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Published Date:31-03-2017
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About What is Sitemap? A Sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content.Purpose of Sitemap • A sitemap is a website design planning tool. It is used to: Map out the site architecture • Structure • Navigation • Page hierarchyCategorise the site content into logical groups, which will have meaning for the user Organise the order of the pages of the site, to create logical paths (so that targeted users achieve the purpose of their visit)A sitemap is used to: – Plan the logical presentation of website content to users – Visualise and structure user pathsOrganise the presentation of content to assist the business to achieve its business goals Plan user-centric functionality, to enhance the user experience Plan a navigation structure that orientates and directs users, and enables (and entices) users to engage with the siteSitemap elements  Page ID (i.e. numbered/labelled html pages)  Page levels (hierarchy)  Sitemap legend / key HIERARCHYTypes of sitemap • XML sitemap • HTML sitemap These sitemaps can be created in two ways either create manually or can take help from an online tool to create it.HTML sitemaps are just a plain sitemap to your visitors while XML sitemaps are useful for search engines because search engines need it to index your siteSitemap Fundamentals • User Purpose: – Why has the user come to the site? • E.g. To read info, download, play, make request… – Which is the most logical path to achieve that purpose? • E.g. Home Services Request Form • Business Goal(s): – Does the navigation assist the business to achieve its goal? • Page & Content Relationship: – How do the pages relate/link to each other? Is there a logical relationship/flow?What Factors are Need to Create Sitemap? Tools to help you determine the sitemap include: • Creative brief • Clear business goals • User profiles – Primary & secondary – User purpose (the task achieved during the visit) • Content delivery plan • Results of card sorting exerciseCreating a Sitemap Plan your sitemap: • By Hand: – Sketch by hand – Sticky notes • Use Software Tools: – Microsoft Word – Microsoft Visio – OmniGraffleApply Principles of Tech and User Documentation • The sitemap is a shared planning tool, referred to, collaborated on, and used by other project team members & stakeholders • Aim to achieve clarity - to eliminate doubt• Ensure correct document title, labelling, version control, authorship, creation date and/or date last updated, refs, URL, project/site name (as per your agreed conventions) • Ensure sitemap pages are correctly labelled using established naming and numbering conventions (agreed upon by the design/dev team)FOLLOW US ON:-