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Published Date:01-08-2017
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SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and Java Development Infrastructure Karl Kessler Product Manager, SAP AGAgenda SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Mission Statement Eclipse Java Dictionary, J2EE Tool Set, Web Dynpro Tools Java Development Infrastructure Component Model Design Time Repository Component Build Server  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 2Java development infrastructure Mission Statement Provide an integrated and robust development infrastructure for Java projects at customer and partner sites as well as for SAP’s own development Provide a highly productive Java development environment that "Covers the complete life cycle of Java projects "Reduces costs in professional Java projects "Speeds up the Java development process "Increases the overall quality of Java based products  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 3Complete Set of Development Tools for all aspects of Java Business Applications SAP delivers an integrated development environment for all aspects of J2EE development User Interface Presentation Layer Developing flexible web user interfaces with Web Dynpro Tools Web Dynpro Web Dynpro E-business logic Business Layer Development and deployment of enterprise Java beans (EJB) J2EE/Web Services J2EE/Web Services Definition and publication of web services E EJ JB / CMP B / CMP Ob Objject ect S Se erv rvice ices s Java persistence Container managed persistence (CMP) Common SQLJ Open SQL Open SQL JDBC Embedded SQL in Java (SQLJ) Database Layer Database Layer Java data objects (JDO) Creating central data types and database objects (Java dictionary) Design time support for HTML, XML and XSLT (Validation, Code completion)  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 4Web Dynpro – Model-driven Architecture Web Dynpro Tools Views View Hierarchies (pattern-based) Navigation Web Dynpro Meta-Data Data-binding (Contexts) Platform-independent Event handler implementation Controller interfaces Error handler implementation Model interfaces Java ABAP Model implementation Java Generator ABAP Generator Java / J2EE ABAP / BSP J2EE Runtime BSP Runtime  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 5Web Dynpro – Advantages Web Development for mission Web Dynpro Web Dynpro critical applications Tools Meta Data Minimal coding, maximal design Separation presentation and business logic Web Dynpro Runtime Backend Integration Pattern based J2EE ABAP Platform Indepedence Runs on all platforms HTML Rendering Modern web based UI Cache for Browser based, „zero footprint“ Layout, Local Data binding DOM Incremental rendering Events Client Side Framework Web Dynpro Client-side framework Intelligent Caching Personalization Smart Browser (IE 5.5+, NN 7) Accessible  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 6SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Extensible and open IDE based on open source framework Eclipse Easy-to-use tools to design, develop, deploy and continuously change mission critical business applications in Java / J2EE Focus on graphical tools Web Services Tools for Web Web connectivity based on open J2EE Services Dynpro standards Web Dynpro Tools for model- Java driven user interface design Java XML Dictionary Java Dictionary for centralized data type and data structure Integration Framework management Eclipse Plugin Framework  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 7Eclipse: Platform for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio SAP NetWeaver Design Time Developer Studio Repository J2EE Java and Dictionary Web J2SE Dynpro Web Tools Tools Service Persistence Tools Tools WebDAV Plug-In Registry Eclipse Platform  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 8SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio: software layers Java Web UML Modeler J2EE Dictionary Dynpro Metrics Perspective J2SE Perspective Perspective Documentation Tools Model Layer (Graphical Framework) Eclipse Platform  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 9Java Dictionary  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 10Web Dynpro Tools: Navigation Modeler Eclipse Platform Web Dynpro Model Model Tool Layer Layer (Application Modeler)  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 11SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio: Together Edition  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 12SAP‘s Java Development Infrastructure: Design principles Most J2EE environments in the market offer a rather limited development infrastructure A significant amount of manual work is necessary to setup a consistent Java development environment on a developer’s machine for each project Idea: Combine a local and file based designtime architecture with the advantages of an integrated server-based environment such as ABAP  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 13Overview: Java Development Infrastructure SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Component Build Service (CBS) Run Run Time Time Deploy J2EE Design Time J2EE Systems Repository Systems Component (DTR) Model Name Server Local File Local J2EE System Engine  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 14 Change Management Service (CMS)Cornerstones of SAP‘s Java Development Infrastructure Component Model for Java Development Software architecture through software and development components Component hierarchy Management of component dependencies Design Time Repository Files and folder based repository Distibuted source code control Flexible development landscapes Component Build Service Automatic & immediate build of changed and dependent components Provide consistent environment, automated update of local environment Change Management Service Automatic deployment to the J2EE runtime environment Propagation of changes between different repositories Maintenance of (both SAP and customer) Java solutions  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 15SAP Java Development Process Central SAP NetWeaver Design Time Component J2EE Server Developer Repository Build Service Studio Create Development Archive Component Pool Develop, Build and Test locally Java Sources Check-in Changes Component Build Deploy Activate OK? archives  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 16Component Model – Elements Development Objects Stored as versioned files in the Product version source repository (DTR) Development Components (DCs) Development and build units Group development objects 1 0/1 without overlapping SC version Release Software Components (SCs) 1 Delivery and installation units (like e.g. HR in ABAP) Group development components DC version without overlapping 1 Own the release definition Products Overlapping selections of DO version software components  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 17Development Components Development Component (DC): Container for development objects DC B and built units DCs are grouped to make software DC C components Nested DCs usage usage dependency dependency DCs may be contained in another DC ppA Public parts DC A ppX Elements of a DC that may be used DC X by other DCs (DC-interfacing) ppY Usage dependencies DC Y Declare that a DC uses parts of other DCs during build or runtime  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 18Component Model in Delivery and Maintenance Release is a full delivery of SCs providing Installation / extra features and enhancements P1 P2 Upgrade defines new Support Intervals Products Delivery of new functions and new user interfaces Support Support Package S1 S2 Packages is a full delivery of an SC bundling bug fixes SC‘s should not require new trainings for the end users DC‘s should be fully compatible with D6 D8 D11 the original delivery of the SC does not extend the Support Patches Interval D4 D5 D7 D9 D10 Patch is a full delivery of a DC D1 D2 D3 providing a new Bug Fix  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 19Local Integrated Development Environment Configurations Repository Client (Local IDE) Configuration 3.1 Web Configuration Web App Application 1.0 1.0 sources 1.0 Web Dynpro Web Dynpro Runtime 6.40 Archives 6.40 SAP J2EE 6.40 SAP J2EE Archives 6.40 JDK 1.4 JDK 1.4 Archive Pools Designtime Repository SAP J2EE Archives Web Dynpro Web App Archives sources JDKs JDK  SAP AG 2003, Java201, Karl Kessler / 20

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