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Published Date:17-03-2017
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How To Make Your Boss Off Your BackIf you work long enough, you will have an unbearable boss. And you might not be able to carry their weight or threat of their weight behind you. • If you take the right steps you can create a little healthy distance between you and your boss.• Few steps are discussed those will help you to make your boss off your back.Get Mindshare Do what your boss says. Try to deliver on time. As long as your career paths don’t drastically change responsibilities and roles. Love Solution It’s a truth no one like problems specially as a boss. So make things easy for your boss. So if there is a issue, try to find it’s solution. It will help to build your reputation as a solutions provider.Never give those promises that you can’t deliver. It can be harm your reputation. Make Less promises and give more is the best strategy.NEVER TRY TO BE OVERSMART Never try to unnecessary please the boss. Make your work that type as it speak itself. Be professional. Execute your giving task properly.BOSS IS ALWAYS WRITE • Never argued with your boss specially in public area. Sometime it could be funny for you but you should have to keep in your mind that boss is always right. Talk to him tactfully.ASK FOR HELP • Never shy to seek help from your boss when you are in trouble. They will obliviously help you as they think you are important to his company.Don’t Ask His Opinion If You Don’t Need When you don’t need then never try to ask his opinion. It just seems you are trying to waste his time. Just concentrate on your work.Never treat your boss as an enemy. Because he is a pillar of your career. Don’t try to tease his ego. Behave positively with him. Remember His Birthday and Special Days Never forget to wish him early in the morning and in evening. Wish his birthday with small cute gift. He will never ever forget you.Follow us on:-