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ppt on teaching learning process and teaching learning based optimization ppt and teaching learning methods in medical education ppt
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Published Date:14-07-2017
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Teaching Teaching Teaching Teaching & & & & Learning Styles Learning Styles By: By: M. M. Elia Elia Flores, Flores, M M.Ed.,R.T.(R) .Ed.,R.T.(R)Objectives The The participant participant will: will: Understand Teaching & Learning Styles 1 Discuss why students have difficulty learning 2 Learn about matching teaching & learning styles 3 Df Defiine A A good d tteach her 4ƒ Learning Learning S Styles tyles Understanding learning styles may be the key to hli helping your std tudentts iimprove iin your cllass ƒƒƒƒ What What Is Is Learning? Learning? “Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge or skills through through study study, experience experience o or r tteaching eaching.” “A “A ch hange iil n neural ffunct tiion as a consequence off experience.” Simon defined learning as changes in a system that result result in in improved improved performance performance o over ver ttime ime o on n ttasks asks similar to those done previously.” www.acypher.comƒƒ What What Is Is A A L Learning earning S Style? tyle? A preference; it is the way we perceive and process thi things tth he b bestt We all have our own preferred method of lli earning and d tthhatt iis our llearniing sttylleƒ How Do You Learn Best? Learning/understanding about learning styles helps us learn more effectively I learn best when I can ____________…ƒ When When you you were were a a student… student… How did you come to terms with what you had to learn?Are Are you you surprised surprised ? ?ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ Patterns Patterns & & Sequencing Sequencing BANANAS CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CARD Your task is to remember DEODORANT them in the same order PEN SUNGLASSES MAGAZINEƒƒ Pattern Pattern & & Chunking Chunking 131981676765432 131981676765432 Try y to remember this numberWhat What does does your your brain brain perceive perceive and and p process? rocess?Are Are t the he dots dots m moving oving lleft eft t to o r right ight or or up up and and down? down?ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ Learning Learning S Styles tyles Aural or Auditory Visual Verbal Kinesthetic Active & reflective Sensing & intuitive Seqqg uential & globalƒƒƒƒ Visual Visual Learner Learner “Seeing Seeing is is hearing hearing” The visual memory records that which comes to us th through h tth he eye, or, iin oth ther, word ds, iitt iis th the avenue which helps you to remember all that you you s see ee. 60% of the population is visual We We are are a a s society ociety of of media media, v visual isual aids aids, digital digital… ƒƒ Verbal-Auditory Learner (“their ears are their eyes”) Remember things best when when explained explained iin n w words ords or written Learn best from books and lectureƒƒƒ Kinesthetic Kinesthetic L Learner earner Innate kinesthetic memory Things learned are through feel & manipulation With concrete instructions & techniques ƒ Sight Sight & & Sound Sound (Visual (Visual-Auditory Auditory) ) Brain waves. A technique called functional MRI can shht ow actiive areas off ththe bbraiin as sub bjjectts perform tasks, as in this image showing areas active active ffor or visual visual memory memory (green) (green), aural aural memory memory (red), and both types of memory (yellow). ƒƒƒƒ About About The The Brain Brain It’s a complex system of distinct distinct elements elements Searches to construct meaningp g out of patterns perceived Can be altered by experiences experiences Construction of knowledgg ge begins with activationLack Lack of of activation? activation?

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