Big data analysis tutorial

best open source graph database and big data analytics projects
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Published Date:22-07-2017
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Ghislain Fourny Big Data 12. Graph Databases 1 pinkyone / 123RF Stock Photo tovovan / 123RF Stock PhotoWhy graph databases? 2The NoSQL paradigms Triple stores foo bar foobar Key-value stores Column stores Document stores 3Relational databases... 4Relational databases... Entity Entity Relationship 5Relational databases... have Entity Entity expensive Relationship joins 6Relational databases... ... are not that efficient at relationships 7We already know how to partly solve this though 3NF 0NF 8We already know how to partly solve this though 3NF ... but it has its limits, 0NF too 9Traversals... 10Traversals... ... translate into multiple joins 11Reverse traversals... 12Reverse traversals... ... need even more indices 13Traversals... what if links would be more ... translate into "direct"? multiple joins 14Index-free adjacency 15Graphs 16Graphs: ingredients Edges Nodes 17Graphs: nodes 18Graphs: edges 19Graphs: directed graph 20

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