Catalysis and Green chemistry ppt

green chemistry and sustainable development-ppt and green chemistry in day to day life ppt
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Published Date:12-07-2017
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Closed Closed Loop Loop Chemistry Chemistry From Waste to Wealth using using Green Chemistry James Clark Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence University of York, UK www www.greenchemistry .netYet everybody hates chemicals Pressures on the Chemical Industry Across the Lifecycle www www.greenchemistry .netWe are running out of key elements Elemental unsustainability www www.greenchemistry .netWhat What do do we we do do with with our our w waste? aste? What a waste www www.greenchemistry .netCh Chemi ical ls f from f food d wast te films bi bio-adh dhesiives hydrophobes Liquid fuels sugars solid fuels phenols starch nanocomposites pectin bio-surfactants collagen Food Food supply supply cellulose natural chelants chain residues chitosan PVC replacements li ligni in natural dyes hydrogels hemicellulose chemical waxes monomers bio-solvents cosmetic waxes www www.greenchemistry .netSustainable sources of f Carbon Carbon O Over 90% 90% of f organi ic ch hemi ical ls are b based d on pet trol leum f feed dst tock ks - this is not sustainable www www.greenchemistry .netPetroleum Refinery Fuels Fuels Solvent Bulk chemicals Plastics Fibres Petroleum feedstock feedstock Fi Fine ch hemiicalls Oils Oils www www.greenchemistry .netBio-refinery Fuels Solvent Plastics Biomass Biomass Bulk chemicals Fine Fine chemicals chemicals Fibres Oils Don’t use food quality feedstocks www www.greenchemistry .netIt’s not just about how safe the product is…. Or how clean the manufacturing is…….. Or how sustainable the feedstocks are We We need need to to introduce introduce Green Chemistry concepts and practices across th the supplly ch haiin( (s) ) www www.greenchemistry .netWhat What is is Green Green Chemistry? Chemistry? Sustainable Development and Business Energy Non-renewables ECONOMIC cost water REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL waste risk SOCIAL SOCIAL SD www www.greenchemistry .netClean Synthesis & Platform Platform Molecules Training, Education and Networks Natural Natural Solvents Solvents Microwave Microwave & Processing Biolubricants www www.greenchemistry .netADDING G VALUE Biomass including including food food and and agro-wastes Extractables Extractables BBl ulkk C Chhemiicalls (secondary metabolites ((Bio)chemical processing of from straw) Materials bulk materials/residues) ( (priimary mettab bolit lites – starch, cellulose) Selective Selective F Fermentation ermentation Bi Benign E Exttractition M Meththod ds Controlled Pyrolysis Separation/Purification Extraction Technology Green Chemical Transformation (Bio)platform molecules Green Chemistry/technology Expansion Methods Green Green Chemical Chemical Modification Composites www www.greenchemistry .net TEC CHNOLO OGIES CHE EMICAL POTENT TIALFood waste…. Food waste…. Porous polysaccharide- Porous polysaccharide-derived materials derived materials Native Star Native Starch ch Ex Exp p p panded Star anded Starch ch 10 µm 2 µm 2 -1 2 -1 Surface Area 1 m g Surface Area 180 m g 3 -1 3 -1 Pore Volume 0.5 cm g Pore Volume 0.002 cm g„„„„„„„„„„ „„„„„„„ ® STARBONS A An n e ex xcit citi ing ng new c new cl lass of ass of car carbonaceous ma bonaceous mat te erials rials Properties Adjustable Adjustable surface surface A Applica pplicat tions ions energies and polarities High mesoporocity and Separation media surface areas Catalysis Catalysis Readily functionalisable Absorbency with acid/base/metal functionality Water purification Excellent Excellent solvent solvent stability stability Fuel Fuel cells cells Good chemical and heat resistance Controllable electrical conductivity 200C-0.12g/cm3 Formation of composites 550C - 0.29 g/cm3 and blends P Parttiicullatte// monolithi lithic 0.07 g/cm3 forms www www.greenchemistry .netMaking use of food wastes….. SSwi itthb chablle adh dhesiives ffor carpett til tiles (I(IntterffaceFl Flor)) Rl Recyclab blle Diverting millions of Kg pa from landfill www www.greenchemistry .netMore uses for food waste and for ashes….. Bio-silicates (B&Q) Bio-based composite materials for structural and furniture applications Future construction materialb ls basedd on 100% green and sustainable components www www.greenchemistry .netUsing plant extracts…. Eco-waxes Charles Jackson Farms - Botanix - Croda - L’Oreal - Processum Cosmetic Products Semiochemic Semiochemica als ls (Rothamsted) Wheat straw ScCO extraction Wax products 2 2 Health Products “Natural Natural” products products are are very very desirable…they desirable…they need need to to be: be: - derived from natural resources - extracted using “natural” solvents (H O, EtOH, CO ) 2 2 - modified only be “natural” methods (biocatalysis) www www.greenchemistry .netMaking your process greener greener Chemical manufacturing is largely based on chemistry that is complex, energy- , solvent-, and water-intensive and produces a a l lot ot of of CO CO and and considerably considerably mor more e 2 (often hazardous) waste than product www www.greenchemistry .netGreener Solvents Inorganic Petroleum Biomass Solvents Solvents Conventional Ethanol + Ethyl acetate Neoteric (e.g. Ionic Ethyl lactate CO + Water 2 2 Li Liquid ids) ) 2 2-MeTHF MeTHF limonene ‘Natural Natural’ solvents solvents www www.greenchemistry .netAi Amiddatiion and d EEi sterifificatiion iin Bi Bio‐SSl olvents O O O O O O O O 100 °C 50 °C Bu R OH R N Ph Pr O Pr Pr O H R R = = 4 4‐Phen Phenylpr ylpro opyl pyl B Bu u O OH H P Ph h N NH H 2 D‐Limonene          p‐Cymene scCO extraction      O + Pd‐γ‐Al O 2 2 2 3 Orange peel        Eucalyptus oil www www.greenchemistry .net

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