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successful powerpoint presentation examples and how rich people think pdf
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Successful People Vs Unsuccessful PeopleSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Embrace Change Fear ChangeSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Talk About Ideas Talk About peopleSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Accept responsibility Blame Others for their failures SUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Give others all the Take all the credits credit for their victories from othersSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Want others to Secretly hope Succeed others fail SUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Fly by the seat of their Continuously Learn pantsSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Ask how they can Ask how they can help others help themselvesSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Listen first and never Talk too much stop listeningSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Always looking to Don’t care about better understand introspection themselvesSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Vulnerable and Protected and Transparent SecretiveSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Keep a positive Get negative too attitude oftenSUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL Committed to Put themselves gratitude and acts of first kindnessAny queries? You can find us at

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