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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Things You should Remember Before Quitting Your Job to Become an EntrepreneurYour Idea should be ViableTurning an idea into a booming businessisn’t as easy at it may seem. Follow some steps to find out whether your idea is viable: •ResearchtheMarket •Find out ifthere’s a paying customer •Solicithonestfeedback •Consider your marketing strategy.Prepare for the realities of Entrepreneurship• You must become obsessed. •Prepare for a pay cut. •Understand the true skinny on margins. •Stick and Stay is bound to pay. •Promote yourself to sell.• Determine your current financial Situation. • Develop your Financial goals. • Identify alternative Courses of action. • Evaluate your alternatives. • Create and implement your financial action plan. • Review and revise your Financial plan.Talk to People•Talk to your friends about whether they believe your idea is promising. •Talk o your spouse whether he or she is ready to take the risk with you. •Talk to your peers and mentors to see if they have nay advice.Maintain the Bridge•when you leave your job, do it in a professional way. • if your ideadoesn’t work, you may have the chance to return back to your employment place. •“Talk to your employer candidly about leaving, give them as much time as they need to find a replacement and exit as smoothly as possible to maintain your relationship.”

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