Engineering drawing Geometric construction ppt

computer aided engineering drawing ppt and engineering drawing introduction ppt
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Engineering Drawing Traditional Drawing Tools DRAWING TOOLS DRAWING TOOLS 1. T-Square 2. Triangles DRAWING TOOLS HB for thick line 2H for thin line 3. Adhesive Tape 4. Pencils DRAWING TOOLS 5. Sandpaper 6. Compass DRAWING TOOLS 7. Pencil Eraser 8. Erasing Shield DRAWING TOOLS 9. Circle Template 10. Tissue paper DRAWING TOOLS 11. Sharpener 12. Clean paper Freehand Sketching Straight Line 1. Hold the pencil naturally. 2. Spot the beginning and end points. 3. Swing the pencil back and forth between the points, barely touching the paper until the direction is clearly established. 4. Draw the line firmly with a free and easy wrist-and-arm motion Horizontal line Vertical line Nearly vertical inclined line Nearly horizontal inclined line Small Circle Method 1 : Starting with a square 1. Lightly sketching the square and marking the mid-points. 2. Draw light diagonals and mark the estimated radius. 3. Draw the circle through the eight points. Step 2 Step 3 Step 1 Small Circle Method 2 : Starting with center line 1. Lightly draw a center line. 2. Add light radial lines and mark the estimated radius. 3. Sketch the full circle. Step 2 Step 3 Step 1 Arc Method 1 : Starting with a square Method 2 : Starting with a center line Basic Strokes Straight Slanted Horizontal Curved Examples : Application of basic stroke 4 5 1 “I” letter “A” letter “B” letter 1 2 1 6 3 3 2 Upper-case letters & Numerals Suggested Strokes Sequence Straight line letters Curved line letters Curved line letters & Numerals Lower-case letters Suggested Strokes Sequence The text’ s body height is about 2/3 the height of a capital letter. Example : Good and Poor Lettering GOOD Not uniform in style. Not uniform in height. Not uniformly vertical or inclined. Not uniform in thickness of stroke. Area between letters not uniform. Area between words not uniform.

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