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Published Date:29-06-2017
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FREE eChapter 1Calling all teenager s - quit the moaning and start loving lif e Have you got a grumbling, slovenly teenager-shaped lump in your household? Do you occasionally hear grunts and door banging that suggests there’s a teenager living with you? Or are you indeed one of these marvellous young things? Do you think teenagers get a bad rap and are determined to be energetic, focused, successful and happy? Whether you’re a teenager with ambitions or someone desperate to turn a down-beat teenager into a ray of positivity and delight, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager is here to help. The bestselling authors of The Art of Being Brilliant and Be Brilliant Everyday are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology and, with this new book, will help teenagers be more motivated, confident, optimistic and ambitious – to prepare them for a brilliant adult life Buy today from your favourite bookshop and online at 2Please feel free to post this sampler on your blog or website, or email it to anyone you think would enjoy it Thank you. Extracted from The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager published in 2014 by Capstone Publishing, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8SQ. UK. Phone +44(0)1243 779777 Copyright © 2014 Andy Cope, Andy Whittaker, Darrell Woodman & Amy Bradley All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or under the terms of a licence issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4LP, UK, without the permission in writing of the Publisher. Requests to the Publisher should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8SQ, England, or emailed to 3It might sound a little sickly but this book is for your heart of hearts, for the voice inside your head and for the person you want to be. But, more than anything, it’s for the person you already are. It is a reminder that you are already brilliant, sometimes. And that you need to start being brilliant a bit more often. This book is also about reminding you to surround yourself with those who will replenish your reserves of energy, love and gratitude. Not the miserable bs who drain you. 45When we run ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ in schools there is always a sizeable population of lads who want to be Premiership footballers. We admire ambition. I asked one such lad, ‘So, are you any good at football? Do you play for a team?’ ‘Err no, sir. But I’m good on Fifa.’ You couldn’t make it up. He reckons that if he stays locked in his bedroom playing on his X-Box for long enough, a Liverpool scout’s going to knock on his door, walk in and say, ‘Good with your thumbs. You’re exactly what we’re looking for. Here’s a shirt and 200k a week.’ 67Ambition is fab. But don’t delude yourself. If you want to be a footballer you will have to be out practicing 7 days a week and will have to be the star of your local team. Now If you want to be a vet, you need to be volunteering at the RSPCA. Now If you want to be a hairdresser, you need to be volunteering at your local salon. Now If you want to be in the army you need to be in the cadets. Now If you want to be a web designer you need to be designing websites. Now Tell me when you’ve got the point... If you want to go to uni, you need to be working your backside off. Now 2 If you want to be a banker you need to get used to having no mates. Now and FOREVER 2 Sorry, that’s a cheap and topical gag. It might not be topical if you’re reading this in 2050? But check out the history books. Bankers paid themselves lavishly while doing their jobs really badly and bringing the world to its knees. Top tip - try not to bear grudges greedybs 89People often say that a person ‘has not yet found themselves’. But the ‘self’ isn’t something you fifif nd, it’s something you create. Create your best self and be it consistently. You cannot give what you don’t have. It’s diff cult to be nice to others if you’re not nice to yourself. And it’s diff cult to be nice to yourself when you don’t feel good about yourself. Working on yourself and cultivating your own self-esteem can be a lot of work. In fact we believe it’s a full- time job. And you never get a certi icate of completion The longer you wait for your future the shorter it will be. There’s a really cool book called ‘The Secret’ that’s based on ‘The Law of Attraction’. Stick it on your birthday list. Put simply, what goes around comes around. If people don’t understand you, take steps to understand them frst. If people aren’t nice, try being nice to them f rst. We promise that if you’re consistently awesome, the world is a better place. It’s a bit spooky how true this is. Please note, it doesn’t mean everybody is always nice and smiley and kind to you. The world will still have its fair