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Published Date:01-04-2017
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Google HomeIntroduction • Google Home is a Wireless smart speaker .It works as smart home control center. It is a hand free device. • Google home is made by Google. • It was released on 4 November 2016.Features • Google Home comes with various color bases. We can change its base, according to our Choice. • Under the exchangeable shell, a high play back speaker is available.Continue.. We can control the voice of the hands free device by four colorful LED’s on the top.Continue.. There is only a single button only for mute the voice.Use of Google Home We can use this wireless speaker to play songs and to talk with Google frequently.Google Home Working • Google home works as a voice based device. • Google home can control the home based things like it can set alarm, we can manage to- do list etc. Continue.. • It can play music and videos from your playlist, albums etc. only just on your voice command. • Google home can control all the speakers in our home.Continue.. • Google home will give us the immediate answer each time. • Google Home also works as a Chromecast Audio receiver. • Google home ask anything from Google on our speaking voice. Services of Google Home • Google Home works with YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Tune In and iHeart Radio. We can ask "OK Google, play song from Zootopia." Continue.. • It can select and play it from your favorite app. It’s all possible with Google Assistant and its machine- learning capabilitiesGoogle Assistant in Google Home “Ok Google” is integrated in Google home. When we ask by Speaking Ok Google, the command is completed by Google assistant. The Google assistant is a two way communication process between you and Google.Follow us on :