 2. What is green computing? 3. Goals of green computing 4. What is green cloud computing? 5. Green cloud computing model 6. Advantages of green cloud computing 7. Green cloud computing architecture 8. Cloud computing benefits 9. conclusionWHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.“WHAT IS GREEN COMPUTING? Green computing is the environmentally responsible and eco-friendly use of computers and their resources. It is also defined as the study of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing of computing devices in a way that reduces their environmental impact. Green computing is also known as green information technology (green IT).GOALS OF GREEN COMPUTING Reduce the use of hazardous materials. Maximize energy efficiency during the product's lifetime. promote the recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste.WHAT IS GREEN CLOUD COMPUTING? The concept of green cloud computing has come after the addition of the advantage of green computing with the cloud computing. The green cloud presents a simulation environment for energy aware cloud computing data centers.GREEN CLOUD COMPUTING MODELPower Usage Effectiveness(PUE)Data centers Data center is a subdivision of information and communication technology service provider organization where this organisation can operate most of the ICT infrastructure that supports to their clients. The network system devices used in creating data centers switches, links and servers.cooling Improving cooling efficiency in data centers-  Implement hot-aisle/cold –aisle.  Install blanking panels.  Organize cables.  Use close-coupled cooling.  Isolate and remove hot air.  Replace inefficient UPS systems.ADVANTAGES OF GREEN CLOUD COMPUTINGGREEN CLOUD COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE1. User: Green Broker User Green Broker A typical Cloud broker Cloud Request Services  Lease Cloud services Application Cloud QoS  Schedule applications Profiling Offers CO Analysis Services 2 Green Green Broker Cost CO Emission 2 Information Calculator Calculator System 1st layer: Analyze user requirements Brokering Services such as 2nd layer: Calculates cost and carbon footprint scheduling, monitoring Green Cloud of services Scheduler Policies Leasing 3rd layer: Carbon aware scheduling Private Cloud Public Cloud2. Provider: Green Middleware3. Virtual machines (VMs) Multiple VMs can be dynamically started and stopped on a single physical machine to meet accepted requests, hence providing maximum flexibility to configure various partitions of resources on the same physical machine to different specific requirements of service requests.4. Physical machines The underlying physical computing servers provide hardware infrastructure for creating virtualized resources to meet service demands.CLOUD COMPUTING BENEFITS