Seven habit of highly Effective Person ppt

developing good study habits and habits of a highly effective person and seven habits of effective personal management
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Tips For How To Create A New Habit • If negotiates about that how to form a new habit at a time, it becomes very hard… Because it’s normally seems that a person used to doing the same things over and over again.• It is impossible to change multiple habit at same time. There is major reason behind it, “why most people failed”• Because To change the daily routine of a person; it require a lot of mental strength and commitment.• But there is a word “impossible” which says that about itself “I” “M” “POSSIBLE”. so there is nothing impossible…… people could easily form a habit at a time. Some Simple Steps are Discussed here……Analyze what you really want to change inside….. There is just only you, that tells why you really want to change. You can put up finger on yourself.Try to recognize that why are you doing it…. Because Knowing yourself “why I want” it’s good. it will help you to motivate.• Focus on forming that new habit which has you recognized. Make schedule of it, How and when will you start itHeap up your chances set up your environment in the way that pump you again and again and boost up you.• Also identify the bad habit and give your best to overcome these bad habits. If you don’t make a list of your bad habits, then it becomes easy to go right back.• Make a sub title of focus on forming new habit and overcome bad habit. You should make a subtitle of both things that will make your way easier.Create a metric and start the process of changing habit immediately. It will inform you time to time, how much your goal is far….Give yourself a reward afterwards…. But always be remembered that your reward should not contradict your new habit.You can find us at