Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement 1
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Published Date:15-07-2017
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cictf13bpi Business Process Improvement The University of Michigan Laurie Herman & Lynne Ertel cictf13bpi WHY PROCESS IMPROVEMENT? Process Improvement is tied to being a value-driven IT service organization. cictf13bpi Our Journey Setting a New Course ● Considered the direction of U-M IT ● Aligned Ourselves ● Set a Course cictf13bpi Our Journey And We’re Off ● Vision ● Skills Development ○ Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) ○ Lean Office ● Test Cases ● Methodology and Tools ● Service Management Alignment cictf13bpi OUR PROCESS IMPROVEMENT METHODOLOGY ● Stages ● Phases ● Tools cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOLS ● Readiness Assessment ● SIPOC ● Process Models ● Process Maturity Matrix ● Many more... cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Readiness Assessment cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Process Maturity Matrix cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: SIPOC cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Swimlane Diagram cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Value Stream Map cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Process Models cictf13bpi Our Methodology TOOL: Hierarchy of Models cictf13bpi How We Applied It MEETING UP WITH SERVICE MANAGEMENT ● ITIL Training ● IT Service Management Tool ● Service Management Processes cictf13bpi How We Applied It “TOTO” cictf13bpi How We Applied It TOTO TEMPLATES ORGANIZATIONAL READINESS ASSESSMENT cictf13bpi Where We Are Now Looking for Where We Can Improve cictf13bpi Where We Are Now FROM TOTO TO SERVICE TRANSITION cictf13bpi Where We Are Now NOW: CONTINUAL SERVICE IMPROVEMENT cictf13bpi Where We Are Now LESSONS LEARNED • Changing a culture is an interesting endeavor • Lions and tigers and process OH MY • We’re still growing • Where’s the measuring stick?

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