share of idiots. Always remember, you can’t cure ‘stupid’. Just make sure you don’t become one of the idiots. Do what it says in this book and, over time, you’ll shine. And, when you shine, you stand out. And when you stand out, opportunities come your way. 10We think standing out for all the right reasons is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn to do. The problem is... it’s a whole lot easier to it in If everyone else is moaning about teachers and homework and that life’s not fair, the easiest thing is to join in. Roll your eyes, sigh and complain. Try it. It’s a doddle. Because doing what everyone else is doing is kind of tempting? So, yes, itting in is an OK short-term strategy. But your best long term strategy should be to stand out. And if you’re an upbeat, positive, smiley, energetic, enthusiastic young person, believe me when I tell you, you’ll stand out a mile You get to choose your friends. Choose carefully. It’s better to have a few really good ones than lots of acquaintances. Gangs are interesting. The media tends to talk about them as if they are a new phenomenon. We’ve been in gangs or clans since we emerged from the swamps. Gangs can make you feel like you belong to something. The problem is they tend to hang around doing bad stuff. We dare you to join a gang that does good stuff. 11Scouts is a gang. Drama group is a gang. Your rugby team is a gang. Netball is a gang. Playing in a band is a gang. Family is a gang. Do stuff. All the kids who get into trouble are ones that are bored. We appreciate that doing stuff takes effort. And, of course, it’s a lot easier to do very little. You don’t get to choose your family. Make the most of what you’ve been given. They’re for life. A family is only ever as happy as their least happy child. So make sure it’s not you. You can be a source of pleasure, pride and inspiration to your family. Or a real pain and a worry. Think about it. If changes are necessary, don’t wait. Make them. 1213 When I was in primary school my teacher sat me next to a girl called Melanie. Or ‘Mel’. And Mel was really nice but in year 3 she developed a scowl and a bad attitude. She adopted a catch-phrase that re lected exactly what she thought of school. Mel would slouch very low in her seat, roll her eyes and complain that everything was ’Booooring’. And I mean ‘everything’. In year 3 we were taking turns reading pages from a story. I loved the story but when it was Mel’s turn she sighed and huffed, ‘What ’s the point of this story miss? It’s boooring.’ In year 4 we did maths. It was never my strong point but I did my very best. Mel stuck her hand in the air. ‘Miss. What are we doing this for. It ’s just numbers and they’re really boooooring.’Year 5 was especially bad. ‘Miss, why are we doing history, it’s just about dead people and it’s boooring.’ Ditto year 6. Then it was the step up to big school. You’ve guessed it, Mel slouched her way through years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 complaining that big school was exactly the same as little school. ‘Booooring.’ Mel found her niche. She nestled into ‘just below average’. Her default attitude was negative. Her exam results re lected her personality. And I couldn’ t help feeling that Mel might have wasted an opportunity? 14About the Author s Arty-Amy Amy: Fun girl who gets Dr HAPPY to spend her days doing her favourite thing .... beingbrilliant Andy C: Clever guy who spends DRAWING She’s always 50% of his time as a student, 50% saying she has the as an author and 50% as a trainer amy_brad1 best job If you’d like to (not so clever at maths, to be see more of her cool fair). Andy works with massive illustrations then visit companies, reminding them how to be happy. He also writes the ‘Spy Dog’ children’s series. One daughter, one son. Mr S trengths ArtOfBrillAndyW funny bone Daz: Nice guy who had a successful career in local radio Andy W: Funny guy who has before deciding to jack it all in and several failed careers before do something radical with his life. fnding his niche - delivering He now delivers ‘The Art of Being training that makes people laugh Brilliant’ in business and schools. as well as changing their lives. Two sons. Fluctuates between genius and idiot. One daughter. darrellwoodman 16 what you’ve read here? Then get yourself a copy of The Art of Being a Brilliant T eenager, which will: • Help teenagers survive under the pressure of school, homework, exams, parents, relationships, hormones… • Encourage positivity to stop the all-to-common moaning of the teenage years • Give tips and techniques to ensure the teenagers of today shed their negativity and don’t grow into adults that think ‘life’s not fair’ • Provide a richly illustrated, colourful and light-hearted guide to the art of happiness and positive psychology Buy today from your favourite bookshop and online at 17

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