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Published Date:15-03-2017
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The Study Schedule StrategiesDo you delay a lot when trying to study?Do you delay a lot when trying to study? Are you not able to give your 100 % on your study?You really Need some Strategies for a Study Schedule that really Works..1. Find out Your Learning Style• Visual: Using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. • Aural: Using sound and music. • Verbal: Using words, both in speech and writing. • Physical: Using your body, hands and sense of touch. • Logical: Using logic, reasoning and systems.Set Realistic Study 2. Goals• Set Your Goals. Outline your revision plan by setting yourself Goals to fulfill. • Mark the Completed Tasks. Define what tasks you require to complete for achieving your Goals. • Keep Track of what you achieved. Our timeline feature will ensure you never miss a due date again • Plan on the go.Study should be a Part of Your Daily Routine 3.• Studying daily, whether exams are coming up ornot, will give you a huge advantage. • To make studying part of your routine, first you must know at what time of the day you usually perform best.4. Structure Your Study Time• The way to staying fresh and alert during long study sessions is to havelots of breaks. • 3 to 4 hours of concentrated study time are worth much more than 8 hours where you neither really relaxnor actuallystudy.5. Create Your Own Study Zone• Have minimum two study zones, so you can switch when youneed to. •Your study zone should be cleanand distraction-free.6. Study Notes according to Your Learning Style• Itdoesn’t matter how you takes notes, your note- making style should fits you. •Don’t takes notes of everything.7. Review Your Notes Regularly•A significant way to review your notes by using Anki. •Anki helps you study with Flashcards.8. Never use Laptop and Smartphone during Classroom•If you are sitting in a classroom, get off the internet and pay attention to yourteacher. •Every second you look at a screenisa secondof focus lost.