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Published Date:15-03-2017
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ABC of Employee InterestAWAY • If possible, give one day in the week to your employee to work from home.Bring On the Observance Celebrate Special festivals and welcome new clients. These activities makes good environment.Cut some LAX • Tell the employees to be flexible with time, who travel or ride for the work.Discount Give 20% or 30% discount on your goods and services to your employees as a reward.Employee Reward • Appreciate your employees by giving award on the basis of their performance and behaviour time-to-time. Fun Fridays Allow your employees to fun on Fridays by closing office earlier. Allow them for group activities like bowling etc. Great Seminars • Invite some speakers to talk free with your employees on a variety of topics.Health Lifestyle Try to find discount for employees for health lifestyle memberships. Interesting Expeditions Take employees on to short picnics or tours.Jokes and laugh out loud Call some comedy events for employees to take the benefit of fun and to make them stress free. Kick Off and Get Outdoor • Celebrate your company events outside of the organizations to enjoy the good climate. Like working Hard, Like Playing Hard Organize some games for healthy employee competitions.Movie Days • Provide employees group outings for movie or free movie passes.New Employees=New Adventures • New employees can give better idea, so ask new employees to plan for next team and to organize the events. On site spa Session Recruit a masseuse or professional in six months who give massage to the employees to reduce their stress level.Pet Day • Allow your employees to take their pet with them to work for one day.Queue • Give each employee a turn for free car wash every month.Run Forest Run Take a pedometer for employees and the one with most steps, he gets awarded.Share the Holidays • Celebrate some holidays with the employees to take everyone closer to each other.