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what is network simulator ppt and an introduction to network simulator 3
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Published Date:15-03-2017
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Network Simulators Experiments can be expensive, impossible, complex.  Real-System not available, is complex/costly About or dangerous (eg: space simulations, flight simulations) Simulation  Quickly evaluate design alternatives (e.g: different system configurations)  Additionally, most measurements are not repeatable so we need simulators A Network Simulator is a piece of software or hardware that predicts the behavior of a network, without an actual network being present. What is  Compared to the cost and time involved in setting up an entire test bed containing multiple networked Network computers, routers and data links, network Simulator? simulators are relatively fast and inexpensive  Allow engineers to test scenarios that might be particularly difficult or expensive to emulate using real hardware 1996-97, ns version 2 (ns-2) was initiated by Steve McCanne.  Provides support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks NS-2  Combination of C++ & Otcl  C++ is fast to run but slower to code and change;  OTcl is easy to code but runs slowly.  Results are not consistent  Very complex and time-consuming task  It has no GUI  Open-source What is QualNet ? • Commercial Derivative of GloMoSim • Java Based Graphical Interface • C based implementation for protocols QualNet • Modular Design  Support for various networks • MANET • Wired Networks • Cellular Networks • Satellite Networks OPNET Modeler is the commercial product that uses to modeling the networks.  In October 2012, OPNET was acquired by Riverbed, for about 1 billion US dollars.  It has an enhanced GUI features, user friendly and make OPNET it easy to learn. Modeler  The Modeler supports many technologies including wired-wireless (LAN, MAN, WAN ), Zigbee, Sensor Networks.  It support number of Protocols such as OSPF, UDP,TCP, RIP and many more.  It incorporates distributed simulations.  The advantage of OPNET Modeler is to support Hybrid simulation The OPNET Modeler is to provide many editors for users to design the network.  The Editor facilitates to modeling and simulating the OPNET network. Other than the editor also provide Graphical User Modeler Interface. Editor  The 8 Editors listed in: 1. Project Editor 2.Node editor 4. Link Editor 5. Packet Format Editor 6. ICI Editor 7. Packet Editor 8. Probe Editor MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and programming language.  Created byTheMathWorks, MATLAB allows easy What is  matrix manipulation, MATLAB?  plotting of functions and data,  implementation of algorithms,  creation of user interfaces, and  interfacing with programs in other languages.  MATLAB is available for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems. It is used by more than one million people in industry and academia.Thanks Any questions? You can find us at